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Man Designs 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments

Only just a couple more days and it will be Christmas. Do you already have a Christmas tree decorating your living room? Zach Burhop, an engineer, designer and television personality for National Geographic, has come up with something very modern: a Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments and flickering LED-lights.

Regular Christmas trees didn’t fit his taste, as he told Solidoodle: “my birthday is Christmas day, so I wanted to try to do something different this year. I was very disappointed in what you can buy–mostly just classical decorations. I saw the ornaments and had started playing around with the LEDs and thought this would be an awesome mashup!”

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3 Funny Ways to Use 3D Printing For Your iPhone

3D printing can be used to create body parts, help artists to give their profound views on our lives, improve the work of fashion designers or to create weird, but funny iPhone wrap cases. Apparently, a lot of people have recently been very creative with this technique in order to create extraordinary cases and applications for their iPhones. We must admit: the results are funny. We show you the most startling ways to use 3D printing for your iPhone.

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Future Talk: Happy Meal Toys Made Using 3D Printing

McDonalds is thinking about using 3D printers in store to print out the well-known toys for its Happy Meals. With the use of 3D printing the fast-food company wants to make it possible for kids to choose their favorite toy.

McDonald’s UK IT director Mark Fabes thinks this could improve the system for little children who are collecting toys from the fastfood chain. “Countless families have had their enjoyment of a nutritious McD’s ruined because they turned up the week that the starring character in that season’s kiddie-sized blockbuster had been replaced by an earnest but boring supporting character as the toy of choice,” UKs The Register writes about this subject.

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Biologist Creates 3D Printed Animal Skulls

Do you remember this group called Band of Skulls? It’s probably the favorite band of medical doctor and biologist Scott Camazine, because he’s started a giant project about sculptures of animal skulls, called From Nature to Art. The sculptures are based upon CT scans taken from an actual specimen and are printed with a 3D printer.

The big question is: why?Well, here’s why: the biologist wants to create a collection of animal skulls that accurately reflect the complex structures of nature. He’s been a big fan of nature and animals since he was a little child. Because Camazine is now a doctor and biologist, he’s able to combine this passion with his knowledge in 3D printing, medicine and computer techniques in order to show the world how beautiful nature can be.

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Artist Uses 3D Printing to Create Ashes Sculpture

Some pieces of art make people have divergent opinions and this project by Chinese designer Zhufei is probably one of them. With the use of a 3D printer she creates sculptures out of the ashes from people. For instance: if a family member of you would die, then she could create a sculpture out of the ashes from him of her. Some will love it and some absolutely don’t, but it’s happing. She writes the following about it: ”it is more like a poetic reborn, like a phoenix nirvana” writes the designer.

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3D Printed Sunshade for Google Glass

Google Glass doesn’t work like sunglasses, so when the sun starts to shine there will be a loss of sight for users. Chris Barrett, who is one of the early Glass Explorers, has created a 3D printed sunshade for Google Glass in order to fix this problem. ”I believe that, when Google Glass is finally released to the public, Sunshades will be as popular as Ray-Bans,” he says.

Image: Sunshade 1.0, Chris Barrett, Shapeways.

What do we do when the sun starts to shine? Easy, we just put on some sunglasses. So why isn’t there some sunglasses application for Google Glass, is what Barrett probably thought. Therefore he designed a very basic tiny cover for the prism of Google Glass. Because he didn’t know much about 3D printing, the man reached out for a studio in Philadelphia to develop and print a prototype. After three prototypes, Sunshade 1.0 came out. With Sunshade 1.0 Google Glass users can easily use their glasses in the sunlight and it also hides the prism from people’s sight.

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TOPOGRAFICS: 3D Printed Versions of 2D Photographs

Here’s a new 3D photo project: TOPOGRAFICS. It enables you to convert 2D photographs into 3D images. Dave White is the owner of Studio DTW and he uses the technique of 3D printing to create beautiful 3D printed images.

The images are converted from original photographs and they need back-lighting to reveal the original photograph again. Dave notes: ”with these prints, not only are you viewing your favorite memories, but you can feel the texture, and see it come to life over and over.”

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Brand New 3D Drawing Pen: 3Dsimo

There’s a new 3D drawing pen on the market, which is named 3Dsimo. It can be seen as a new version of the 3Doodler pen. With this pen you can make 3D figures yourself. The 3Doodler pen was very successful and raised over $2,3 million. The new pen 3Dsimo was invented by David Paskevic from Prague, Czech Republic and his team and the same success is to be expected.

The concept of this 3D pen may sound a little vague to some, but this is how it works: you can use the 3Dsimo just like any other pen. If you know how to use a pen, you will know how to use the 3Dsimo. At first you have to plug it in, then you need to set the desired speed and temperature  and then you can start to make your own 3D figures. The pen extrudes plastic through the hot end and it can be used for many purposes, like creating jewelry, repairing plastic devices and assembling models of 3D printers.

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