California-based Company 3D Scans Entire Families

Getting a 3D printed figurine of yourself is nice, but what if you could get your whole family 3D printed directly? California-based company Twindom has been one of the pioneers when it comes to 3D printing figurines, and now the company expands its work by offering a service to 3D scan entire families. The company had to create an entirely new 3D scanner for this project. Twindom noticed that most of their customers - 85 percent - were interested in getting 3D printed portraits, while … [Read more...]

Gestalt and the Modular Machines that Make

gestalt modular cardboard 1

Are we going to have 3d printers made from cardboard soon? This project is a sure sign we will! Gestalt and the Modular Machines that Make are a hardware-software framework duo that will enable whole new level of scalability, cost effectiveness, development speed and availability for anything related to digital fabrication. Beside its practical applications, it is the first step towards presenting a real alternative for dominance of archaic g-code since it doesn't use it. With it you can … [Read more...]

3D Art: Shapeways 3D Printed 500 Coca-Cola Bottles

Did you know that the Coca-Cola bottle turns hundred this year? The well-known bottle was invented in 1915, when Coca-Cola set up a challenge for designers to come up with a highly recognizable bottle. Root Glass made the winning design, and based it on the shape of a cacao bean - which by the way isn't an ingredient of the famous drink. Today an exhibition on the bottle opens in Atlanta's High Museum of Art. The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100 does not just expose a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Scientists 3D Printed Two Jet Engines


It the beginning of the 3D printing 'hype' it was all about printing funny looking phone cases and jewelry, but as time passes, the technique - which, by the way, exists since the 1980's - evolves. We've seen houses being 3D printed earlier this year, and now researchers from Australia have managed to 3D print two jet engines. The benefits of this approach? It could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel efficient engines. This work was done by engineers and researchers at Amaero … [Read more...]

Drone 3D Scans Entire Christ the Redeemer

3D scanning has proven to be a useful technique in order to create 3D models from actual objects. The only problem, however, is that big objects can't be scanned. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro's 38-meter-tall statue is such an object. If you wanted to make a replica from Rio's iconic statue, you weren't able to use any kind of 3D scanning tool. Nevertheless, thanks to the work of a drone, an international team has now changed the pattern and became able to 3D scan the entire … [Read more...]

Visually Impaired Can Feel Art With 3D Printed Paintings

Visually impaired and blind people will probably not have the best moments of their lives in museums. As they are visually impaired or even unable to see, they can't experience the art, and because of the regulations they also can't touch the art. Not if they go to the Museo del Prado in Madrid, which exhibition Touching the Prado is all about touching art pieces. Six paintings have been 3D printed and are now to be touched by everyone. The collection of 3D printed paintings includes, … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Tree Generates Solar Energy

Can we 3D print trees? Well, technically we can't print real trees, not even with advanced bioprinting techniques, but that doesn't stop scientists at the Technical Centre of Finland (VTT) come up with alternatives. What they have come up with, is a 3D printed 'tree' with organic, solder cells. The tree uses its cells to harvest solar energy, and the vibrations it captures - think of the blowing wind - produce kinetic energy. This 3D printed tree just a prototype, but the idea of the scientists … [Read more...]

Students Create Chewing Gum 3D Printer

Food printing is one of the segments of 3D printing technology to amaze time after time. On a global scale, people are working on chocolate printers, candy printers and even pancake printers. There are also more healthy experiments with food printing, by companies such as Natural Machines. A new kind of food printing to be added to the ever growing list of 3D printed foods is 3D printed chewing gum. Yes, that's right: chewing gum which comes from a 3D printer. Meet the GumJet: a 3D … [Read more...]

3D Printed Meditational Cocoon in Paris by March


When it comes to architecture, professionals are using 3D printing techniques to create lots of different things. All eyes are on WinSun, the Chinese company that 3D prints entire buildings, but there are many more interesting projects to discover. A 3D printed wall? Check. Architectural artworks? Check. A 3D printed cocoon to bring you in a state of meditation? No, we haven't heard that one before. Nevertheless, this is what French company Meïsō has been working on. Their 3D printed … [Read more...]

US Military Wants to Scan Soldiers Before They Go to War

Being a soldier is full of risks. In a fight, one unfortunate move could lead to serious injury. The US military knows all about it, and is searching for ways to make current technology help to improve their health care. 3D printing might be used here, as the US military is currently talking with military doctors and surgeons from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas about it. The idea? To use CT scans to get a so-called 'virtual twin' of a soldier before he or she goes to war. The … [Read more...]