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This ‘Puzzle Chair’ Was Created Using a Desktop 3D Printer

It certainly is a hype among furniture designers: 3D printing furniture pieces. However, in case you’re owning a 3D printer yourself, you will probably not be printing out your own pieces of furniture. The problem is that desktop printers, which most 3D hobbyists own, are unable to print out items as large as a chair or a table. Nevertheless, 3D enthousiasts at French website 3DNatives managed to do the impossible: 3D printing a chair using a desktop printer.

So how did they do it, then? Well, they printed out a series of puzzle blocks, which they assembled into a puzzle chair, naming their project Bits & Parts. Call it cheating, call it anything you want, but they did manage to 3D print an actual chair on a consumer 3D printer. They will soon put the files on Wevolver, so anyone could try this at home for free.

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Drawn: 3D Printed Furniture or Modern Art?

For many the concept of 3D printed furniture might sound completely new, but in fact it totally isn’t. Already in 2012, we published a story about a furniture printer, and those printers have been passing the radar ever since. 4AXYZ came up with the idea to 3D print wood furniture and Joris Laarman made some of us even download a chair and print it out. If you look at it from this angle, then French 3D printing – plastic – furniture project ‘Drawn’ could even sound a little dull, but in fact it totally isn’t: the pieces of furniture shown in this article are all 3D printed.

Drawn is a start-up from France, which started in 2012, after founders Sylvain Charpiot, and Samuel Javelle met during a FabLab creation project in Lyon. It took them some time to collect all necessary materials and to do sufficient research, bit since 2014 they work with their own 3D printer, called Galatea; named after a Greek myth. They used crowdfunding to create this one-armed 3D printer, with which they can print out pieces of furniture in a variety wide of beautiful shapes and colors.

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Interview: 4 AXYZ Explains How to 3D Print Wood Furniture

3D printing has become a trend in many sectors, such as the medical world, fashion, and even pop music. This is all due to the fact that the technique offers many new opportunities. With the invention of a 3D printed lung that worked for 40 days, it really seems like the opportunities are limitless. But there are still companies to surprise us, with 4 AXYZ being a perfect example. This company claims to have found a way to print wood.

Yes, wood. If you are one of our frequent visitors you will probably remember our recent article on the company, in which we showed you a variety of pictures of wood furniture (as you can also see in the images featured in this article). In this piece we also explained you that 4 AXYZ uses a machine which combines small uniformly-cut pieces of wood and uses a special binding process to assemble the layers. Very, very technical – we understand. Therefore, we wanted to learn more about this company and decided to get in touch with them in order to find out how one can produce 3D printed wood. We spoke with 4 AXYZ’s co-founders Abir Shah, the principal engineer, and Shikhar Shah, who works on business development and promotion.

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Wondering What 3D Printed Wood Looks Like?

Already today you can 3D print your own piece of furniture, but 3D printing furniture is not yet as popular as it could be. The reason for this current unpopularity is that it’s only possible to 3D print your own plastic piece of furniture. For a long time, the manufacturing process of wood was still an unexplored field, due to the fact no-one simply knew how to properly 3D print wooden furniture. However, company 4 AXYZ – what a name – claims it has developed a way to make the impossible possible.

3d printing

DigitalTrends reports that the process by 4 AXYZ is a little different from regular 3D printing techniques. Most common 3D printing techniques work with plastics, which are extruded layer-by-layer. Instead of that, 4 AXYZ’s machine combines small, uniformly-cut pieces of wood after which the layers are assembled using a special binding process. Because the company does not use any sorts of liquid ink for its process, they rather call the technique additive manufacturing, instead of 3D printing.

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Why 3D Printing Could Help in Your Next Home Renovation

At one time or another, everyone is interested in doing some type of home remodeling or renovation project and sometimes those remodels take on a life of their own. Perhaps you’ve installed new kitchen cabinets and they just don’t look the way that you thought they would when the architect showed you the blueprints. Perhaps you’ve done a full remodel of your bathroom and that new Jacuzzi tub is taking up way too much floor space. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that would allow you to see what you’re getting into before you fork out the money? Guess what? There is!

3D Printing isn’t just for government and big business anymore. With 3D printers decreasing in cost, they’re becoming more and more accessible to the average homeowner and it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the technology.


So what can you use it for?

Imagine this, you’ve finally decided to bring that outdated kitchen into the 21st century. In the past, you could have used any number of software programs to design your new kitchen and even-see it on-screen in a 3D format. You could have possibly hired an architect to create a costly hand-built model. What could be better than either of those, right? How about being able to hold an exact replica of what your new kitchen would look like right in your very own hands?  A perfect 3D footprint of your entire space will be at your fingertips – literally! Forget trying to decipher those confusing blueprints. Instead, a tangible scale model will serve as a crystal ball and offer you a look into your future space.

Why wouldn’t you want to use this exciting technology? From a kitchen renovation to a full basement redo, the possibilities for this technology are endless. And, the benefits are even greater! Let’s face it! If you spend $50,000 to modernize your kitchen, you certainly want it to be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

3D printing will allow you to take the guesswork out of home renovation and save you a great deal of money in the long run. From the outside of your house to each room within, 3D printing is a great asset to homeowners.

Currently, 3D printing is primarily used for prototypes, but that is changing quickly. Think about the possibilities for home renovation. Even if you’re doing a small renovation, such as changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets – forget buying them! Eventually you’ll be able to download a CAD drawing of your objects and print them – then use them!

Home renovation is quickly moving from a paper world to a dimensional one! When planning your next home renovation, especially if it’s an expensive one, be sure to consider 3D printing to avoid the extra time, money and delays usually present in all remodels. 3D printing can definitely help shape your world!

Dirk van der Kooij’s 3D printed furniture

After being inspired by an old 3D printer, Dutch student Dirk van der Kooij got his hands on an industrial robot from a Chinese production line to help him with his graduation project. Designing furniture with the use of 3D printing was the mission so he transformed this robot into a 3D printer called Furoc. This printer can print out furniture as a continuous line and can produce a chair in a variety of colors and designs within 3 hours. This method allows the furniture to be made 40 times faster than the traditional way of 3D printing.

Furoc 3D printer

With his Furoc printer, Dirk won the Dutch Design Award and the DMY award in Berlin. He is currently taking on dozens of exhibitions across Europe to showcase his creation.

The next video shows you how this continuous printer actually works:

To produce the “Endless” rocking chair, Dirk went through 54 prototypes to reach the final design. The neat thing in this process was that each ‘failed’ prototype was shredded en reused in the process of creating the next.

If you are interested in Dirk’s designs or want to know some more about his project, you can visit his website here.

How to drink your coffee in style

Cunicode recently started the One Cup a Day project. In this experiment they designed one cup for every day of the month. With the use of creativity, style and quite the amount of humor they managed to put up a series worthy of making your morning coffee a bit more interesting or difficult (depending on which day of the month it is).

Check out all the models here. A few examples from the collection:

The Double Espresso Cup

The Hard To Handle Cup

The Octo Cup

These cups are printed in ceramics and can be ordered through Shapeways. At this moment the printed ceramics do not exactly match the rendered model. Though, it comes pretty close and might even give the idea the cup is handmade, which is pretty funny itself considering there was no human hand involved at all. The glazed layer is quite thick and hides a lot of the original detail.

Even though the final product is not yet perfect, this definitely is a project to keep an eye on. Cunicode, keep up the good work.