This Company 3D Prints Wooden Watches

One thing that amazed us earlier this year when we were visiting the 3D Print Canal House project, was the project's section of 3D printed wood. More and more companies are experimenting with the technique, which combines PLA and wood. Despite its not purely natural wood, it looks and smells a lot like wood - we can tell. Right now, a new company is going for 3D printed wood, and prints not just wood, but wooden watches. Polish 3D printing company Jelwek is currently working on these … [Read more...]

Never Mind the Vuvuzelas, Here’s the KXX

Remember the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa? Musically, this was one of the world World Cups in history. Not only was the cup's anthem 'Waka Waka' by Shakira received by Africans as an insult to traditional African music, also traditional African music wasn't at its best at the time. Yes, we're talking about the Vuvuzelas. Everyone remembers the noisy plastic horns that originated from Africa, but rapidly found their way to any corner of any street in any country - arguably except for North … [Read more...]

Brilliance: Receiving 3D Printed Rings Before Ordering

An engagement ring is not that kind of thing you usually order online. If you can't fit the ring beforehand, there's a huge risk the ring won't fit properly. Nevertheless, there are online retailers that sell wedding rings online, and one of them is a company called Brilliance. They've probably experienced this disadvantage of their online model, so what they came up with is a smart solution, using 3D printing techniques. Their new program is called 3D Ring and it enables you to order 3D … [Read more...]

Hema is the First Giant Retailer to Sell Personalized 3D Printed Jewelry

Dutch department store Hema will be selling personalized 3D printed jewelry, as the company has announced it will soon be offering a service where customers can create their own necklaces and bracelets online. Hema will be the first giant retailer to offer a service which enables common customers to personalize their own jewelry online, after which a 3D printer will print out the objects. In addition, it will also be possible to buy 3D printed phone cases online from the … [Read more...]

Biologist Strikes Again: 3D Printed “Skulptures”

Scott Camazine, the biologist behind the 3D printed skull project From Nature to Art, has successfully launched a new campaign on Kickstarter, called Skulptures. It's a collection of skeletal memorabilia, miniatures of animal skulls that can be worn as pendants and earrings. The biologist is a passionate lover of the natural world. "I wanted to capture the details of the structure and essence of each animal in the collection," he writes on Kickstarter. Camazine has used bronze, brass, … [Read more...]

We Print You a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Looking back at 2013, we have to conclude it was a great year for 3D printing. We've seen many interesting 3D printing start-ups as well as big, growing companies, in a wide variety of working fields. It appears that in almost every imaginable field some-one is doing something with 3D printing. So also in the Christmas field. Right now we print a way into Christmas 2013 and introduce you to some great 3D printing tutorials for Christmas. Image: Christmas decoration. … [Read more...]

Brand New 3D Drawing Pen: 3Dsimo

There's a new 3D drawing pen on the market, which is named 3Dsimo. It can be seen as a new version of the 3Doodler pen. With this pen you can make 3D figures yourself. The 3Doodler pen was very successful and raised over $2,3 million. The new pen 3Dsimo was invented by David Paskevic from Prague, Czech Republic and his team and the same success is to be expected. The concept of this 3D pen may sound a little vague to some, but this is how it works: you can use the 3Dsimo just like any … [Read more...]

Designer in the spotlight: Joshua DeMonte


With his roots in traditional jewelry making, Joshua DeMonte is now in the spotlight because of using 3D printing for his artwork. Thanks to an obligated computer class he was introduced to CAD and subsequently to 3D printing. He started out creating buildings. To combine this with his knowledge of jewelry making he came up with the ‘obvious’ idea to just poke a hole in the buildings and voila, you got your bracelet.   40 Under 40 Craft Futures You can currently view his artwork at the … [Read more...]

3D modeling with a haptic device and CAD

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

We've always been intrigued by the way some artists make use of haptic devices and CAD software to create. Actually.. one of the first articles published here on was about Farah Bandookwala's 3d printed art. At the 3D Printshow in London we had the pleasure to meet Elizabeth Armour, a talented maker/designer who also uses a haptic device and CAD software for making her jewellery. Elizabeth Armour Elizabeth completed her Honours Degree in Jewellery and Metal last May at Duncan … [Read more...]

3D printing Jewelry

3d printing jewelry

From your living room to your ring finger, customization becomes easier and more attainable to anyone with the mass manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing. Jewelry, novelty items and home decor are just some of the things that could benefit from this sort of technology. Creativity and imagination are central to the jewelry craft. Which is why the industry has embraced 3D printing technologies to reduce the time and labor required in the manufacturing process. 3d printing jewelry printers So … [Read more...]