China Eastern Airlines 3D Prints Aircraft Parts


Since the application of a unique patent from Boeing to 3D Print aircraft parts, a number of airlines have been trying to employ 3d printing technology to replace the old-fashioned manufacturing process. This week, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. has completed in creating 3D Printed aircraft parts in a Boeing 777-300ER, such as the seats, parts of a cabin and even the handles of the aircraft. As stated by Boeing a month ago, shipping of manufactured aircraft parts normally takes a lot … [Read more...]

Boeing wants to patent 3d printing of aircraft parts!

boeing Patent 1

Boeing applied for a patent and the documentation was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) showing it is patent application for 3d printing of aircraft parts and that they are already massively using this technology in active aircraft! Besides Boeing trying to patent the 3d printing of aircraft parts it is also trying to patent the entire system around it including: “a parts library, a database, a parts management system, and a three dimensional printing … [Read more...]

Scientists 3D Printed Two Jet Engines


It the beginning of the 3D printing 'hype' it was all about printing funny looking phone cases and jewelry, but as time passes, the technique - which, by the way, exists since the 1980's - evolves. We've seen houses being 3D printed earlier this year, and now researchers from Australia have managed to 3D print two jet engines. The benefits of this approach? It could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel efficient engines. This work was done by engineers and researchers at Amaero … [Read more...]

Boeing embraces the 3D printing technology

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 17 15.03

In our article World’s biggest and fastest 3D printer in the making you can read about Airbus taking a lot of interest in the 3D printing technology. But they are not the only aviation giant looking at the possibilities of 3D printing. Teams across the Boeing enterprise are using 3D printing in a plethora of ways, including fit check models, shop aids, tool mock-ups and visualization models. “3D printing allows us to model data analysis in an innovative way. Being able to see different levels … [Read more...]

3D printing a spaceship in space!

SpiderFab Concept
Credits; Tethers Unlimited Inc.

Imagine a spacecraft that could build itself by scavenging materials from space junk or asteroids. The “SpiderFab” project from Tethers Unlimited Inc. just received $100,000 from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts project to invest in designing and realizing a self-constrution device that could realize just that using the 3D printing technology. The practical planning and additional funding could lead to the launch of a 3D printing test mission within several years. The aim of this … [Read more...]

NASA uses 3d printing for their next move on Mars


With yesterdays success of NASA’s daring Curiosity landing, we’re one step closer to putting actual humans on this dessert planet. Therefore NASA engineers are testing a next-generation rover designed to support humans when we entually land on Mars. The most interesting part is that this super rover has seventy end-use parts 3D printed with FDM technology. The rover, about the size of a Hummer and boasting a pressurized cabin to support humans in space, is being put to the test in the Arizona … [Read more...]