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How to Create a Watermelon Keg Using 3D Printing

The summer ends – and unfortunately no-one can deny this. However, when summer ends, we often find ourselves celebrating an indian summer, isn’t it? So let’s hope for good things to happen in September, we would say. In case your local weather still allows to throw a barbecue party in your garden, the people at Household Hacker could have an original invention for you to spice up your BBQ; a 3D printable watermelon keg.

They collaborated with 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D to create a watermelon keg, which can entirely be 3D printed. It’s a free download, which you can download yourself via this link on Thingiverse. Basically, the only thing you will need to have is a properly working 3D printer.

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New: 3D Printed Skull-Shaped Earphones

Last week we’ve been covering a story about Normal, a Manhattan-based company producing personalized earphones. It seems like they have a serious competitor now, as OwnPhones started a new Kickstarter campaign.  Not only does this company enable you to design your own earphones, but their phones are also wireless and you can entirely choose your favorite design yourself.

Just like Normal, this company seems to be focussing on joggers, as the wireless element makes their earphones useful in sport situations, because they won’t fall out easily. And then there’s the customizing part: users can choose from as many as 10,000 different colors and designs, meaning you can go for wings or for a skull. We have to admit: the result looks a bit silly sometimes, and it’s not very likely we would go for skull earphones ourselves, but Internet does prove us wrong: more than 50,000 people have funded the project on Kickstarter already, which is 20 percent of their final goal of 250,000 dollars and the campaign still runs until August 25.

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This 3D Printed Construction Set Connects Lego, K’Nex and Tinkertoys

For ages kids have been playing with construction toys, but one point of irritation has been that there are several kinds of construction sets on the market and they can’t fit connect with each other. Until today, Kids weren’t able to connect Lego bricks with Tinkertoys or K’Nex, which might have limited their construction fantasies. Two companies, Sy-Lab and F.A.T. Lab therefore came up with a universal construction kit, which is a set that connects with any kind of construction toy.

Their universal construction kit has as many as 80 different adapter bricks, which you can download via Thingiverse. The bricks are all 3D printable and they can be used to connect ten different types of construction toys. They can help children to connect Lego, K’Nex, Tinkertoys, Zome, Gears! Gears! Gears!, Loncoln Logs, Fischertechnik, Zoob, Krinkles and Duplo.

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‘One Size Fits None’: 3D Printed Earphones Could Be The Future

Thanks to 3D printing it has become relatively easy to manufacture personalized objects, such as personalized meals, personalized jewelry and even personalized mouthpieces to fight something like sleep apnoea. A new company called Normal used this “personalizing” principle to create something totally not normal: 3D printed, personalized earphones. We would certainly give them bonus points for their hilarious advertising video, but hey – there’s more to it than just a good video.

After reading something about it, we have to admit that Normal could really fit a hole in the market. Imagine a random advertisement of – let’s say – Apple to promote their earphones. Imagine a person jogging while listening to songs on his or her iPhone through Apple earphones. If you’re a frequent jogger just like me, you know this image we just pictured ourselves is not at all realistic, because these earphones simply are unable to stay where they need to be: in your ears.

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This is What a 3D Print of Barack Obama Looks Like

From his early days as a social worker until his current presidential days: you can’t deny U.S. president Barack Obama has really achieved something big. However, there was just one thing on his list that was still unfulfilled: the president had never been 3D printed before. Until recently, when a group of 3D specialists at the Smithsonian Institution scanned and printed the president.

3d printing

Which officially makes him the first president to get 3D printed. Well, this is the story: during the first White House Maker Faire (June 18th), which was a technology event about new products and businesses, 3D specialists brought a 3D print of Obama’s bust and mold, as well as an Obama mask (to scare the hell out of you?).

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Another 3D Printing Project for the World Cup

3D printing artists and companies are very much into this year’s World Cup, and of course the technique enables people to be creative and come up with some funny World Cup inventions. Earlier on, we told you about LeapFrog’s hand soccer game, the SambaCan by 3Dwergen, and the KXX percussion rings by designer Michel Cornelissen. Well, we got another World Cup initiative and it comes from Ultimaker. The company releases 3D printable mascots, which you can download for free and print them out.

They created files for 16 unique country-related Mascots, and you can print out the mascot that suits your own country. This process even involves 2D printing, as you can 2D print the flag from your country, so your mascot will have something to put in his hands. The files are all on YouMagine.

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..and Here’s a New Dutch 3D Printed World Cup Accessory!

The World Cup is on! Earlier this weekend, the Dutch defeated the Spanish with 5 goals against 1. Is this a Dutch revenge against Spain’s victory over the Dutch in the last World Cup’s finals? Or has it got something to do with the Dutch soccer spirit? What strikes us is that the Dutch are also very active in the 3D printing World when it comes to this year’s World Cup, so maybe this victory does have something to do with their spirit. We already reported about two Dutch 3D printed alternatives for the vuvuzelas, and now Dutch start-up LeapFrog comes with something new: a 3D printable finger soccer game.

Maybe the Dutch have secretly been training with LeapFrog’s 3D soccer game. The game includes four finger boots, a ball and obviously – two goals. As you can see by the picture, the game is available in Dutch orange, as LeapFrog supports its own country. They, however, state that you can send a photo of your print to them, after which they will give away a roll of filament to their favorite finger football legs.

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SambaCan: 3D Printed Instrument For the World Cup

And we’ve got ourselves a new contender for becoming the 3D printing hype of this year’s World Cup. A month ago, we reported that 3D printed finger rings might become this year’s World Cup instruments – Utrecht-based designer Michel Cornelissen might do a great job in helping us to forget the vuvuzelas. You might want to use the 3D printed finger rings, but it’s good to know what your options are. We mean, you can also go for a 3D printed SambaCan: a samba shaker and a can holder. What will they think of next?

3Dwergen is the company behind the SambaCan and they release the SambaCan in conjunction with Lennert van der Laan and Gert Groeneveld of Kiva Kuva. This company, which is also located in the Netherlands, now releases a download for the file on Youmagine. It’s a free download, so anyone with a 3D printer could start printing the SambaCan right away. If you don’t have a 3D printer yourself, then there’s the possibility to go to 3D Hubs to get it printed on a 3D printer nearby.

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This 3D Printed Table Tennis Ball Will Never Break

Some things always stay the same. A pen for instance, or.. a table tennis ball. Since the  invention of this ball in 1890, the small, round ball has always kept its shape and structure. Despite the fact you can buy the ball in many different colors, there has never been an invention which changed the ball’s structure. AIRBALL, a concept by German company Philipp Günther Design has the ability to break the pattern.

The company has used 3D printing techniques to create a squeezable table tennis ball, which only weights a little. The big advantage of this brand new tennis ball is that it will not break once you accidentally step on it. The company itself is very optimistic about this project and states: “AIRBALL will revolutionize the sport of table tennis.”

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Minockio: New 3D Printed Figurines Brand

This can only be from Japan, but in fact isn’t: Minockio. This is a Thailand company, which produces tiny dolls. The company has recently added a new service, which is the implementation of 3D printed personalized cartoon-ish figurines. The company is currently searching for local as well as regional partners.

3d printing

It works as follows: just like choosing one’s own character in a video game, a user can dress up its own figurine in the way he or she wants to. Users can choose the clothes and faces themselves, after which they create whatever kind of figurine they would want to. The company then 3D prints the figurines and sends them to the buyer’s address. It will take them about 15 days to 3D print the design and the team launches its service until June 30 for a price of 3700 Baht ($114) per doll. They will eventually cost Thailand customers 4,500 ($140) per figurine.

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