Company Creates 3D Printed ‘Fetuses’ From Gypsum

Is it weird to 3D print a replica of your unborn child? Yes, that's weird, is what we concluded last year's January after finding out about the work of a company called 3D Babies, which specializes in 3D printed fetuses. Even though their idea might sound completely odd to you, it turned out to become successful, as only a couple of months later a New Korean company followed their example by adding a new 3D fetuses service to the market. Now, a year after the launch of 3D Babies, a new company … [Read more...]

This is How I Got 3D Printed


3D printing technology can be used for many interesting causes, such as saving animals, ending houselessness or advancing lighting. However, sometimes the technique can do good in a less world-improving way. Many companies over the world are setting up businesses that 3D print figurines of people. As a customer, you get 3D scanned after which the scans are being transferred into a 3D model. The file of this model has all the information a 3D printer needs in order to print out the object. I've … [Read more...]

3D Printed Art: 500 3D Prints of Coco Rocha

We have been writing lots of times about 3D printed figurines: the ability to 3D scan a person and turn the scan into a 3D print. Companies such as Hema have been experimenting with the system and even thinks 3D scanning artists during concerts and selling 3D printed figurines for merchandise could one day become a facet of pop music's future. The technique could also be used for art projects and New York-based photographer Steven Sebring knows it. For his new project Study of Pose: … [Read more...]

This Urn Has a 3D Printed Imitation of Your Loved One’s Face

While most of the 3D printing projects we discuss on are innovating, we have also reported about a variety of odd projects. What to think of this Chinese project that turns peoples's ashes into sculptures? Or a company called 3D Babies, which 3D prints the fetus of a yet unborn child and delivers the object in some sort of a 'baby coffin'? Can it get any weirder than that? Oh, bloody hell, of course it can! Meet 3D printing company Cremation Solutions, which 3D prints urns in the … [Read more...]

3D Print Show 2014: Artist of the Year – Our Staff Picks

For many 3D printing designers, this weekend will be an exciting one, as today until Sunday the official 3D Print Show 2014 will take place in London. Part of this world-famous 3D printing exhibition will be the election of the 3D printing Artist of the Year. There are 14 great contenders who all made lovely designs using 3D technology. provides you with a summary of this year's work: our staff picks. The first interesting 3D printing design comes from Tobias Klein and is … [Read more...]

UK Designer Creates a 3D Printed iWatch Replica

Apple iWatch is expected to become the company's next big step and many are waiting for the company to release their watches. However, it's not yet certain when the world will be able to buy the watch. Stewart Davies, a product design graduate from University of Edinburgh, could therefore help Apple fans out with a 3D printed version of what he thinks the watch will look like. He posted the files on My Mini Factory, where anyone could download them for free and 3D print the watch … [Read more...]

New Korean Company 3D Prints Replicas of Fetuses

Remember 3D Babies? No? Well, they got our attention earlier this year, as they started offering a service where people could buy a 3D printed version of their yet unborn fetus. Yet, that's completely weird, but apparently their service is successful. A new company from Korea, called 3D Story Corp. has started to imitate their concept and improve the system behind it. Is there a war going on in the 3D printed fetus world? Their patent-pending software program enables young parents to get … [Read more...]

The Entire Country of Bahrain Got 3D Printed

A regular map is nothing more than a flat micro reproduction of a region or a country. Very useful, but if we look at it from an artistic angle, then some improvements could be made. Micro CADD Services (MCS) probably thought the same and therefore designed a 3D version of a landscape of the entire country of Bahrain, using a Matrix 300+ paper 3D printer by Mcor Technologies. In other words: they managed to 3D print a landscape of an entire country solely using paper. They 3D printed … [Read more...]

3D Printing Personalized LEGO Figures Might be the Future

This month, an official 3D movie about LEGO has seen the light: The Lego Movie. Unfortunately, the editors at are a little bit too old to tell you something about it, but according to IMDB it must be pretty good. As it usually goes, one hype is followed by another and the latest hype for LEGO has something to do with 3D printing. The giant toys retailer is exploring the possibilities of letting customers 3D print their own toys. According to the Financial Times, John … [Read more...]

Cut/Copy Releases First 3D Printed Video Clip

Apparently, '3D printing' has become a cool thing in the world of contemporary pop music. is the Chief Creative Officer of 3D printing company 3D Systems - whatever that means - and Bloc Party's Kele has released the first 3D printed record. Right now, Cut/Copy joins the hype with what appears to be the first 3D printed video clip. How can a video possibly be 3D printed, one might ask. Well, read the article and find out. Cut/Copy is an Australian electronic band, which released … [Read more...]