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The Palette Filament Feeding System

the palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing just launched The Palette filament feeding system. It can be attached to almost any FDM 3D printer and with it you can print objects in multiple colors or multiple material properties. There have been many systems that promised fluid color changes and color mixing but most of them were based on new specialised extruders and in-nozzle mixing which made real application complex and heavy. The Palette approaches this problem differently and comes in the form of a separate box … [Read more...]

A 74 year Old Man Receives a 3D Printed Silicon Mask to Recover His Face


Since 1990, Keith Londsdale, a 74 year old man had received over 45 different surgical procedures to survive through basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common skin cancer in the United States. The man did manage to fight through the devastating medical condition but was left with an incurable scar. Due to the continuous surgical procedures, the man’s face was left without a nose, an upper jaw bone and cheekbones. Instead, a huge hole covered a substantially big section of his … [Read more...]

IR3 3D Printer That Can Integrate Non-printable Components

IR3 working and placing a module from the tray

Buzz Technology Limited's 3D printer design is based on standard FDM technology but it can also reach for parts from a tray and integrate non-printable components into a 3D printed object. The components can include electronic modules, wheels, electric motor power drives, cameras, sensors, remote control and all kinds of stuff so that at the end of the production process you could get a working 3d printed device. They have demonstrated it on a toy car where the frame was 3D printed with … [Read more...]

Festo 3D Prints Robotic Ants and Butterflies

eMotionButterflies flying in formation Source: Festo

Festo is an industry leader in advanced robotics and they have presented two of their projects: BionicANTs and eMotionButterfiles only made possible by using laser sintering 3D printing and 3D MID ( Molded Interconnect Device) technology. 3D MID is a control and power system where electrical circuits are attached on the surface of the laser sintered body components during the construction, and they thereby take on design and electrical functions at the same time. In this way, all the technical … [Read more...]

VRClay Virtual Reality CAD for Oculus Rift

VRClay in action from third-person view angle

Almost all tech and IT media claim that virtual reality is THE next big thing. With Facebook buying Oculus Rift and Microsoft presenting its HoloLens holographic computing platform, we will probably all use it extensively in next five to ten years. You put your VR device on your head and you see fully digital augmented reality and 3D objects floating or interacting with real surfaces in your surrounding. As the technology is not yet widely adopted or available there is not much … [Read more...]

Russian Company Prints a Thyroid Gland to Transplant on Living Rats


This month, a company based in Russia called “3D Bio printing Solutions” became the first in the world to 3d print a thyroid gland for an animal with their own patented bio printing technology. The company’s focus is set to transplant the 3d printed thyroid gland to living rats suffering from a disease called “Hypothyroidism”, a medical condition caused by an overload of iodine in the body. 3D bio printing solutions aim to successfully transplant the artificial thyroid and publish the results … [Read more...]

MakerBot Opens Innovation Centre at U.S. University

The challenge for 3D printing companies is to get their technique - which is often perceived as difficult and futuristic by many - to the masses. But how does one do such a thing? 3D printing giant MakerBot thinks the way to go is to put 3D printers in libraries and universities. These are the places innovators and great thinkers go to. Johan-Till Broer, Public Relations Manager of MakerBot estimates the number of libraries in the U.S. with 3D printers and scanners to be 500. In order to bring … [Read more...]

Fast Bioprinting of Human Cartilage Implants

Nose cartilage implant 3d printed on a bioprinter tray from human cells and hydrogel (Picture credits: Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration Group)

At ETH Zürich's Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration laboratory they have made some notable speed advancements in 3D printing of human cartilage which should lead to implantable replacements for trauma victims. Team of researchers led by Professor Marcy Zenobi-Wong's and Matti Kesti developed a process that would enable hospitals to make a full size nose implant under 20 minutes. Any cartilage implant could be produced with nose, ear and knee implants being the ones most used in surgeries … [Read more...]

3D Printing Speeds Up The Construction of The Sagrada Família

3D printing has proven te be a useful technology for architects. In China, they are building the world's first 3D printed houses, and all over the world architectural artists are using the technique to create fine art pieces. Back in 2013, I did a piece on Contour Crafting, a Californian project aiming to create 3D printed houses in less than a day. In that article, I playfully mentioned that such a technique would be good news for the Sagrada Família team - the team working on a cathedral in … [Read more...]

BoXZY Brings Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Hybrid to Your Desktop

BoXZY desktop multitool machine

Home 3d printers are incredible machines but they have some limitations. Sometimes you just need some extra tools and capabilities to finish your project. You may want to expand your tool options and experiment with wood carving, making your own milled PCBs for electronics projects or do some metal machining. BoXZY may be the type of machine you will need since it is a multitool with easily replaceable CNC mill, 3D printer and laser engraver / cutter tool heads. Additionally to the tool changing … [Read more...]