Boulton 3D Printed Eyewear


Frames today are still mass manufactured and sold in standard sizes. But our faces, noses and ears are not standard at all. They are unique in both shape and size. For that reason Boulton Eyewear tailors all their frames to each individual customer. Tailoring From a series of photos Boulton Eyewear extracts hundreds of data points to create a digital replica of the customer’s face. These photos can be made using the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 (or similar smartphone cameras) and sent to Boulton. … [Read more...]

The Palette Filament Feeding System

the palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing just launched The Palette filament feeding system. It can be attached to almost any FDM 3D printer and with it you can print objects in multiple colors or multiple material properties. There have been many systems that promised fluid color changes and color mixing but most of them were based on new specialised extruders and in-nozzle mixing which made real application complex and heavy. The Palette approaches this problem differently and comes in the form of a separate box … [Read more...]

California-based Company 3D Scans Entire Families

Getting a 3D printed figurine of yourself is nice, but what if you could get your whole family 3D printed directly? California-based company Twindom has been one of the pioneers when it comes to 3D printing figurines, and now the company expands its work by offering a service to 3D scan entire families. The company had to create an entirely new 3D scanner for this project. Twindom noticed that most of their customers - 85 percent - were interested in getting 3D printed portraits, while … [Read more...]

This Company Turns Children’s Drawings Into Car Models

3D printers are capable of creating highly accurate drawings. They simply use their algorithms to provide us with extremely detailed drawings. However, the impressing thing about good drawings is that they're made by humans. And within the field of the work of humans, what is more unique than children's drawings? Some start-ups such as Crayon Creatures and DoodleSculpt are working on projects to turn children's drawings into 3D printed figurines. Right now, we can add a new name to this list: … [Read more...]

This Company 3D Prints Wooden Watches

One thing that amazed us earlier this year when we were visiting the 3D Print Canal House project, was the project's section of 3D printed wood. More and more companies are experimenting with the technique, which combines PLA and wood. Despite its not purely natural wood, it looks and smells a lot like wood - we can tell. Right now, a new company is going for 3D printed wood, and prints not just wood, but wooden watches. Polish 3D printing company Jelwek is currently working on these … [Read more...]

This Company 3D Prints Your Pets

Are you an animal lover? Do you own pets? PetPrints 3D is a website that 3D prints figurines of your pets. We've been looking at some of their figurines, and they look funny, but the team still has some steps to take in order to create an even more realistic product. However, the concept that lies behind these 3D pets is an interesting one: immortalize your pet by getting a figurine. The company can make you a 3D printed object using all sorts of colors. It works as follows: first you … [Read more...]

Bendgate? Just Get Yourself a Bent Case!

'Bendgate' has been quite a problem for Apple during the launch of its new iPhone 6 Plus. After people were finally able to buy their new iPhone, Twitter rapidly became flooded with pictures of bent iPhones. Apparently, some phones were not meant to put in yout back pocket and sit on. Of course, it's not too smart to sit on your brand new phone, but on the other hand: the devices costs more than some 3D printers do. In other words: quality should be guaranteed, isn't it? For all the ones … [Read more...]

3D Printing Pioneers Strike Back With SmartRing

It was supposed to become the cheapest 3D printer in history: the MOTA 3D desktop printer. This year's July, it entered Kickstarter where the company offered their 3D printers for only 99 dollars - for the first 50 backers. The Micro by M3D, which had been the cheapest 3D printer until then, was offered to the first group of backers for still double as much; 199 dollars. However, just as spectacular as their pricing, the company decided to leave Kickstarter after a single day. After some months … [Read more...]

How to Create a Watermelon Keg Using 3D Printing

The summer ends - and unfortunately no-one can deny this. However, when summer ends, we often find ourselves celebrating an indian summer, isn't it? So let's hope for good things to happen in September, we would say. In case your local weather still allows to throw a barbecue party in your garden, the people at Household Hacker could have an original invention for you to spice up your BBQ; a 3D printable watermelon keg. They collaborated with 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D to create a … [Read more...]

New: 3D Printed Skull-Shaped Earphones

Last week we've been covering a story about Normal, a Manhattan-based company producing personalized earphones. It seems like they have a serious competitor now, as OwnPhones started a new Kickstarter campaign.  Not only does this company enable you to design your own earphones, but their phones are also wireless and you can entirely choose your favorite design yourself. Just like Normal, this company seems to be focussing on joggers, as the wireless element makes their earphones useful … [Read more...]