UK Comes With National Centre For 3D Printing

The UK Government has planned to invest 15 million pounds in setting up a National Centre for 3D printing. This new centre has the purpose of being useful in the field of aerospace, as well as it will be used for automotive and medical purposes.

Image: products manufactured by a 3D printer. Credits: Caleb Cotter,

The Government invest the same amount of money into developing aerospace technology at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry. The industry will then add more money to the project in order to take the total to 60 million pounds. They do it to make sure Britain will keep on having a good, innovative economy and so the country will remain being a leader in aerospace technology.

Business Secretary Vince Cable has said about this: “Britain has a world beating aerospace industry, second only to the United States. But to keep it that way we must continue to invest in the latest cutting edge technology. These new facilities, funded from the £2 billion committed by government and industry for aerospace research and development, will help us maintain our competitive edge in the sector. The aerospace industrial strategy, which government has developed jointly with industry, is giving businesses the confidence to invest in the UK, creating more high-skilled, long-term jobs.”

Earlier this month we brought you news about the first UK Fighter Jets that were flying with 3D printed parts for the very first time. 3D printed parts have the ability to cut costs in that particular field over 1.2 million pounds over the next four years. The 3D printing National Centre is expected to also have a positive effect on the economy and the Government is sure its investment will soon enough pay back.

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