Will 3D Printing Change the Window Cleaning Industry?


Window cleaners have always been on top of the world, literally. However, UK company now comes up with ideas that might keep window cleaners on the ground. Spectrum Window Cleaning has been using 3D printing to develop a system to improve the entire system of window cleaning. They are in discussion with manufacturers for a "reach pole system" they developed, which will likely access windows up to 92 feet high. Despite the exact product is still "top secret", it indicates at people on the ground … [Read more...]

3D Printing Materials Conference & 3D Bioprinting Conference, 27-28 January Maastricht NL

3D Conference

After many successful 3D printing conferences, Jakajima organizes the 3D Printing Materials Conference on January 27, and the 3D Bioprinting Conference on January 28. Both conferences that take place in MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands, attract a high profile audience consisting of a wide range of industry professionals, industry stakeholders, end-users, governmental bodies, universities and more. Anyone curious in where 3D printing technology will take us, should seize this opportunity to … [Read more...]

Microsoft HoloLens: Walk Around 3D Models to Make Adjustments

Microsoft fans will have to wait until fall 2015 for Microsoft 10, but it seems to be worth waiting for. The computer giant will likely release their new operating system along with a highly interesting device, called HoloLens. This headset device is all about augmented reality. After watching the demo video Microsoft released about the device, you may fairly conclude that this is what Google Glass on LSD must look like. Not in a bad way, really, as the headset enables you to not just see … [Read more...]

PIRX One: New 3D Printer From Poland

We recently updated you on the most interesting 3D printers featured on CES 2015, but the world of 3D printers keeps on moving towards futurism. Today, a new interesting model has been announced. We're talking about the PIRX One; a highly accurate and promising model by a Polish-based company called Pirx 3D, operating from Krakow. Poland seems to become more and more into 3D printing, with Jelwek, a company which 3D prints wooden watches, 3D printing manufacturer Zortrax and its own 3D printing … [Read more...]

WinSun 3D Printed Giant Apartment Building and Villa

3D printing houses; many parties are currently trying their luck with this new kind of architecture. In California there is a project called Contour Crafting which aims to one day 3D print an entire house in a single day. Well, last year a Chinese company did the exact thing that Contour Crafting was aiming at: Shanghai-based company WinSun 3D printed as many as ten houses in only a day. We initially doubted this story, but it turned out to be true. And even better: those houses only cost 4800 … [Read more...]

ICAM–3D International Conference on AM, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning, Feb 5, 6, 7 Chennai India


ICAM-3D is going to be the biggest 3D printing event ever held in India. To spread the knowledge on the AM (Additive Manufacturing), Vel Tech University, Chennai in collaboration with ESCI, Hyderabad is organizing an international conference on Additive Manufacturing in Feb, 2015. The International Conference on Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning is a conference on emergence of AM prototyping and applications, which will be held in Hilton Hotel on 6th and 7th on Feb, … [Read more...]

How 3D Printing Helped a Sculptor

3D printing techniques can help to create sculptures in a much easier and faster way. While sculptors had to do everything by hand in the past, 3D printing techniques are now helping them out. Richard Loffler is an artist who makes wildlife sculptures which are often made in large-scale sizes. He created a series of buffalo sculptures, and it took him as long as five years to finish them, because he crafted all details with his own hands. That, however, was before he found out about 3D printing … [Read more...]

Thanks to 3D Printing This Woman Can Still See

Despite it is not a mainstream technique yet, 3D printing has already saved tons of lives. A great story came in today: psychotherapist Pamela Shavaun Scott can still see thanks to 3D printing. The woman was suffering from a benign meningioma behind her eye, but the doctors weren't too concerned when they found out. She was told to go on with her life and have a follow up MRI scan after a year. Scott and her husband weren't pleased about it, also because she was suffering from headaches and she … [Read more...]

New Research on Glass Printing in the UK

Most of all current 3D printers print plastic objects, but that might soon change. Recently, more and more companies started to experiment with different kinds of materials. MakerBot amazed the technological world with their CES announcement to release new composite filaments that incorporate, inter alia, iron and limestone. Another interesting development is that of 3D printing glass. All over the world, lots of companies are experimenting with 3D printed eyeglasses and even printed lenses. … [Read more...]

CES 2015: These Are Tomorrow’s 3D Printers

During events such as CES, the world is being exposed to lots of new technological initiatives. Important for technology today is 3D printing, and obviously many 3D printing ideas have been passing the radar during this year's event. A couple of days ago, we reported about a new line of filaments by MakerBot, which the company announced and demonstrated during CES 2015. But what is filament without a 3D printer? In this piece, we therefore guide you through the world of brand new 3D printers. In … [Read more...]