Complexity Is Free – a Novel by David Hartmann

Compexity is free1

3D printing has the opportunity to radically change the world we live in and every day we read about technological advances and how they are impacting our lives. But what is the impact for tomorrow, and what is our role in defining how 3D printing can revolutionize the world we live in? These are some of the questions that author David Hartmann asks in his novel ‘Complexity Is Free’. The first novel specifically focused on 3D printing, ‘Complexity Is Free’ is the story of Jack Einarsson, … [Read more...]

The Migbot Ultra Prusa i3 3D Printer

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The prices of 3D printers are currently in a bit of a free fall, you can get a decent assembled 3D printer for below thousand dollars. However, most of the sub $1000 printers are hobbyist printers or in other words 'Do It Yourself' printers. Ask any 3D printing expert and he would probably say that the RepRap DIY Kits are still the best option for someone who really wants to know how a 3D printer works. And of all the kits available in the market today, the Prusa i3, is a perfect starting point … [Read more...]

Sardauscan is a 30$ DIY 3D Scanner

sardauscan 3d scanner

Sardauscan is an open source diy 3D scanner you can build for approximately 30 USD. It can be a low cost entry into the field of 3D scanning. 3D scanning is a very important tool in any ones arsenal since it can extend your making abilities. You will be able to work with objects that are not in any repository like Thingiverse or that are not custom designed by you. What you can scan you can make. You'll need some basic knowledge of electronics to make a Sardauscan but the construction … [Read more...]

Surgeon Successfully Treats a Deformed Leg with 3D Printing Technology


Dr. Tang Juyu from Xiangya Hospital has employed 3D scanning and printing methods to create a full replica of a young woman named Xiaoqian’s right tibia (the larger and stronger of the two bones in the leg below the knee in vertebrates), which was damaged in a serious car accident when she was 7 years old. The accident caused Xiaoqian’s right tibia to grow with a noticeable unnatural bend, resulting her right leg to be significantly small than the left. The unnatural bending of her right … [Read more...]

How to Print your own Wind Turbine


Earlier this week we showed you how to make your own Ultrasonic Vapor Polisher. In this post we'll show you how to print your own wind turbine. It gives you an overview of the technologies and an introduction to key concepts so you can make one yourself. The main element for wind power electricity production is a generator. Several designs are publicly available online but this one by Ben Rowland on Thingiverse is a perfect example of a 3D printed structure holding copper coils and magnets … [Read more...]

First Ever Bioink For Production of Human Cartilage and Seeding of Human Chondrocytes

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In Gothenburg, Sweden, a small start-up lead by two young entrepreneurs (Erik Gatenholm & Ivan Tournier) is taking a revolutionary step in the bioprinting field. The start-up: CELLINK has developed the first universal bioink that has optimal biocompatibility and printing fidelity allowing the printing of complex structure with ease. Their goal is to reduce the time universities and pharmaceutical companies around the world are spending trying to produce realistic human tissue models by … [Read more...]

Post-processing 3D printed Objects with DIY Ultrasonic Vapor Polisher

ultrasonic setup

Vapor polishing is a process when you apply vapors of a solvent to a 3D printed object to increase surface quality or smoothness. You basically polish out visible layering and small imperfections by gently dissolving them in solvent vapors. Here is a list of some solvents that can be used to polish different 3D printing filaments and materials: ABS: Acetone Acrylic: Most Solvents PLA: MEK or 'MEK Substitute' PVA: Water PVC: Most Solvents Since Acetone is widely available it is … [Read more...]

3D Printed Device Controls Smartphones with Sound Waves


A research published by Gierad Laput, Scott E Hudson and Chris Harrison of Disney Reseach and Carnegie Mellon University’s HCI Institute titled “Acoustruments: Passive, Acoustically Driven, Interactive Controls for Handheld Devices” explicated the control of a smartphone’s actions through diverted sound waves processed by 3D printed pipes. The team led by Hudson and Harrison diverted the ultrasonic waves coming from the speaker of the smartphone using 3dprinted pipes within a device called … [Read more...]

Refil makes 3D Printing Filament from Recycled Car Dashboards


Refil is an innovative Dutch company that makes 3D printing filament by recycling old automotive dashboards and PET bottles. They have named it "Refilament"  and it actually enables you to help save the planet and reduce waste while giving you an option to use something different than plain old virgin ABS or PLA. They use a relatively simple process where they take waste car interior plastic parts or bottles. These are shredded into smaller pieces, then melted so they can be pulled into filament … [Read more...]

Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Continues Rapid Expansion

Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Metal Powders Industry A 10-Year Market Forecast

Metal additive manufacturing is continuing to expand at a rapid pace throughout a variety of important adopting industries, as evidenced by research from SmarTech Markets Publishing who has established dedicated market models for this area of the 3D printing industry. The evolution that 3D printing has begun to undergo from a product development tool to a potential full blown production tool represents one significant area of it's future. There are, of course, a multitude of ways that the … [Read more...]