Resin-based DIY 3D printer

Junior Veloso, an Italian designer wanted a quality 3D printer in his home but did not have the money for an expensive professional machine. The current DIY printers did not match up to his standards so he desided to develop his own resin based 3D printer. Check out what his printer is capable of in this video.

Junior Veloso’s blog

During the development of his 3D printer Junior maintained a blog so that fans could keep track of his project. It has been quiet on his blog for a while, evidently many people started to fear the project was canceled. Finally Junior has news on his blog.

“We spent the past few weeks working on the price for the Complete Kit, as well resin, software and everything related to the Printer.
We found out that producing all the parts and shipping worldwide is quite expensive, which is not what most of the people expect for a DIY project. The complete Kit would probably cost over 4K USD, without shipment and in case we manage to have a big volume.

This is very cheap compared to existing High Resolution 3D Printers, but it is expensive for a DIY project. And we felt after reading lot of emails commenting on the pricing, that the community is not expecting such a high price.

Because of this, we think would make more sense to move for only a basic kit, where we would provide all documentation needed to build the Printer, as well the Resin formula and just sell the software and the controller board. The documentation would have the detail technical specification, BOM and Suppliers.

This basic kit (Document + Software + Controller Board) would be sold around $600 USD, but even for that we would need a good volume to be able to produce it.
For this reason we’re creating a Pre-order list for both Kits (full and basic), so we can decide the best way to move forward.

If you are interested in the basic one or in the full one or both, please send us an email at”


In reply to this blog within 24 hours they received over 150 emails requesting to enter the pre-order list. Some people for the basic kit but most for the full kit! Because of this unexpected success they decided to start an Indiegogo campaign as of today as pre-order for the kits. It looks like this amazing DIY 3D printer is going to make it after all!

The current prototype


  1. Jon says

    It sounds horribly overpriced for a do it yourself.
    $600 and the only hardware you receive is a circuit board.
    … and that requires lots of orders to sell it at that price.
    The most expensive part should be the projector and that can be obtained for less than $600.

    should be a max of $150 for the board, software, and docs. is looking to have a pellet based design for $300 complete.

    Maybe this photo polymer design should go open source or partner with a large component manufacturer to reduce costs.

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