Edible Growth: Food Printing’s Next Big Thing?

Food printing is highly promising, but the technique is still at its developing phase. If you would like to try a 3D printed meal today, you'll probably end up eating a 3D printed chocolate figurine, a pancake or a pizza. These are all unhealthy products, and in order to become a mainstream way to produce meals, food printing needs to search for a smart way to produce more healthy meals. We've seen some interesting projects with healthy 3D printed meals recently, such as the Foodini and a fruit … [Read more...]

Japanese 3D Printed Gun Owner Gets Two Years Prison Time

This year's May, we reported that a Japanese man got arrested for possessing two homemade 3D printed guns. Yoshitomo Imura, a 27-year-old man made a YouTube video in which he fired a 3D printed gun, which alarmed the authorities, as there are strict laws on gun possession in Japan. Now, more than five months later, we can report that Imura got sentenced to two years prison time. The Yokohama District Court gave him this sentence, but Imura defended himself by saying he didn't know this law also … [Read more...]

These Drawings Were Made By a Machine


What did your notebook look like when you were in high school? Has it been full of drawings? Well, you’ve not been the only one. Whether you’ve been very good at drawing or not, one thing is for certain: machines will always defeat you. A user at Lulzbot called ‘bam’, recently came up with an interesting forum thread, in which the user showed what kinds of drawings a 3D printer can produce. The results are astonishing. The general idea is that if you put a pen on a 3D printer and give the … [Read more...]

French Artist 3D Printed 85 Figures for a Film

A French artist called Julien Maire, has 3D printed 85 figures and used them for a film, which he calls 'Relief'. All figures show a digging man, but they are all printed in a slightly different way, in order to create a stop-motion effect. He put the figurines on a moving belt, and placed a light behind the belt. When belt starts moving, the 85 figures make the digger come to life and he starts to move well. Maire's work can be seen at the iMAL Centre for Digital Cultures and Technology in … [Read more...]

This Suitcase is a Portable 3D Printer

Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you're traveling? Probably not, because most printers are still relatively large and non-portable. However, brand new project 3Dbyflow by Dutch company By Flow wants to break the pattern by bringing a 3D printer as a suitcase to the market. The printer still seems to be in its test phase and the company has not set a release date yet, but the form of the printer is already worth mentioning. The machine basically is a suitcase, … [Read more...]

‘Sound City Project’ is Like Google Maps With Sound

Google Maps enabled us to take online tours through lots of places on earth. Suddenly we we're able to take a walk through the streets of New York or Amsterdam without actually having to be there. It's a very useful tool when you want to find out how to get to the hotel you just booked online. However, what's still missing for the full experience is the addition of sound. A new Project called Sound City Project uses panoramic views taken from points in different world cities and combines them … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Column Can Withstand an Earthquake

A California-based company claims it created a column that can withstand an earthquake without being damaged. The company, called Emerging Objects used 3D printing technology to create this pillar, and the structure is the essence of its strength. The pillar was 3D printed in different parts, and each part is hollow, therefore creating a high strength-to-weight ratio. Creating an object that was earthquare-resistant was not the initial plan of the team, but they found out that the column … [Read more...]

Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara Confirms Over 40 Sponsors and Exhibitors – Get 10% OFF!

Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara is just a few weeks away, and MecklerMedia has announced that more than 40 sponsors and exhibitors will be participating in the event, which will be taking place in Santa Clara, CA on October 21-23, 2014. In other exciting news, MecklerMedia also announced an additional keynote speaker: Mohsen Rezayat, PhD and Chief Solutions Architect at Siemens PLM. Rezayat will be delivering the keynote titled “The Role of File Format in Addressing Limitations of Additive … [Read more...]

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

3D Printing, Barcodes, and What’s to Come

A lot of really cool inventions have come along as the years go by. One of the latest and potentially greatest is 3D printing. As its name suggests, 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional item from a digital blueprint. According to 3D Printing, the process used to create the object involves an additive process where the printer creates layers upon successive layers of material until the object is complete. Think of a loaf of sliced bread, except each piece is much thinner and … [Read more...]

Iris van Herpen 3D Printed an Ice-Like Dress

During Iris van Herpen's spring 2015 show in Paris there was one dress that particularly attracted our attention: an almost transparant ice-like dress, which was worn by Dutch model Iekeliene Stange. This strapless dress was fully made by a 3D printer, using so-called SLA technology. For this project, Van Herpen worked together with 3D Systems, the natural mother of this technique, as it's founder Chuck Hull invented the technique in 1983. SLA technology is a form of 3D printing that has … [Read more...]