Revolutionary new metal 3D printer, prints your metal 7X faster

ExOne, a pioneering company in the evolution of nontraditional manufacturing, released their newest metal 3D printer this week at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. It is called the M-FLEX and it is revolutionary!

This printer has been designed to work primarily with metal, but is also capable of buiding objects in glass, ceramics and other materials used for casting. What makes this 3D printer even more special is the Digital Part Materialization process it uses. This process, developed by ExOne, builds objects by treating a powdered material with a bonding agent from a print head. The object is then placed into a furnace for sintering,which burns out the binder and fuses the molecules into a solid part.

This process gives the M-FLEX printer more than SEVEN times the volume output of additive manufacturing machines currently in use!

The M-FLEX has a build envelope of 15.7 x 9.8 x 9.8 in. (400 x 250 x 250 mm) with a build speed of 30 seconds per layer (compared to competition build speeds of approximately one-and-a-half minutes per layer) It offers a print resolution of 0.0635 mm (X/Y), 0.100 mm (Z).

“We’ve made tremendous strides in 3D printing in the last decade and what our machines can do today is simply remarkable. We are printing engine castings for helicopters and replacing broken pumps in oil fields in days – not months,” said Dave Burns, president of ExOne. “

If you’re interested in the Digital Part Materialization process the M-FLEX printer uses, watch this video that guides you through it:



  1. D. Andrew says

    Great article and descriptive video of what the capabilities of M-Flex 3D metal printer. Can it also print titanium alloy metal parts, and if so, what is the strength of such constructs or other metals printed on it in terms of MPa’s ?

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