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How to Create a Watermelon Keg Using 3D Printing

The summer ends – and unfortunately no-one can deny this. However, when summer ends, we often find ourselves celebrating an indian summer, isn’t it? So let’s hope for good things to happen in September, we would say. In case your local weather still allows to throw a barbecue party in your garden, the people at Household Hacker could have an original invention for you to spice up your BBQ; a 3D printable watermelon keg.

They collaborated with 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D to create a watermelon keg, which can entirely be 3D printed. It’s a free download, which you can download yourself via this link on Thingiverse. Basically, the only thing you will need to have is a properly working 3D printer.

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Robotics Expo 2014 in Moscow

Robotics Expo 2014 is the second exhibition of robotics and advanced technology to be held on 27-29 November in ECC “Sokolniki”, Moscow. The event has a unique format and is targeted both at business audience, people directly involved in the robotics market, as well as at end consumers, enthusiastic about modern technology, robotics and open-minded for everything new.

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First Robotics Expo was held in the autumn of 2013, becoming a fundamental part of the development of global robotomania in Russia.

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A New Candy Printer to Enter the Market

Earlier this year, we announced the release of 3D Systems’s ChefJet and ChefJet Pro, two 3D printers able to print actual sweets to be released in late 2014. They were introduced during CES 2014 in January and what was most striking about their candy was the fact it was shaped in a very futuristic way. As we learned this week, the printers of the American brand will be competed by ones from a different – British – company: 3D Ventures from London.

Their Candy Printer, to be launched this day on Kickstarter, also has the ability to 3D print confectionary food products. The printer is able to 3D print toppings onto cookies, cakes and more food products. Those products will include, inter alia, chocolate, sugar paste and marzipan. Users can make use of an SD card, which is filled with ready-to-print designs or they can create their own toppings on a computer.

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Linkin Park Got 3D Printed For Their Fans

Linkin Park is breaking its habit of just being a rock band, as the American group has taken its first steps into the 3D printing world. They now enable fans to purchase a 3D printed figurine of each individual band member. Yes, all members got scanned by a 3D scanner and are now off officially able to be collected as 3D printed figurines by their fans.

We dare to say the average young rock fan is not a millionaire, and there is nothing wrong with not being rich, but just enjoying some nice rock-’n-roll guitars. However, Linkin Park seems to estimate the average rock fan’s income extraordinary high. The band has six members and a 1:5 scale model of each member will cost you as much as 499 dollars. In their defense, such a figurine will be 14 inches tall.

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This is a 3D Printed Midi Controller

3D printed instruments have been passing the radar a lot of times recently. Whether it’s an electric guitar or a ukelele: it can be 3D printed. But those are only ‘band’ instruments, so what about tools for electronic music? A new project by Adafruit made something in this category: a 3D printed Mini OONTZ 16 button Midi drum machine.

It looks very flashy, with the implementation of several disco lights. In other words: just like the real thing. The case was 3D printed and the other tools needed to be inserted (4×4 Adafruit Trellis Monochrome Driver, a Silicone Elastomer 4×4 button keypad, a Arduino Leonardo and four 10k Potentiometers).

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3D Printing Politics to Debut in Washington, D.C., on September 17 – Get 10% OFF

3D Printing Politics will be launching in Washington, D.C. on September 17, 2014 from the creators of Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, and 3Dprinting.com is proud to be offering you an exclusive discount!

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The event, which will take place at the JW Marriot in Washington D.C., will bring together policy makers, legal professionals, patent creators, regulatory officials, and 3D printing advocates to explore questions about the relationship between creativity, law, and 3D printing. Attendees will help shape thinking on key intellectual property issues raised by 3D printing, including digital piracy of physical goods, lessened control of trade secrets, and current litigation.

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This 3D Printed Bike Tells You Where to Go

Maybe it has been the influence of the current hipster scene: the hype among urban biking.  Apparently urban biking requires entirely different bikes than suburban biking does and therefore a Bike Design Project started where five design studio’s across five cities had to come up with a perfect urban bike. The winning bike will be manufactured for a limited run of 100 bikes and will be in stores next year. Industry, a Portland-based studio came up with a very interesting bike: one that uses bluetooth and handlebars that tell you when to stop or turn.

Industry worked together with Ti Cycles to create a bike with a 3D printed titanium frame. The bike is called Solid and can connect to a smartphone app: My Bike. This app alarms a user when a light needs replacement and if something gets wrong with one’s brakes. There is also software called Discover My City, which has a series of routes through Portland’s most trendy neighborhoods, with suggestions about where to eat and shop.

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Met Museum’s 3D Printing Booklet For Beginners

Are you interested in 3D printing, but don’t you know where to start, because you think you don’t have the right technical skills? Well, you’re not the only one, as the technique is still kind of underground. But it’s getting bigger and bigger, and if you would like to join the bandwagon of 3D printing, then you’ll find it useful to read New York’s Met Museum’s MediaLab’s brand new 3D printing booklet for beginners. In this free booklet, the museum accurately describes how one could 3D print an object.

The idea is that digital tools such as GarageBand and iMovie have turned everyone into a ‘maker’ and 3D printing could be the text level. The problem, however, is that many still don’t know how to use the technique properly. This new booklet could change that, as the museum explains step-by-step how to get a 3D print of something.

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US Army Wants to 3D Print Uniforms

It really seems like the US Army is discovering 3D printing in all its forms. Recently they made the news with plans for 3D printed food, skin as well as warheads. Their newest plan is to 3D print uniforms for soldiers. Those uniforms are currently being made using 2D CAD software, but the US Army thinks in the future 3D printing will play a major role in the production of those clothes.

The US Army has a center where those clothes are being made, called the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center (NSRDEC). The NSRDEC provides for products such as hats, body armor and field clothing. Their team leader Annette LaFleur (pictured above) thinks incorporating 3D printing techniques could have a lot of benefits for the branche.

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Will 3D Printing Bring Birds Back to the City?

A project called ‘Printednest‘ aims to bring birds back to the city. So.. how would they do that? By enabling users to 3D print their own bird feeders, using open-source software. The project has so far been successful, with 37 bird nests in 24 cities in seven countries. Their bird nests can be attached to windows and homes, and also to high buildings.

The people behind the project have been working very hard to get this thing from the ground and their journey can be seen on Pinterest, where they placed some photos of their bird feeders. As you can see, their bird nests are highly modern, and are made of plastic material with plastic tree branches.

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