The New Unirapid 3, SLA 3D Printer With Crazy Resolution

A company in Japan called Unirapid Inc. developed a small SLA 3D printer which they claim has the same printing accuracy/quality as the high end industrial 3D printers. The printer is called the Unirapid 3 and works with the stereolithography printing technology (what is that?).


The stereolithography technology makes it possible for the printers to build models with a minimum layerthickness of 0.05mm. The build envelope is 150x150x150mm. The resin material that can be used is ProtoGen 18420, this is a liquid ABS-like, photopolymer that produces accurae parts.


This printer, the Unirapid 3, is not recommended for large prints. The printspeed of the Unirapid 3 is slow because of the high detail it can give. So if you want o make high resolution parts for research and development of whatever, this is your printer!





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Source: Unirapid




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