V3RS 3D Printed Design Lighting

V3RS U-TL pendant interior

During the Dutch Design Week 2014, the lighting design brand V3RS has exhibited their design fixtures in their Eindhoven based studio in The Netherlands. V3RS designs and creates exclusive design lighting objects and also work on design projects commissioned by external parties, and in this all they use 3D printing for their amazing work. Earlier this year, V3RS introduced a line of fixtures that are greatly influenced by 3D printing; in fact it is the key part of their designs. V3RS uses … [Read more...]

This ‘Puzzle Chair’ Was Created Using a Desktop 3D Printer

It certainly is a hype among furniture designers: 3D printing furniture pieces. However, in case you're owning a 3D printer yourself, you will probably not be printing out your own pieces of furniture. The problem is that desktop printers, which most 3D hobbyists own, are unable to print out items as large as a chair or a table. Nevertheless, 3D enthousiasts at French website 3DNatives managed to do the impossible: 3D printing a chair using a desktop printer. So how did they do it, then? … [Read more...]

Drawn: 3D Printed Furniture or Modern Art?

For many the concept of 3D printed furniture might sound completely new, but in fact it totally isn't. Already in 2012, we published a story about a furniture printer, and those printers have been passing the radar ever since. 4AXYZ came up with the idea to 3D print wood furniture and Joris Laarman made some of us even download a chair and print it out. If you look at it from this angle, then French 3D printing - plastic - furniture project 'Drawn' could even sound a little dull, but in fact it … [Read more...]

Interview: 4 AXYZ Explains How to 3D Print Wood Furniture

3D printing has become a trend in many sectors, such as the medical world, fashion, and even pop music. This is all due to the fact that the technique offers many new opportunities. With the invention of a 3D printed lung that worked for 40 days, it really seems like the opportunities are limitless. But there are still companies to surprise us, with 4 AXYZ being a perfect example. This company claims to have found a way to print wood. Yes, wood. If you are one of our frequent visitors you … [Read more...]

Wondering What 3D Printed Wood Looks Like?

Already today you can 3D print your own piece of furniture, but 3D printing furniture is not yet as popular as it could be. The reason for this current unpopularity is that it's only possible to 3D print your own plastic piece of furniture. For a long time, the manufacturing process of wood was still an unexplored field, due to the fact no-one simply knew how to properly 3D print wooden furniture. However, company 4 AXYZ - what a name - claims it has developed a way to make the impossible … [Read more...]

Why 3D Printing Could Help in Your Next Home Renovation


At one time or another, everyone is interested in doing some type of home remodeling or renovation project and sometimes those remodels take on a life of their own. Perhaps you’ve installed new kitchen cabinets and they just don’t look the way that you thought they would when the architect showed you the blueprints. Perhaps you’ve done a full remodel of your bathroom and that new Jacuzzi tub is taking up way too much floor space. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that would allow you … [Read more...]

Dirk van der Kooij’s 3D printed furniture

Endless Rocking Chair

After being inspired by an old 3D printer, Dutch student Dirk van der Kooij got his hands on an industrial robot from a Chinese production line to help him with his graduation project. Designing furniture with the use of 3D printing was the mission so he transformed this robot into a 3D printer called Furoc. This printer can print out furniture as a continuous line and can produce a chair in a variety of colors and designs within 3 hours. This method allows the furniture to be made 40 times … [Read more...]

How to drink your coffee in style

3D Printed Double Espresso Cup

Cunicode recently started the One Cup a Day project. In this experiment they designed one cup for every day of the month. With the use of creativity, style and quite the amount of humor they managed to put up a series worthy of making your morning coffee a bit more interesting or difficult (depending on which day of the month it is). Check out all the models here. A few examples from the collection: The Double Espresso Cup The Hard To Handle Cup The Octo Cup These cups … [Read more...]