3D Printing Sound Into an Object

Here’s a brand new cool 3D printing project! Whenever you listen to a song on an application such as Window’s media player, a pattern which responds to the music will appear on the screen. A designer called Lukasz Karluk has now come up with HoloDecks, a project focused on transforming sound through different mediums. With this project he transforms sound into  a real-life object.

It works as follows: Karluk listened to a song ( ‘Zebra’, by Oneohtrix Point Never) on his mobile phone, after which the sound was transformed from the audio data into a software visualization. Using a 3D printer he materialized it into the real world and what follows is a cooler-than-cool gadget that responds to music. Watch some pictures and above all: check out the video. It’s really a cool one.

Credits images/ video: Lukasz Karluk. 

About the Author

Jelmer Luimstra is a Dutch journalist. He covers 3D printing news and writes about innovation.

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