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Sketchfab Adds ‘Download’ Option and Goes 3D Printing

If you're a regular visitor of 3dprinting.com, you'll know that for a couple of times we've been embedding Sketchfab models into our articles. Sketchfab is an online 3D sharing service, where users can easily upload their own 3D models and share them with the world. Any 3D model can be embedded into a blog post or posted on social media. Yesterday, the website made an interesting announcement, namely that they now have a download function. In other words: you can now download and 3D print any … [Read more...]

HP Finally Unveils its 3D Printing Plans

Hewlett-Packard today reveals a new, industrial 3D printer with the Multi Jet Fusion technology. This technology is ten times faster than the current 3D printing technology and it even seems to be more affordable as well. In addition, it can produce stronger products than current 3D printers. The only 'problem' is that customers have to wait until 2016 for the product to enter the market. However, 3D printing enthousiasts are capable of waiting, as they had to wait for as long as a half year to … [Read more...]

Klaxons’s 3D Printed Tour Kicks Off, But It Could Be Their Last

British new rave band Klaxons kicked off their long-awaited 3D printed tour last weekend in Norwich. This year's June, they already made a statement about this 3D printed tour, and now the 3D printed instruments are ready to rock. The University of Sheffield's news department, however, reports that they solely got their guitars printed, and not the other instruments. Customuse, a start-up by University of Sheffield graduates Mahdi Hosseini, Sophie Findlay and Justas Cernas performed this job for … [Read more...]

Solid Concepts Announces New 3D Printed Metal Gun

While Solid Concepts has a hard time coming up with a valid reason for 3D printing guns, the company easily announces a new 3D printed metal gun, called The Reason. It is the follow-up of their first gun, the 1911. They created the gun by melting metal powder with a laser, a technique called 'sintering'. Their new gun is much more detailed than the 1911 and the word 'reason' is printed onto the gun. In addition, the gun also features an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence on its … [Read more...]

UK-Based Designer 3D Printed a Walnut Table

In an interview we did with 4 AXYZ earlier this year, we stated that 3D printed furniture sounded very futuristic to us. In only six months' time, however, lots of interesting 3D furniture projects have been passing the radar and 3D printed furniture already starts to sound like a well-known technique - within the 3D printing field, of course. And as the technique attracts the interest of more designers, more and more 3D furniture pieces of art are made. A new piece made by designer Aleksandrina … [Read more...]

Japanese 3D Printed Gun Owner Gets Two Years Prison Time

This year's May, we reported that a Japanese man got arrested for possessing two homemade 3D printed guns. Yoshitomo Imura, a 27-year-old man made a YouTube video in which he fired a 3D printed gun, which alarmed the authorities, as there are strict laws on gun possession in Japan. Now, more than five months later, we can report that Imura got sentenced to two years prison time. The Yokohama District Court gave him this sentence, but Imura defended himself by saying he didn't know this law also … [Read more...]

‘Sound City Project’ is Like Google Maps With Sound

Google Maps enabled us to take online tours through lots of places on earth. Suddenly we we're able to take a walk through the streets of New York or Amsterdam without actually having to be there. It's a very useful tool when you want to find out how to get to the hotel you just booked online. However, what's still missing for the full experience is the addition of sound. A new Project called Sound City Project uses panoramic views taken from points in different world cities and combines them … [Read more...]

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

A lot of really cool inventions have come along as the years go by. One of the latest and potentially greatest is 3D printing. As its name suggests, 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional item from a digital blueprint. According to 3D Printing, the process used to create the object involves an additive process where the printer creates layers upon successive layers of material until the object is complete. Think of a loaf of sliced bread, except each piece is much thinner and … [Read more...]

Artist 3D Prints Babies to Display Our Addiction to Technology

Are machines slowly turning us into machines? A New York City-based artist called Rachel Lee Hovnanian currently runs an exhibition in New York about the world's addition to technology. In this exhibition you can see photos of a couple lying in bed, who rather want to watch their phones than make love. Bad couple or killer phones? For another part of her exhibition the artist used 3D printing technology and what she came up with is to be called alienating. The installation is titled … [Read more...]

These Insects Are All 3D Printed

Are you afraid of insects; those tiny, hairy, crawling ones with more than 30 eyes? Well, you're not alone. People even invented a word for this 'disease', which is 'entomophobia'. Probably the reason why entomophobians are afraid of insects is because those hairy little beasts are in fact alive. So, interesting question: what would happen to one's entomophobia if the person was looking at an insect replica that was scaled up as many as 30 times? I mean, the insect's shapes really come to life, … [Read more...]