3D Printer in Amsterdam Prints a Whole City

The technique of 3D printing is used to print out all 980 buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing, so they can be exposed in the New Church in Amsterdam for three months. A 3D printer is printing out temples, halls, towers and squares for an event, which is called “Ming, emperors, artists and merchants in ancient China.

Credits: Simm.

It takes about four hours to print a building, so you can imagine this team has kind of a job to do. Everyday the workers will place new buildings in Amsterdam. The buildings are located at a map, which is placed next to the copper fence.

The idea behind the project is to show the possibilities of the technique of 3D printing for architects and artists. Another goal is to introduce the public to the field of 3D printing. Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad thinks it’s the first time an entire city is printed out whilst using a 3D printer.

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