3D printed meat for dinner tonight

The Thiel Foundation runned by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, plans to announce today a six-figure grant for bioprinted meat. The recipient of the foundation’s grant is Modern Meadow, a Columbia, Mo.-based startup. The estimated grant of $350,000 USD will be part of an ambitious plan to bioprint meat. This will create a more environmentally friendly way to satisfy a natural human craving for animal protein. Co-founder Andreas Forgacs has sharply criticized the overall cost of traditional livestock practices, saying “if you look at the resource intensity of everything that goes into a hamburger, it is an environmental train wreck.”

Andreas Forgacs, Co-Founder of Modern Meadow

“Modern Meadow is combining regenerative medicine with 3D printing to imagine an economic and compassionate solution to a global problem,” said Lindy Fishburne, executive director of Breakout Labs, a project of the Thiel Foundation. “We hope our support will help propel them through the early stage of their development, so they can turn their inspired vision into reality.”

The Modern Meadow website is currently offline, but they prepared a summary of all the work as part of their submission to the Department of Agriculture’s small business grant program.

Source: CNET


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