3d printing techniques for Dental products

3d printing Selective Laser Sintering

The dental industry requires custom-part, single-unit production, with excellent accuracy. Therefore, dentistry is getting more and more attention in the 3D printing industrie . Additive manufacturing equipment makers and material suppliers for these printers are already taking notice. Currently, 3D printing technology is used to provide a number of products in the dental industry. Most common are wax patterns for fixed prosthodontics and models fabricated from intraoral or impression scans. … [Read more...]

Artificial Jaw with 3d Printing


A 83-year-old woman chews, talks and swallows using an artificial jaw from a laser printer is rolled. She gets the credits for being the first human, talking with a 3d printing generated jaw. The technique was developed in Hasselt and Leuven. She suffered from a long lasting and rapidly progressive infection of almost the entire mandible with a large wound in her face. In order to retain an open airway, function of swallowing and chewing, surgical removal of the entire mandible was necessary to … [Read more...]