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Overview of 3d printing Ceramics

High resolution 3D printed ceramics by Figulo

Figulo, a manufacturing company from Boston, developed a new 3D printing technology that improves the resolution of printed ceramics .

They manufacture uniquely designed, functional, decorative, custom ceramic objects from their own collection and from files uploaded to their website and other channels (like Shapeways, i.materialise and Sculpteo). They sell these designs directly to consumers and businesses. Their service includes firing and glazing of the ceramics and they are open to development of custom glazes and finishes.


This technology is really amazing because it takes away a lot of the limitations this material used to have. Now it becomes more and more interesting to artists, designers and architects to use.

They are currently on VoltCrowd, a crowd funding initiative, because they want to expand their business and technology. So if you believe in Figulo, make a pledge on their page!

Here’s a video of their crowd funding campaign:

Shapeways offering discounts of 20% and more on 3D printing ceramics!

If you are thinking about 3D printing your designs in ceramics, now is the time to do so! Shapeways is offering discounts starting today until August 14th at 9am EST. All ceramic 3D Printing will cost you only $0.14 per cm2.  If you are buying a 3D print from a Shapeways Shop, the material price will be discounted there as well!

There is no special procedure to get this discount, the only thing you have to make sure is that your model fits the design rules of a minimum wall thickness of 3mm. Take a look at some of the ceramic designs already available in the Shapeways Shop.




3D printed ceramic artwork

Unfold, a Belgian Design Studio, has been experimenting with 3D printing ceramics. And with success. For their prints they used a RepRap printer which they modified so it could extrude the ceramic filament. Unfold’s 3d printer for ceramics not only harnesses the potential of new technology and materials but also projects the past history of specific techniques into the future. The printer has a great resonance with the way traditional potters handled clay, however because of its ability to produce such fine layers, new forms are possible.

Here are some of their amazing designs

The next video shows their modified RepRap machine in action

Source: Unfold