3D Modeling for 3D Printing with Adobe Photoshop CS6

We’ve just stumbled upon a great tutorial on Digitalartsonline.co.uk teaching you how to model in 3D using Photoshop CS6 Extended, plus two free cross-platform tools: 3D printing utility Cura, and model-cleanup and processing tool MeshLab.

Image courtesy of: Digitalartsonline.co.uk/

Image courtesy of: Digitalartsonline.co.uk/

3D modeling in Photoshop CS6

Author of the tutorial Steve Caplin explains:

‘Photoshop’s 3D modelling options have been vastly improved in CS6, with more intuitive onscreen controls that give even the least techy artist the ability to produce models from flat artwork, photographs, or their imagination. Photoshop may be limited as a modeling program, but it’s a lot easier than learning about NURBs and subdivision surfaces. And once you master 3D in Adobe’s tool, it’s a lot easier to move on to higher-end 3D work in tools such as Cinema 4D or Maya.’

Time to complete

2 hours modeling and preparing, up to 4 hours printing.


Photoshop CS6 Extended, Cura, MeshLab.

Download Tutorial

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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  1. EldRitch says

    Where have you been? Any casual research would have found both Cure and netfabb. Have you tried tinkercad.com for ease of use and learning?

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