Okay we can print chocolate and cake, now we need the icing!

Sean Hegarty from CNCDudez informed us of his newest project, the 3D Printer Extruding Icing/Frosting for decorating Cakes and Buns. Their goal is to see if they could ice a cake (preferably also 3d printed) with the use of a 3d printer.

What they did is they attached an icing/piping extruder to a custom bracket they made for their printer. Then they adapted the extruder with a linear motor connected to the plunger, modified the firmware and created Gcode to get the feed rates correct.

The next video shows their first attempts. They are still testing as there are some problems with the consistency for the mixture. But as it seems now it won’t take long before we see our first perfectly iced cake made possible with the use of a 3D printer!

Make sure to check out their blog if you want to know more about this project.

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