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This 3D Printed Wristband Records TV shows While You’re Asleep

Researchers found out that 18 percent of all people fall asleep on the sofa on Christmas Day. Virgin Media and two tech savvy teens therefore created a 3D printed wristband, with which you can record television programs in case you fall asleep. The idea behind it is that Virgin thinks dads are often the ones to decide which program to watch on December 25. Studies, however, show that dads are most likely to fall asleep on the sofa as well. Virgin now wants them to wear a wristband which notices … [Read more...]

3D Print Conference Baku, Azerbaijan 12-02-2015


On 12 February 2015 one of the most famous conferences in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries dedicated to 3D printing and scanning will be for the first time ever held in Azerbaijan. This event will present the most effective solutions for the application of 3D technology in a wide variety of business areas. The Conference of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology - 3D Print Conference has already proved itself as a professional platform demonstrating effective application of … [Read more...]

Dutch Museum Adds 3D Printed Chair to Collection

Museums used to solely exhibit handcrafted art pieces, but as technology evolves, the way we make art changes as well. Dutch designer Joris Laarman created a 3D printed puzzle chair - the so-called Makerschair Hexagon (2013) - and shared his files online so anyone would be able to print out the chair. Now his initially printed chair has been added to Dutch State Museum (Rijksmuseum) in Amsterdam. In other words: the State Museum, a museum with over 2 million visitors per year, adds a digitally … [Read more...]

This Is What 3D Printed Space Garments Look Like

It has fascinated mankind for thousands of years: being able to live on other planets. With rapidly developing techniques leading to possible future human settlement on Mars, interplanetary travelers need to be equipped with the right kind of garments to make them survive on other planets. Neri Oxman and a team at MIT Media Lab, a research department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have designed four kinds of 3D printed garments that look more spacey than your worst galaxy … [Read more...]

3D Printed Drones Could Save Endangered Animals

Aren't we all skeptical about drones? The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) can take off from any place and once they're in the air they can easily make detailed videos of what happens on earth. Of course there's regulation, but still there is a lot of - rightful - skepticism going on about drones versus privacy. However, some people could use a bit less privacy: 3D printed drones could fight illegal animal poachers. In South Africa, more than a thousand rhinos and elephants living in … [Read more...]

Is Apple Working on 3D Mapping for iPhone?

Is Apple experimenting with 3D mapping techniques? It seems like it, as the company patented a special laser mapping system on December 4. The technology could be used in new iPads, MacBooks and its upcoming iWatch, reports Patently Apple, the media organization which came up with the scoop. Other media, such as 3Ders, International Business Times AppleInsider are talking about implementation in Apple TV as well as iPhones. What it basically is all about: Apple is probably working on its own … [Read more...]

Royal Mail to Add 3D Printing Services

Last week, we posted a story about UPS's involvement in shipping 3D printed items. It now seems like the British are following the example of the American mail company, as Royal Mail today starts to run a test service in shipping 3D printed products. Customers can choose among a variety of 3D printable items from an online list, and get their products printed. They can go to Royal Mail's central office on London's Oxford Street or get them delivered by post. The mail service tests this project … [Read more...]

Swedish Company to 3D Print Neighborhood On the Water

A Swedish company is about to start a 3D printed housing project on the water. The company is called Belatchew Arkitekter, and its studio Belatchew Labs wants to create a 3D printed neighborhood on the water. The water offers many benefits for housing projects, as it's a useful energy source. The company wants to use the water for power and heat pumps. Young people are the company's target group; the project's goal is to increase housing possibilities for young Swedish people. Moreover, the … [Read more...]

Is 3D Printed Light Paper the Future of Lighting?

Most of the lights in our homes come from light bulbs, but that will probably not be the case anymore in the future. You might have already heard about OLED, an ultra-slim object that companies use to power flatscreen televisions. Well, it can even get thinner than that. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho-based startup Rohinni 3D prints light bulbs in the shape of paper. This technology could change lots of devices and products, such as cars, smartphones as well as lamps. Rohinni's LightPaper can be 3D … [Read more...]

Scientists 3D Print Life-Size Models of Patient’s Heads

You probably already know that 3D printing technology is being used to reconstruct faces of patients who have suffered from accidents or rare diseases. But according to a presented study at a Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting yesterday, 3D printing as well as computed tomography (CT) is also being used to create life-size models of patient's heads. Scientist print out these face models in order to guide their personnel during face transplantation surgeries. The patients … [Read more...]