A Look at Pinshape’s Community


3D printing repositories have been popping up left and right as the 3D printing space developed, but many soon faded out of existence with a lack of users and designs to sustain their platform. Even well established ones have had their issues with the community. An infamous case everyone knows about is Thingiverse, how its open-source roots came undone after MakerBot’s acquisition by Stratasys. This acquisition marked the time when they started to patent their hardware and changing their … [Read more...]

Korean Doctors Successfully Implant 3D Printed Pelvis


This week, Dr. Shen Tongya, professor of Neurosurgery at Yonsei University in South Korea, successfully completed a 3D printed pelvic implantation for a teenage girl suffering from one of the most common types of bone cancer. There is one 'simple' treatment for bone cancer, and that is to completely remove the tumor in and near the bones. Initially, Dr Tongya planned to work with radiation oncology and orthopedic bone specialists for the surgical procedure. However, because of the patient’s … [Read more...]

3D Printed Dura Mater is Used in Brain Surgery


Maipu Regenerative Medical Technology has designed the world’s first 3D Printed dura mater products to be utilized in brain surgeries. The human brain is protected by a thin layer of tissue called the Dura mater, which is divided into two layers – superficial and meningeal layer. During a brain surgery, these layers are cut open to access the brain. After the completion of a surgery, the protective membranes must be replaced and this process is called a Suture and Onlay procedure. The 3D … [Read more...]

3D Printed Solar UAV that Spots Poachers in Africa

Image from Thingiverse

Toby Lankford, developer of aerial and personal robotics has developed a fully 3D printed solar UAV he calls Icarus 3.0 to detect illegal poachers in Africa. The UAV is set to run on solar power and hydrogen, solely on green energy. Lankford announced, “I work with civilian UAS and ground robotics across several fields from survey to anti-poaching. I like working in open sourced projects and contributing to overcome development and application challenges. We live completely off grid for over … [Read more...]

Luxexcel’s Innovative Application Student Award 2015

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-13 om 17.22.51

Students of Delft University of Technology created a series of unique showcases to compete  with in the Luxexcel Innovative Application Student Award 2015. They got the opportunity to create concepts using the Printoptical Technology by Luxexcel. Students created unique showcases for different markets, from the fashion industry to solutions for medical issues like apnea and malaria detection. All the developed devices make use of Luxexcel’s transparent 3D printing technology. Until July 20th you … [Read more...]

3D Printed Ashtray Preserves Cigars Automatically


J-CAD Inc. has created a 3D printed Ashtray which automatically extinguishes and preserves unfinished cigars. The product was developed by a cigar enthusiast named Ray, who contacted J-CAD Inc., a company that specializes in 3D CAD design and drafting to create a simple design for the automatic cigar ashtray. With the help of J-CAD, Ray completed the prototype of a unique creation, which activates a set of blades inside to cut off oxygen supply that fuels the burn, and preserve left over … [Read more...]

Dubai to Construct the World’s First 3D Printed Office Building

Image Taken from Gizmag

Through a partnership between Dubai and Winsun Global, a Chinese 3D printing technology company, Dubai is set to build the world’s first 3D-printed office building. Winsun Global will print the office layer by layer using a 3d printer that measures 20 ft in height, the same 3d printer which they used to 3D print a 6 story apartment building in Shanghai last year. The 3D printed office building will cover over 2,000 sq feet, and will only take weeks to complete its construction. The office … [Read more...]

Boulton 3D Printed Eyewear


Frames today are still mass manufactured and sold in standard sizes. But our faces, noses and ears are not standard at all. They are unique in both shape and size. For that reason Boulton Eyewear tailors all their frames to each individual customer. Tailoring From a series of photos Boulton Eyewear extracts hundreds of data points to create a digital replica of the customer’s face. These photos can be made using the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 (or similar smartphone cameras) and sent to Boulton. … [Read more...]

Researchers Develop New Method of 3D Printing Heart Models

Image Taken from Spectrum

Heart specialists at Spectrum Health, a consortium of 12 non-profit hospitals in West Michigan announced they've successfully 3D printed the first model of a heart that utilizes multiple imaging techniques in a single, detailed print. The hybrid 3D heart model is much more detailed compared to the traditional heart models created with standard imaging techniques. The 3D heart model designed by Spectrum Heath, one of the leading healthcare providers in the U.S is set to be used by … [Read more...]

3D Printed Robotic Skeleton That Perceives and Talks

Image Taken from 3Doodler

A 3D designer based in Massacusetts named Justin Mattarocchia has nearly completed the world’s first life sized 3d printed humanoid skeleton, with a 3D Printing pen called 3Doodler. Since June 2014, Mattarocchia has continued to transform the upper body skeleton of ‘Voight’ into a fully life sized humanoid skeleton, that can talk, see and have basic muscular stuctures. Mattarocchia implemented the technology of GMC cameras, to    enhance the skeleton robot’s intuitive senses of its … [Read more...]