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Korean Doctors Successfully Implant 3D Printed Pelvis


This week, Dr. Shen Tongya, professor of Neurosurgery at Yonsei University in South Korea, successfully completed a 3D printed pelvic implantation for a teenage girl suffering from one of the most common types of bone cancer. There is one 'simple' treatment for bone cancer, and that is to completely remove the tumor in and near the bones. Initially, Dr Tongya planned to work with radiation oncology and orthopedic bone specialists for the surgical procedure. However, because of the patient’s … [Read more...]

3D Printed Ashtray Preserves Cigars Automatically


J-CAD Inc. has created a 3D printed Ashtray which automatically extinguishes and preserves unfinished cigars. The product was developed by a cigar enthusiast named Ray, who contacted J-CAD Inc., a company that specializes in 3D CAD design and drafting to create a simple design for the automatic cigar ashtray. With the help of J-CAD, Ray completed the prototype of a unique creation, which activates a set of blades inside to cut off oxygen supply that fuels the burn, and preserve left over … [Read more...]

Dubai to Construct the World’s First 3D Printed Office Building

Image Taken from Gizmag

Through a partnership between Dubai and Winsun Global, a Chinese 3D printing technology company, Dubai is set to build the world’s first 3D-printed office building. Winsun Global will print the office layer by layer using a 3d printer that measures 20 ft in height, the same 3d printer which they used to 3D print a 6 story apartment building in Shanghai last year. The 3D printed office building will cover over 2,000 sq feet, and will only take weeks to complete its construction. The office … [Read more...]

Mechanical Hand with Individual Finger Control for Amputees


Two researchers from the University of Cape Town have developed an award-winning and affordable 3D printed mechanical hand with individual finger control. Dr. George Vicatos, the Popular Mechanics’ South African Inventor of the year worked side by side with his MSc student, Severin Tenim to design and develop a low-cost mechanical hand, which was presented and awarded at the Popular Mechanics Future Tech event in Cape Town. Dr. George Vicatos commented, “I wanted to address amputees in the … [Read more...]

Complexity Is Free – a Novel about 3D Printing by David Hartmann

Compexity is free1

3D printing has the opportunity to radically change the world we live in and every day we read about technological advances and how they are impacting our lives. But what is the impact for tomorrow, and what is our role in defining how 3D printing can revolutionize the world we live in? These are some of the questions that author David Hartmann asks in his novel about 3D printing ‘Complexity Is Free’. The first novel specifically focused on 3D printing, ‘Complexity Is Free’ is the story … [Read more...]

Our New Reports Section – Who Is SmarTech Markets Publishing?

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Obviously, if you're reading this, you've got some interest in 3D printing. That's not surprising - 3D printing and additive manufacturing have moved to the forefront of disruptive technology discussions worldwide through their use in a variety of key industries. In fact, 3D printers and 3D printing are creating potentially serious change in the way that nearly any business in top global markets might be operated in the near future. That's probably why you've come to the one and only … [Read more...]

GE Aviation gets FAA Certification for First 3D Printed Jet Engine Part

3D printed T25 sensor enclosure unit produced by GE Aviation and certified by FAA. Image credit: GE Aviation

A few weeks ago General Electric announced that the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) cleared their first 3D printed part to fly. The fist-sized T25 housing for a compressor inlet temperature sensor was fabricated by GE Aviation and will be retrofitted to over 400 GE90-94B jet engines on Boeing 777 aircraft. The laser sintered housing protects the compressor inlet temperature sensor’s fine electronics from icing and damaging air pressure inside the jet engine. Certification means … [Read more...]

Engineers 3D Print Celleron to Replicate Complex Tissues


A biodegradable tissue scaffold called Celleron has been developed by the engineers at Swansea Univeristy In Wales. The biomaterial presented in the forms of a filament derivative and as a liquid biopolymer could be 3D printed to replicate structures of complex tissues. Led by Dr. Dan Thomas in Swansea University, the team of engineers created a 3D Printable Celleron that are built with materials like phospholipids, graphene, collagen, antibiotcs and agarose. According to Dr. Thomas, the … [Read more...]

Improving Photovoltaic Efficiency with 3D Printed Light Traps

dutch solar efficiency 3d printed light trap 1

A team of Dutch scientists led by Lourens van Dijk from Utrecht University have successfully developed 3D printed light traps that drastically improve efficiency of photovoltaic solar cells. The structures were 3D printed, polished with acetone, coated in reflective silver layer and placed on a small organic solar cell to test the concept and with positive results: the electrical output of the cell was increased even up to 13%. Light trapping is usually achieved by changing the angle at … [Read more...]

The Palette Filament Feeding System

the palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing just launched The Palette filament feeding system. It can be attached to almost any FDM 3D printer and with it you can print objects in multiple colors or multiple material properties. There have been many systems that promised fluid color changes and color mixing but most of them were based on new specialised extruders and in-nozzle mixing which made real application complex and heavy. The Palette approaches this problem differently and comes in the form of a separate box … [Read more...]