HP Could be Working on a 3D Glass Printer

It has been quite a year for HP. They started off impressively in March by announcing two massive changes in 3D printing, namely speeding it all up and adding more quality. Although these were vague descriptions, the brand managed to get the attention of several media. But then, after just a week, the company postponed their changes to late 2014, and that news was followed by the 'meh'-item in May, in which they stated the changes will solely relate to 3D printing technology in professional … [Read more...]

Israeli Company 3D Printed a Marijuana Inhaler

Earlier this year, professor Lee Cronin at Glasgow University explained what the benefits of 3D printed drugs could be, but then for a long time we didn't hear anything about the - highly interesting - field of 3D drugs. Until today. Well, although today's subject is still not technically  a 3D printed drugs topic, it is in fact an interesting development in the world where drugs and 3D printing meet. An Israeli company is using 3D printing technology to design marijuana inhalers. Their inhalers … [Read more...]

Watch a Short Movie With 3D Printed Objects

3d printing - movie -gif

Animator Ray McCarthey Bergeron has used 3D printing technology to create figurines for a short movie, and the trailer is very promising. He used the technique to create enchanting scenes with zoetropic 3D printed objects for a short movie, which he called re÷belief. He made this movie for his MFA Thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the question he wants to ask with this video is "if recalling memories can break a cycle". This video could likely make you feeling a little … [Read more...]

This is What a 3D Printed Band Sounds Like

Olaf Diegel is a man we've been writing about a lot lately. The man aims to combine 3D printing technology and musical instruments. More specifically, he printed guitars, saxophones and many more instruments. We just received the news that a live band has been playing on 3D printed instruments, made by Diegel. The enthousiast pulled media tricks like this one before and Tedx recently taught me nothing beats the real thing, so my musical expectations weren't that high. Listening to the video, … [Read more...]

3D Print Expo: What Will Take Your Breath Away at the Second Exhibition of Advanced v3D Technologies?


We can confidently say that each of us has heard about the future being predicted for the technologies of 3D printing. Even now they have been implemented in a variety of areas: from architecture and design to medicine and education. The experts working in the field of advanced technologies note that the statement “3D printer in every home” will soon become completely realistic. You can learn how the three-dimensional printing may affect your life, in particular, your business, at the … [Read more...]

First Russian Bioprinter to be Unveiled in mid-October

British and American researchers are currently doing marvelous jobs in the field of bioprinting research. Nevertheless, this technique is not one that is solely being used by Western companies and organizations. We just received the news from a Russian company called 3D Bioprinting Solutions that they will present the first bioprinter from Russia next month, during the Open Innovations 2014 forum in Moscow, which will be held on October 14 until 16 2014. This bioprinter - the company does … [Read more...]

Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara To Feature Keynotes from Autodesk, 3D Robotics, and Organovo, Inc. – Get 10% OFF!

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-24 om 16.36.57

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo is heading to California October 21-23 for their largest event yet which will feature 13 vertical tracks, 57 informational sessions, 4 keynotes, a full day of workshops, and more than 60 speakers. The event will cover a wide range of 3D subjects including tracks focusing on aerospace, architecture, art, business and investment, education, fashion, food, law and intellectual property, medical, maker, manufacturing, software, and technical aspects of … [Read more...]

3D Printing Pioneers Strike Back With SmartRing

It was supposed to become the cheapest 3D printer in history: the MOTA 3D desktop printer. This year's July, it entered Kickstarter where the company offered their 3D printers for only 99 dollars - for the first 50 backers. The Micro by M3D, which had been the cheapest 3D printer until then, was offered to the first group of backers for still double as much; 199 dollars. However, just as spectacular as their pricing, the company decided to leave Kickstarter after a single day. After some months … [Read more...]

3D Printed Headdress Reflects the States of Your Brain

In what state is your brain currently? Probably you don't know the answer to that one, but that could change while wearing a certain headdress called NEUROTiQ. Fashion designer Kristin Neidlinger came up with this dress that lights up when a certain area of your brain is functioning. It doesn't just look arty, it's also an interesting social experiment. Neidlinger got offered help from company MACHINIQ and colleagues Grant Patterson and Nathan Tucker. They created a headdress with 14 … [Read more...]

3D Printed Hurricane: From Terror to Art

As we all know, hurricanes are one of the America's main environmental problems and every year the lives of millions of people are at stake - a terrible thing for the U.S. If we can't make them disappear, we could as well turn those hurricanes into something less terrifying, is what Francis Reddy, a science writer at NASA, must have thought. He decided to 3D print this year's Hurricane Iselle into an actual object. The results are stunning, as you can see on the image. It makes you think … [Read more...]