3D printed ceramic artwork

Unfold, a Belgian Design Studio, has been experimenting with 3D printing ceramics. And with success. For their prints they used a RepRap printer which they modified so it could extrude the ceramic filament. Unfold’s 3d printer for ceramics not only harnesses the potential of new technology and materials but also projects the past history of specific techniques into the future. The printer has a great resonance with the way traditional potters handled clay, however because of its ability to produce such fine layers, new forms are possible.

Here are some of their amazing designs

The next video shows their modified RepRap machine in action

Source: Unfold


  1. Chris Waldo says

    Very cool! I think it’s interesting to watch how much people are altering their printers to do interesting stuff like this. Who know what material will be “rigged” next?


  2. Boris says

    Dear Sirs,
    I am interested to buy a printer for printing ceramics.
    Send me information and prices printers and powder printing.
    Best regards

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