This Urn Has a 3D Printed Imitation of Your Loved One’s Face

While most of the 3D printing projects we discuss on are innovating, we have also reported about a variety of odd projects. What to think of this Chinese project that turns peoples's ashes into sculptures? Or a company called 3D Babies, which 3D prints the fetus of a yet unborn child and delivers the object in some sort of a 'baby coffin'? Can it get any weirder than that? Oh, bloody hell, of course it can! Meet 3D printing company Cremation Solutions, which 3D prints urns in the … [Read more...]

This Eye-Catching Installation Was 3D Printed

Sometimes 3D printing and art go hand in hand, and a perfect example of this is the project by Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax in conjunction with Piloci Studio Co. For the opening of Zortrax's first 3D printing store in Krakow, Poland, they created a multimedia installation, which they call a Mappingwall. When it lights up, this installation will certainly rock any discotheque. What it basically is, is a LED-illuminated display. Piloci Studio Co. had the plan to create this … [Read more...]

New Platform Connects 3D Printers to the Cloud

It seems like 3D printers connecting website 3D Hubs has a new competitor: 3DPrinterOS. This San Francisco-based platform is an open cloud system, which calls itself the world's first open 3D printing operator. Aaron Roy, who has been writing several articles for our website, is one of the people working at 3DPrinterOS, and he told us about this interesting project. What 3DPrinterOS basically does is that connects your 3D printer to the cloud and enables you as a user to connect both your … [Read more...]

Adrian Gögl Steps Into the World of 3D Printed Eyewear

3D printing has definitely entered the eyewear market; we've seen the technique hitting the spectacles market before when it was used by companies such as CAS Design and Soda Concept to create better sunglasses. The benefits of this way of producing spectacles is that it enables users to buy personalized glasses. New in the game is Adrian Gögl, a Swiss industrial designer who recently started his Oak and Dust 3D printed eyewear. He noticed some problems in the way most glasses are … [Read more...]

FLUX: This 3D Printer Is a 3D Scanner As Well

Lots of 3D printers have been passing our radar, but the printers we've been writing about were all just 3D printers. If you wanted to scan something or use laser, you had to use a different kind of equipment. The FLUX project therefore is interesting, because the new FLUX printer is a 3D printer, but a scanner and a laser engraver as well.  The 3D printer is currently on Kickstarter and it has already been funded for more than 500,000 dollars, while it's initial goal was to raise 100,000 … [Read more...]

HP Receives Over €21 Million From Spain

The Spanish government funds Hewlett-Packard (HP) with 21,25 million euros for its research and development of new 3D printing technologies. In April this year, HP CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company wants to locate a 3D printing centre in Barcelona, and aims to invest as much as 50 million euros into this project. It will receive a direct subsidy of 5,3 million euros as well as an additional funding of 15,9 million euros in loans from Spain's industrial ministry. HP Barcelona will … [Read more...]

Man 3D Prints Replica of WWII Bomb

New Jersey-based artist Jim Caruso used a 3D printer to create a realistic replica of an American World War II bomb. To news website he said he did it because he likes 'old stuff'. His 3D printed replica is just a replica of the bombs used in World War II and it can not be used in any kind of way to harm people. Nevertheless, Caruso seems to have strange hobbies loving 'old stuff' like WWI booms. That being said, this bomb replica looks like a masterpiece of 3D printing … [Read more...]

ESA Releases Video About Its 3D Printed Moon Base

'Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon/ I hope my legs don't break, walking on the moon,' sang Sting in the 1979-classic Walking on the Moon by The Police. Well, walking on the moon could become a whole lot easier with the current plans of the European Space Agency (ESA). It aims to set up a 3D printed lunar base on the moon, fully able to accommodate humans. The space agency released a video in which they provide the world with a preview of what life on the moon would look … [Read more...]

3D Hubs Gives Away $25,000 to Get Students Into 3D Printing

3D Hubs, a company that connects 3D printers on a worldwide scale, invests 25,000 dollar in order to make 3D printing technology more accessible for students. The first 1000 students to sign up on 3D Hubs's website will receive a free 3D printing credit of 25 dollars. In addition, students don't have to pay service fee to 3D Hubs anymore. After this offer, they will still receive a discount of 15 percent on all their 3D prints. The benefit for students to use 3D Hubs's service is the … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Robot Can Draw

Last month we reported a story about a 3D printer that was capable of creating beautiful drawings. Well, there is a new drawing robot, which you can 3D print yourself. Randy from design studio Instructable created a robot with four pencils functioning as legs and it can actually walk. What makes his robot even more interesting is the fact that it was fully 3D printed. The fun thing about this project is that it's fully open-source, meaning you can try it at home. Via this page you can find out … [Read more...]