3D Printed Airplane Food: Tomorrow’s Airline Meals?

Airplane food is not considered the tastiest food in the world. Quite obviously, airplanes don't have enough space for a kitchen. Because of that, cooks prepare the meals in their kitchens on the ground, before they are being brought to the plane. The consequence of that is that these meals are never 'really' fresh. A group of design students at the Indian Institute of technology, Guwahati, wants to change that with the use of 3D food printing technology. This group, which goes under the … [Read more...]

A New Candy Printer to Enter the Market

Earlier this year, we announced the release of 3D Systems's ChefJet and ChefJet Pro, two 3D printers able to print actual sweets to be released in late 2014. They were introduced during CES 2014 in January and what was most striking about their candy was the fact it was shaped in a very futuristic way. As we learned this week, the printers of the American brand will be competed by ones from a different - British - company: 3D Ventures from London. Their Candy Printer, to be launched this … [Read more...]

Scientists Managed to Improve Ice Printing Technique

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a piece about three students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who managed to 3D print an actual ice cream printer. Their printer, however, was just a first version and needed improvement. Luis E. Fraguada from Barcelona-based research group Robots in Gastronomy (yes, that group really exists) thinks his 3D printer is able to bring the ice cream technique to a whole other level. They've created a printer called FoodForm, which is not … [Read more...]

US Army Might Use Food Printers in the Future

Food printers could be used on several occasions. They could for instance improve your kitchen, help astronauts to provide for better meals, and they might as well be useful for soldiers. So thinks the US Army. Their department Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) is currently investigating how food printing could help the military world. Researchers think the technique could help to eliminate food waste and reduce costs, to make it easier to create personalized … [Read more...]

Star Trek Inspires Nestle to Work on Personalized Nutrition Project

Nestle uses a Star Trek concept in order to produce healthy meals. Well, that is not the first thing you expected to read this day, but yes - it's true. Nestle, a brand we all know from their candy bars, Nespresso and hot chocolate now wants to take a stroll down health lane. The company got influenced by the Replicator, which was a machine featured in Star Trek, able to synthesize meals on demand. Nestle now wants to create something similar: a Nespresso-ish machine that can create meals with … [Read more...]

This Food Printer Can Print You an Apple

It's only been a couple of days since we wrote something about a pancake printer, but already today we can confirm the existence of a new, highly interesting food printer. More precisely, we're talking about a 3D printer able to print out fruit in only a few seconds. Cambridge design company Dovetailed today launches its first-ever fruit printer, and according to them this printed fruit is actually eatable. Imaging not having to go to a greengrocer to get your fruits, but just being able … [Read more...]

This 3D Printer Can Print You a Pancake of the Eiffel Tower

There have been a lot of food printers around recently, such as the ChefJet Pro by 3D Systems and the Foodini, by Natural Machines. Even though the Foodini didn't raise enough money on Kickstarter, there is no sign of 3D food printing being a one day fly. Printers come and go, and this year's edition of Californian inventions festival Maker Faire welcomes a new food printer: the PancakeBot. As you might have already guessed, this machine can print you a pancake. As this is a printer, it … [Read more...]

Nokia 3D Prints Chocolate During Easter Holidays

Whether it's Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day, one thing is for certain: big brands love to use the holidays for marketing purposes. Christmas is often mentioned in the same breath as Santa Claus, who was invented by Coca Cola,  which is of course also the brand behind the the "Coca Cola" train ads during the Christmas holidays. On the other hand: don't blame them, we would probably all do the same if we where directors of big companies. But: is it newsworthy? Not really. However, for this … [Read more...]

EU Works on Food Printer to Create Personalized Meals for the Elderly

Recently Natural Machines made the news with more detailed specifications about their long-expected healthy food printer, which will be released later on this year. The news was remarkable, as food printing today mainly refers to producing less healthy products, such as chocolates, sweets and space pizzas. Now, only two weeks later, another party is trying the healthier side of food printing. And not just some party, because it's the European Union, working on a food printer to prepare … [Read more...]

This is the World’s Healthiest Food Printer

Last year's December, we asked ourselves the question whether our future food will be 3D printed. Well, at the start of 2014 we were able to make some predictions about food printing trends for 2014. One of the companies mentioned in the article was Barcelona-based film Natural Machines, a company which distinguishes itself from the masses by the aim to produce a printer to prepare healthy food. Right now, they've created a prototype of their machine 'Foodini'. Using this device, you can use … [Read more...]