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3D Printing Personalized LEGO Figures Might be the Future

This month, an official 3D movie about LEGO has seen the light: The Lego Movie. Unfortunately, the editors at are a little bit too old to tell you something about it, but according to IMDB it must be pretty good. As it usually goes, one hype is followed by another and the latest hype for LEGO has something to do with 3D printing. The giant toys retailer is exploring the possibilities of letting customers 3D print their own toys.

3d printing

According to the Financial Times, John Goodwin - LEGO’s CFO, says the brand is “looking very intently at it and monitoring it, looking at what potential opportunities there are for consumers.” Goodwin thinks “3D printing is a fascinating development and certainly opens up a lot of new avenues.” LEGO chief marketing officer Mad Nipper adds: “It could well be that it might be an exciting opportunity to print your own bricks.”

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Cut/Copy Releases First 3D Printed Video Clip

Apparently, ’3D printing’ has become a cool thing in the world of contemporary pop music. is the Chief Creative Officer of 3D printing company 3D Systems – whatever that means – and Bloc Party’s Kele has released the first 3D printed record. Right now, Cut/Copy joins the hype with what appears to be the first 3D printed video clip. How can a video possibly be 3D printed, one might ask. Well, read the article and find out.

3d printing

Cut/Copy is an Australian electronic band, which released its fourth album Free Your Mind last year’s November. We Are Explorers is the band’s brand new single and for this video clip the band has been using stop motion techniques. Stop motion, what is that? Well, take a look at The White Stripes’s famous Lego clip Fell In Love With A Girl from 2002. As you can see, the Lego bricks are moving, due to the fact that the makers have constantly been putting them in different positions. After each position, the team made a new photo and the combination of many photos is called stop motion.

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South Korean 3D Printing Exhibition on Neglected Refugees

South Korea has a lot of unrecognized refugees living in the country today and by the end of 2013 as many as 6,600 people had sought asylum, while only 370 were recognized as official refugees. Even though they are making part of the country, the refugees appear to be neglected due to widespread indifference. The Seoel Museum of Art in South Korea has therefore opened an exhibition on the ‘invisible people’, using 3D printing technologies.

3d printing

The refugees have come from countries such as Pakistan, Myanmar and Syria, but whilst living in South Korea lots of them haven’t been recognized as official refugees, implying that chances are few for the ‘invisible people’. They are part of the country, while little seem to care of them. Cheil Worldwide therefore came up with the idea to set up and exhibition on this necessary subject. The ad agency works together with the UHNCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Seoel Museum of Art.

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Biologist Strikes Again: 3D Printed “Skulptures”

Scott Camazine, the biologist behind the 3D printed skull project From Nature to Art, has successfully launched a new campaign on Kickstarter, called Skulptures. It’s a collection of skeletal memorabilia, miniatures of animal skulls that can be worn as pendants and earrings.

The biologist is a passionate lover of the natural world. “I wanted to capture the details of the structure and essence of each animal in the collection,” he writes on Kickstarter. Camazine has used bronze, brass, silver and gold for its miniatures and his Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded with as much as 5.336 dollars of the required 4.000 dollars.

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Asda Expands 3D Printing Services in 2014

in 2014 it will be easier to get a 3D printed figurine of yourself, since Asda, a subsidiary of Walmart is expanding its service ‘mini-me’ to as many as 50 stores in January. Retail Week reports that Asda will also be selling 3D printers “in the very near future”.

Making a little figure of yourself is something you can already do in special 3D printing shops, but it’s not a very common service to be offered in supermarkets. Asda is a big supermarket in the United Kingdom and in October this year it already started offering this in-store 3D printing service in its York store. Making a 3D printed figurine of yourself means you will be 3D scanned after which a 3D printer will make a print of you. After a week customers could get their figurine and the total costs per object started at 40 pounds. Customers could basically get their figurine printed out in whatever size they want.

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Video: The Impossible 3D Print

It’s Sunday, so we won’t bother you with too difficult 3D printing stories today. Though, this video is definitely something you wouldn’t want to imitate. In this little video made by the team behind, they try to create what they call the impossible 3D print. Although what they come up with is only just a circle-shaped figurine, it definitely takes a lot of time to create an object like this.


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New: 3D Scanning Objects With Your Mobile Phone

A brand new app, developed by the Computer vision and geometry Lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurick (ETHZ), is set to bring 3D scanning to the masses. With this new app any mobile phone could easily be turned into a 3D scanner. In other words: instead of taking a regular picture, users can now make a 3D photos with their phone.

Everything you need to do is pick out an interesting object and move your phone around it. A 3D scanned image will appear on the screen. If you keep on moving your phone after the model appears, additional images will be recorded and added to your 3D model. The app also gives its users immediate feedback when some viewpoints are missed, so users can cover those points. This is possible, because all calculations are made directly on the mobile phone.

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New Zealander Makes Jet Engine on a 3D Printer

New Zealander Gerry Hamilton has designed a jet engine on a 3D printer. The model is powered by compressed air and it can be seen as a complex demonstration model of a real jet. The fun thing about this jet engine is that it is actually a tutorial, so you can create your own model. This can help you to improve your technical skills.

Credits: Xena,

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Always wanted to be like Han Solo?

We all know Han Solo did not voluntarily carbon freeze himself at Jabba The Hutt but now you can for only $99!

All you need to do is go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here you can have your face scanned and then swapped out with Harrison Ford-as-Han Solo so that it can be you frozen in carbonite. Once the process is over you can hang yourself or your beloved one on the wall as a trophy.

At the Carbon-Freezing Chamber (located adjacent to The American Idol Experience), several cameras will capture multiple angles of your face. The images are then reconstructed in a computer for processing, and in approximately four weeks, the completed figurine is shipped directly to your house.

This could be you!