‘Sound City Project’ is Like Google Maps With Sound

Google Maps enabled us to take online tours through lots of places on earth. Suddenly we we're able to take a walk through the streets of New York or Amsterdam without actually having to be there. It's a very useful tool when you want to find out how to get to the hotel you just booked online. However, what's still missing for the full experience is the addition of sound. A new Project called Sound City Project uses panoramic views taken from points in different world cities and combines them … [Read more...]

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

A lot of really cool inventions have come along as the years go by. One of the latest and potentially greatest is 3D printing. As its name suggests, 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional item from a digital blueprint. According to 3D Printing, the process used to create the object involves an additive process where the printer creates layers upon successive layers of material until the object is complete. Think of a loaf of sliced bread, except each piece is much thinner and … [Read more...]

Artist 3D Prints Babies to Display Our Addiction to Technology

Are machines slowly turning us into machines? A New York City-based artist called Rachel Lee Hovnanian currently runs an exhibition in New York about the world's addition to technology. In this exhibition you can see photos of a couple lying in bed, who rather want to watch their phones than make love. Bad couple or killer phones? For another part of her exhibition the artist used 3D printing technology and what she came up with is to be called alienating. The installation is titled Perfect … [Read more...]

These Insects Are All 3D Printed

Are you afraid of insects; those tiny, hairy, crawling ones with more than 30 eyes? Well, you're not alone. People even invented a word for this 'disease', which is 'entomophobia'. Probably the reason why entomophobians are afraid of insects is because those hairy little beasts are in fact alive. So, interesting question: what would happen to one's entomophobia if the person was looking at an insect replica that was scaled up as many as 30 times? I mean, the insect's shapes really come to life, … [Read more...]

HP Comes With Own 3D Printing Company

The 3D printing world is currently waiting on Hewlett-Packard's announcement about their two massive changes for 3D printing technology, which is expected to be made this month. Well, we've got an announcement for you, but not the one we were just talking about. HP will split up it's company into two different parties, one focused on corporate solutions and one focused on, inter alia, 3D printing. The first sub-company will be called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and will be led by their … [Read more...]

3D Printed Airplane Food: Tomorrow’s Airline Meals?

Airplane food is not considered the tastiest food in the world. Quite obviously, airplanes don't have enough space for a kitchen. Because of that, cooks prepare the meals in their kitchens on the ground, before they are being brought to the plane. The consequence of that is that these meals are never 'really' fresh. A group of design students at the Indian Institute of technology, Guwahati, wants to change that with the use of 3D food printing technology. This group, which goes under the … [Read more...]

HP Could be Working on a 3D Glass Printer

It has been quite a year for HP. They started off impressively in March by announcing two massive changes in 3D printing, namely speeding it all up and adding more quality. Although these were vague descriptions, the brand managed to get the attention of several media. But then, after just a week, the company postponed their changes to late 2014, and that news was followed by the 'meh'-item in May, in which they stated the changes will solely relate to 3D printing technology in professional … [Read more...]

Watch a Short Movie With 3D Printed Objects

3d printing - movie -gif

Animator Ray McCarthey Bergeron has used 3D printing technology to create figurines for a short movie, and the trailer is very promising. He used the technique to create enchanting scenes with zoetropic 3D printed objects for a short movie, which he called re÷belief. He made this movie for his MFA Thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the question he wants to ask with this video is "if recalling memories can break a cycle". This video could likely make you feeling a little … [Read more...]

This is What a 3D Printed Band Sounds Like

Olaf Diegel is a man we've been writing about a lot lately. The man aims to combine 3D printing technology and musical instruments. More specifically, he printed guitars, saxophones and many more instruments. We just received the news that a live band has been playing on 3D printed instruments, made by Diegel. The enthousiast pulled media tricks like this one before and Tedx recently taught me nothing beats the real thing, so my musical expectations weren't that high. Listening to the video, … [Read more...]

3D Print Expo: What Will Take Your Breath Away at the Second Exhibition of Advanced v3D Technologies?


We can confidently say that each of us has heard about the future being predicted for the technologies of 3D printing. Even now they have been implemented in a variety of areas: from architecture and design to medicine and education. The experts working in the field of advanced technologies note that the statement “3D printer in every home” will soon become completely realistic. You can learn how the three-dimensional printing may affect your life, in particular, your business, at the … [Read more...]