Choosing a Good Filament

Choosing a good filament

3D printing is taking the world by storm and it’s hard to find a newspaper or publication that does not mention it at some point. As big and as rapid as its growth may seem, the printing itself is still more an art then science. There are however several methods to increase your chances of success and obtaining a high quality prints. Some of the variables you’ll have to work with are the printers themselves, software, filament, setup and last but not least, personal flare. At this point you … [Read more...]

Poetry Infinity: The New Superfast 3D Printer by IRA3D


Ira3D is an italian Start-up founded in 2014 whose value lies in the production of 3D printers, and innovative and sophisticated tools able to change the way we live and work. They've recently launched a new multi-material 3D printer. Its name is Poetry Infinity. Poetry Infinity is the big sister of the previous model Poetry2, of which maintains the characteristics of accuracy, reliability and huge building volume (250x250x300 mm), but with significant improvements in its performance, … [Read more...]

World’s First Attempt to Transform 3D Printed Nano Materials to Create Light Weight Objects


Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) signed a strategic partnership with Autodesk, an American multinational software corporation in order to explore several methods of 3D printing advanced materials. LLNL and Autodesk are set to work cooperatively to study microstructures and 3D printing complex materials. “As an organization that is pushing the limits on generative design and high-performance computing, Autodesk is an ideal collaborator as we investigate … [Read more...]

The Electron 3D Prusa i3 3D Printer Kit – Great Package Deal


The Prusa i3 (iteration 3) is the newest and most current 3D Printer design by RepRap Core Developer Prusajr. This printer is fully open source, easy to expand in all directions therefore easy to shape into different forms and sizes. Best part is that many of this printer's parts can be printed. This is a very popular open source model coming from one of the most established lines of open source 3D printers. Because this RepRap 3D printer is constructed using open source files available for … [Read more...]

Google 3D Prints Legs for Their Humanoid Robot Atlas

Image Taken from Boston Dynamics Official Website.

Google's acquisition of Boston Dynamics has taken the standards of the robot development firm to a completely new level and led to the development of a dog-like robot a few months ago. Since then, Boston Dynamics and Google have been researching 3D printing technology, in search of ways to implement the technology to optimize and to manufacture custom parts of their robots quickly and accurately. This week, Google and Boston Dynamics showcased their new humanoid robot called Atlas, which … [Read more...]

3D Printing Light Animation


Aron Bothman, fresh graduate from the California Institute of the Arts has built a 3D printer to print a 3D light painting and light animation, for his film The Red Witch. His creation was inspired by a Beijing-based artist Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi, who has previously attempted modified a 3D Printer to print light. “I’m an animator and artist based in Los Angeles. I graduated from the animation program at CalArts a couple months ago, and am currently working as an artist at JibJab, a small … [Read more...]

Ultimaker and Philips Develop 3D MRI Model Printer

Source: Ultimaker

Ultimaker, a Dutch 3D printer company and diversified technology company Philips have entered into a strategic partnership to structure a team of engineers and develop an MRI 3D printer. The joint project of Ultimaker and Philips is simple in concept. The two companies will develop a 3D printer that automatically 3D prints MRI scans, to provide accurate 3D models of MRI scans for surgeons. Quite often, the details of MRI scans are hard to track and analyze, especially for complicated … [Read more...]

Ogle Models & Prototypes – High Quality Model Making and Prototyping

y fighter

Ogle Models & Prototypes, based in Letchworth (England) is a well established model making and prototyping company, founded in 1954! Now specialized in 3D printing and calling itself a 3D printing bureau, the company differentiates in this highly competitive market from their competition by continually investing in new processes and technologies whilst still utilizing the all important traditional bench hand skills. Deemed as its secret weapon, this core strength of skills from time served … [Read more...]

Researchers Plan to Build 3D Printed Graphene Batteries


A team of researchers at the Manchester Metropolitan University led by Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Electrochemical and Nanotechnology Craig Banks received a £500,000 grant the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to create 3D printed structures and objects with graphene inks. Banks announced, “Energy storage systems (ESS) are critical to address climate change and, as clean energy is generated through a variety of ways, an efficient way to store this energy is … [Read more...]

Revolutionary 3D Printed Dental Prosthesis


The Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, made it possible for patients with a toothless mouth or with worn jaws to get a 3d printed denture that fits perfectly thanks to 3d prepping. The first results of patients getting a fully 3d printed prosthesis are spectacular. The technology enables patients to receive their personal prosthesis six months earlier than they would using the old techniques. The Radboudumc is using this 3d method since November 2014. The initial stage of the … [Read more...]