Researchers Develop New Method of 3D Printing Heart Models

Image Taken from Spectrum

Heart specialists at Spectrum Health, a consortium of 12 non-profit hospitals in West Michigan announced they've successfully 3D printed the first model of a heart that utilizes multiple imaging techniques in a single, detailed print. The hybrid 3D heart model is much more detailed compared to the traditional heart models created with standard imaging techniques. The 3D heart model designed by Spectrum Heath, one of the leading healthcare providers in the U.S is set to be used by … [Read more...]

3D Printed Robotic Skeleton That Perceives and Talks

Image Taken from 3Doodler

A 3D designer based in Massacusetts named Justin Mattarocchia has nearly completed the world’s first life sized 3d printed humanoid skeleton, with a 3D Printing pen called 3Doodler. Since June 2014, Mattarocchia has continued to transform the upper body skeleton of ‘Voight’ into a fully life sized humanoid skeleton, that can talk, see and have basic muscular stuctures. Mattarocchia implemented the technology of GMC cameras, to    enhance the skeleton robot’s intuitive senses of its … [Read more...]

World’s First 3D Printed Super Car

Image taken from Inhabitant

California based automotive startup Divergent Microfactories founded by designer Kevin Czinger has introduced the world’s first 3D-printed super car this week. “Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars. The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly,” announced Kevin Czinger, founder and CEO of Divergent Microfactories. Divergent is planning to revolutionize the … [Read more...]

Mechanical Hand with Individual Finger Control for Amputees


Two researchers from the University of Cape Town have developed an award-winning and affordable 3D printed mechanical hand with individual finger control. Dr. George Vicatos, the Popular Mechanics’ South African Inventor of the year worked side by side with his MSc student, Severin Tenim to design and develop a low-cost mechanical hand, which was presented and awarded at the Popular Mechanics Future Tech event in Cape Town. Dr. George Vicatos commented, “I wanted to address amputees in the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Issues Patent for 3D Depth Scanning Camera & Software


Microsoft, the American multinational tech giant was issued with a patent for a technology which generates 3d models of real life objects through a simple scanning process with Microsoft’s static depth camera. Users of Microsoft’s 3d scanning software could rotate an object in front of Microsoft’s static depth camera, which will then create a holistic, detailed and accurate 3d scans of objects. As shown in the illustration above, the object is displayed in real time, while allowing the … [Read more...]

How To Get 3D Printing Into Your Kitchen – Food Printing


Now and then you come across a story about 3D printed food but where are we at now? What can already be printed in the kitchen? How do we get started? Here are five examples that can help you on your way to becoming a master 3D printing chef ;) 1. BotBQ Extruder The BotBQ is the open source 3D printing BBQ (eventually..). Right now you can download and modify the extruder to fit your own requirements to make it compatilbe with your 3D printer extruder if it isn't a Wades already (btw... a … [Read more...]

3D Printed Aircraft Parts and Engines Could Lighten Aircrafts by 50%


Researchers at McCormick Northwestern University led by Eric Massanet have published a research, stating that 3D printed aircraft parts could potentially save a substantial amount of fuel and materials. During the research, Masanet and his team discovered that 3D printed aircraft parts are much lighter and high-performing, which reduces the weight of airplanes, thus decreasing carbon emissions and fuel. Most manufacturers in the airline industry utilize a method known as Conventional … [Read more...]

The World’s First 3D Multi-Layer Circuit Board Printer


Israel based 3D Printing tech startup Nano Dimensions has raised US$11 million in an undisclosed funding round to develop a 3D circuit board printer called DragonFly 2020. The startup aims to disrupt the distribution and manufacture of consumer electronics by eliminating 3rd party suppliers, such as low-cost factories in Asia. According to Nano Dimensions CMO and Co-Founder Simon Fried, the first batch of the 3D circuit board printers will be launched in 2016. Fried believes that the … [Read more...]

Researchers Develop 3D Printed Scaffolds to Cure Type 1 Diabetes


Researchers at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have successfully built 3d printed scaffolds to increase the success rate of an experimental method used to help Type 1 diabetes patients. Around five percent of diabetes patients suffer from Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes which are often diagnosed in children and young adults. During a type 1 diabetes, the body is incapable of producing insulin, a hormone used to convert starches, sugar and other substances. One … [Read more...]

How to Build your own 3D Printed Quadcopter Drone

hframe 3d printed quadcopter

This is an introduction to building your own 3d printed quadcopter drone. You will learn some basic concepts and we'll introduce you to several step-by-step guides. It is a relatively easy endeavor cause the guides are so detailed. Besides a 3D printer you will need some non-printed parts like the motors to power it, the batteries, some electronics, the sensors, the remote control unit and some basic skills to put everything together. To put it more simply you can 3D print the frame, all … [Read more...]