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Read everything about 3d printers. From metal printers to food printers and even bio printers that print human tissue.

Gestalt and the Modular Machines that Make

gestalt modular cardboard 1

Are we going to have 3d printers made from cardboard soon? This project is a sure sign we will! Gestalt and the Modular Machines that Make are a hardware-software framework duo that will enable whole new level of scalability, cost effectiveness, development speed and availability for anything related to digital fabrication. Beside its practical applications, it is the first step towards presenting a real alternative for dominance of archaic g-code since it doesn't use it. With it you can … [Read more...]

Students Create Chewing Gum 3D Printer

Food printing is one of the segments of 3D printing technology to amaze time after time. On a global scale, people are working on chocolate printers, candy printers and even pancake printers. There are also more healthy experiments with food printing, by companies such as Natural Machines. A new kind of food printing to be added to the ever growing list of 3D printed foods is 3D printed chewing gum. Yes, that's right: chewing gum which comes from a 3D printer. Meet the GumJet: a 3D … [Read more...]

Introducing Aha3D’s ProtoCentre 1M 3D Printer – Including interview CEO Mr. Aakash


Aha3D Innovations, a 3D printing pioneer from India is launching the ProtoCentre 1M, their flagship industrial 3D printer at the International Event "PlastIndia 2015". This 3D printer is the first in its class and can build objects up to 1 meter in hight. Its water cooled quad-extruder print head ensures that the right tool is used for the right job, resulting in up to 60% reduction in time while maintaining the overall surface finish quality and accuracy. The Aha 3D Innovations printer's … [Read more...]

Japanese Firm Works On a Toy 3D Printer

Remember the Printeer? The world's first 3D printer for children? After a very successful Kickstarter campaign where it raised $117,210 with an initial goal of 'just' $50,000, it got canceled. Mission Street Manufacturing, the company behind the printer, sadly wrote to its backers: "after working on Printeer for over 16 months, we have determined that this project is not viable in its current form. We have therefore decided to suspend all development and manufacturing of Printeer. The whole … [Read more...]

PIRX One: New 3D Printer From Poland

We recently updated you on the most interesting 3D printers featured on CES 2015, but the world of 3D printers keeps on moving towards futurism. Today, a new interesting model has been announced. We're talking about the PIRX One; a highly accurate and promising model by a Polish-based company called Pirx 3D, operating from Krakow. Poland seems to become more and more into 3D printing, with Jelwek, a company which 3D prints wooden watches, 3D printing manufacturer Zortrax and its own 3D printing … [Read more...]

CES 2015: These Are Tomorrow’s 3D Printers

During events such as CES, the world is being exposed to lots of new technological initiatives. Important for technology today is 3D printing, and obviously many 3D printing ideas have been passing the radar during this year's event. A couple of days ago, we reported about a new line of filaments by MakerBot, which the company announced and demonstrated during CES 2015. But what is filament without a 3D printer? In this piece, we therefore guide you through the world of brand new 3D printers. In … [Read more...]

FLUX: This 3D Printer Is a 3D Scanner As Well

Lots of 3D printers have been passing our radar, but the printers we've been writing about were all just 3D printers. If you wanted to scan something or use laser, you had to use a different kind of equipment. The FLUX project therefore is interesting, because the new FLUX printer is a 3D printer, but a scanner and a laser engraver as well.  The 3D printer is currently on Kickstarter and it has already been funded for more than 500,000 dollars, while it's initial goal was to raise 100,000 … [Read more...]

HP Finally Unveils its 3D Printing Plans

Hewlett-Packard today reveals a new, industrial 3D printer with the Multi Jet Fusion technology. This technology is ten times faster than the current 3D printing technology and it even seems to be more affordable as well. In addition, it can produce stronger products than current 3D printers. The only 'problem' is that customers have to wait until 2016 for the product to enter the market. However, 3D printing enthousiasts are capable of waiting, as they had to wait for as long as a half year to … [Read more...]

These Drawings Were Made By a Machine


What did your notebook look like when you were in high school? Has it been full of drawings? Well, you’ve not been the only one. Whether you’ve been very good at drawing or not, one thing is for certain: machines will always defeat you. A user at Lulzbot called ‘bam’, recently came up with an interesting forum thread, in which the user showed what kinds of drawings a 3D printer can produce. The results are astonishing. The general idea is that if you put a pen on a 3D printer and give the … [Read more...]

This Suitcase is a Portable 3D Printer

Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you're traveling? Probably not, because most printers are still relatively large and non-portable. However, brand new project 3Dbyflow by Dutch company By Flow wants to break the pattern by bringing a 3D printer as a suitcase to the market. The printer still seems to be in its test phase and the company has not set a release date yet, but the form of the printer is already worth mentioning. The machine basically is a suitcase, … [Read more...]