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3d printing for food: Overview for food materials you can make with a 3d printer

EU Works on Food Printer to Create Personalized Meals for the Elderly

Recently Natural Machines made the news with more detailed specifications about their long-expected healthy food printer, which will be released later on this year. The news was remarkable, as food printing today mainly refers to producing less healthy products, such as chocolatessweets and space pizzas. Now, only two weeks later, another party is trying the healthier side of food printing. And not just some party, because it’s the European Union, working on a food printer to prepare personalized meals for the elderly.

This project regards to an older target group, as in 2025 one in five citizens in the EU will be 65-years-old and over. The general problem with this group is that a lot of them will undergo difficulties swallowing their food. This condition is called dysphagia and studies show that today 15 to 25 percent of all people over 50 years suffer from such a condition. The problem however is that the same group has a higher risk of getting sick in some way, which often requires specialized diets. If someone can’t swallow properly, then that surely is a problem.

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This is the World’s Healthiest Food Printer

Last year’s December, we asked ourselves the question whether our future food will be 3D printed. Well, at the start of 2014 we were able to make some predictions about food printing trends for 2014. One of the companies mentioned in the article was Barcelona-based film Natural Machines, a company which distinguishes itself from the masses by the aim to produce a printer to prepare healthy food. Right now, they’ve created a prototype of their machine ‘Foodini’. Using this device, you can use your personal products to prepare your own cookies, breads, pizzas and decorations.

It works as follows: a food printers needs capsules to print out the actual food, and for all contemporary printers these capsules are pre-filled. The Foodini however does not use pre-filled capsules, but open capsules that users can fill with products of their choice. This shows the strength as well as the weakness of this new device, because all products need to be blended in order to become printing material. This means the printer will not be able to do all kitchen work for you, as you still have to blend the food yourself. And did you ever put a chicken in a blender?

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Food Printing Developments to Keep an Eye on for 2014

Food printing is the most recent hype in the world of 3D printing. This production method 3D prints food layer-by-layer, and several companies are working on techniques to print out proper meals. is keeping an eye on the world’s developments and we bring you the ones worth following in 2014.

Last year’s December, we asked ourselves the question whether our future food would become 3D printed. Obviously, it’s hard to give a proper answer to this question, as the technique is still in its developing phase. However, the first signs of food printing are already entering the market. Companies such as Choc Edge and Pic Chocolates are offering services to 3D print people’s self-designed chocolate figurines. In the long term, Natural Machines is a more relevant company to mean something for the overall food sector. The company works on a 3D printer to produce anything that’s made of dough, paste or stiff liquid, such as all pastas and breads.

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NASA: Eating a 3D Printed Pizza in Space

Eating a pizza in space, how bizzare would that be? Well, it appears to be the future, as NASA has invested as much as 125,000 dollars in a project to 3D print pizzas in space. Anjan Contractor was the person to create this 3D printer and last year he won this gigantic sum of money by NASA. He has now officially come up with a prototype of his 3D pizza printer. R U hungry?

Space pizza

For cosmonauts this will probably be a big relief, if you take into account that they are used to dull space meals. However, we can imagine that this 3D printer will not directly make you hanker for your first 3D printed meal. In this new video by Contractor you can take a look at his machine, which is creating a square pizza layer-by-layer. After the entire 3D printing process this pizza is still a mixture of dough, but the idea behind it is that we have to image what it would look like after it would have been cooked. If we would have to believe Contractor, it only takes 70 seconds to cook such a pizza after being printed.

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The Future: a 3D Printed “Insects” Meal

In the future two developments are thought to become very important: using 3D printers to create food and eating insects. Both developments probably don’t sound too delicious at first sight, but they are thought to be the solution to global food supply problems around 2050. British scientists have combined the “3D printing” and “insects” part in order to develop a technique to turn insects into appetizing meals.

In the near future, the population on earth is expected to grow while we’ll not be having enough food to feed everyone. The European Union and the World Food Organisation agree on the fact that eating insects could be the solution to this problem, as there are loads on insects and they can easily be turned into flour in order to prepare good, healthy meals.

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Hershey’s to Produce 3D Printed Sweets

The world of 3D printed food has been taking some big steps, as American candy giant The Hershey Company has teamed up with 3D Systems to produce its own 3D printed sweets. The companies have signed a multi-year joint development agreement in order to implement new ways of creating candy for the masses.

This news followed days after 3D Systems successfully demonstrated its new 3D food printers at CES 2014. The brand new ChefJet and ChefJet Pro can both create sugary products, such as candy. To be more specific, the ChefJet is able to produce candy with one flavor, using sugar, water, ink and one of the possible flavors, such as mint, vanilla, cherry and watermelon. The ChefJet Pro can create candy in different colors and both printers are capable of producing cake toppings and garnishes. They are both expected to be delivered in the second half of 2014.

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MELT Icepops: 3D Printing an Ice Cream of Your Own Face

3D printing can perfectly be used to produce food and there are a lot of companies working on 3D printing techniques to make it easier to prepare a perfect meal. A new company working on building a 3D food printer is MELT icepops from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This company is creating 3D printer that prints out specially designed on-site ice creams.

The printer the company is working on is called the Icepop Generator and the idea behind this device is that it can be used at festivals and events. Visitors will be able to create their own ice pop design, after which the Icepop Generator prints out their designs. This means the machine could easily create an ice cream of your own head using a 3D scanner, or print out a drawing you’ve just made.

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New 3D Printers Can Print Sweets With Futuristic Shapes

There are people in the world of 3D printing who think in the near future most of us will have a 3D printer in our kitchen. If you think about it and look at the current market of 3D food printers, you must admit they have a point saying that. Choc Edge successfully came up with a chocolate printer, Piq Chocolates offers a chocolate printing service, Natural Machines is working on a 3D printer that can produce pastas and breads and even NASA is busy with 3D printing food projects. And now 3D Systems has come up with a new food printer series, demonstrated at CES 2014.

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How to Bake Christmas Cookies On a 3D Printer

The last couple of days we explained you how to create your own Christmas Ornaments on a 3D printer. Because Christmas is a feast with a lot of food, it’s cool to also learn how to bake your own Christmas cookies on such a 3D Printer. In fact it’s very easy, because everything you need is online on sites such as Thingiverse and YouTube.

Credits: Ralf Holleis.

Thingiverse is a website on which do-it-yourselfers can upload their own 3D printing files in order to make it possible for everyone to create the same objects with a 3D printer. You can find lots of objects on these websites, but also Christmas cookies. Let’s take a look at what the do-it-yourselfers at Thingiverse have to offer us.

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Create Your Own Pancakes With a 3D Printer

One might say he’s a nerd in the kitchen, but at least Luis Rodríguez does something new. The young man calls himself a digital cook and he uses 3D printing to create the perfect pancake. Original idea? We absolutely think so.

Credits: Luis Rodríguez – Tumblr.

If Rodríguez would be boss of the kitchen, then cooks could pack their stuff, because his main goal is to merge food with rapid prototyping. In his first video he shows us how to make a pancake with a 3D printer. You can see the result in the picture above. Yes, it’s a pancake in the shape of a flower.

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