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These Drawings Were Made By a Machine


What did your notebook look like when you were in high school? Has it been full of drawings? Well, you’ve not been the only one. Whether you’ve been very good at drawing or not, one thing is for certain: machines will always defeat you. A user at Lulzbot called ‘bam’, recently came up with an interesting forum thread, in which the user showed what kinds of drawings a 3D printer can produce. The results are astonishing. The general idea is that if you put a pen on a 3D printer and give the … [Read more...]

This Suitcase is a Portable 3D Printer

Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you're traveling? Probably not, because most printers are still relatively large and non-portable. However, brand new project 3Dbyflow by Dutch company By Flow wants to break the pattern by bringing a 3D printer as a suitcase to the market. The printer still seems to be in its test phase and the company has not set a release date yet, but the form of the printer is already worth mentioning. The machine basically is a suitcase, … [Read more...]

First Russian Bioprinter to be Unveiled in mid-October

British and American researchers are currently doing marvelous jobs in the field of bioprinting research. Nevertheless, this technique is not one that is solely being used by Western companies and organizations. We just received the news from a Russian company called 3D Bioprinting Solutions that they will present the first bioprinter from Russia next month, during the Open Innovations 2014 forum in Moscow, which will be held on October 14 until 16 2014. This bioprinter - the company does … [Read more...]

Will.i.am’s 3D Printer Uses Plastic Bottles to Create Objects

Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am entering the 3D printing world is something no-one expected, really. It, however, is part of today's reality and since this year's January he officially may call himself 3D System's Chief Creative Officer. You might possibly remember his somehow vague, but - who knows - brilliant speech about how the technique could change pop music forever. Now, a couple of months later, he's back with his first big achievement in 3D printing: a conjunction with Coca-Cola to … [Read more...]

This is the World’s First 3D Printer For Children

3D printing has been something highly tech-savvy for ages, but it's the field's aim to bring the technique to the masses. In order to do so, it's important to approach a young generation. In this light, a new project on Kickstarter is very newsworthy: 'Printeer' is the name of the first 3D printer targeted at kids. It's an easy-to-use device, which can be controlled via one's iPad with just one click. Children have been playing with toys for decades, but with the use of 3D printing it has … [Read more...]

What Will Klaxons’s 3D Printed Tour Sound Like?

English electronic rock band Klaxons are about to play the first-ever 3D printed tour. The band members will solely be playing on 3D printed instruments, amplifiers and even the lighting and wiring will be 3D printed. Their accompanying video seems to be kind of a persiflage on the international 3D printing hype, with playing members of The Office's UK version. Despite their sense of humor, the 3D printed world tour definitely seems to be a real announcement. But are 3D printed instruments as … [Read more...]

HP Will Not Focus on Consumer 3D Printing

In March, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced that - aside from other product lines - the company will not solely be producing 2D printers in the future, but also 3D printers. Their announcement made the entire 3D printing world feel over-excited, as their printers were announced to be able to to work rapidly and to reduce costs massively. Many expected HP to be talking about a new line of consumer 3D printers, but that does not seem to be the case. The company's CEO Meg Whitman was interviewed by … [Read more...]

This 3D Printer Can Print You a Pancake of the Eiffel Tower

There have been a lot of food printers around recently, such as the ChefJet Pro by 3D Systems and the Foodini, by Natural Machines. Even though the Foodini didn't raise enough money on Kickstarter, there is no sign of 3D food printing being a one day fly. Printers come and go, and this year's edition of Californian inventions festival Maker Faire welcomes a new food printer: the PancakeBot. As you might have already guessed, this machine can print you a pancake. As this is a printer, it … [Read more...]

MOD-t: Another Promising Consumer 3D Printer

The days when 3D printers used to be over-expensive officially seem to be part of the past, as new and promising 3D printers start to get cheaper and cheaper. Last month, The Micro had been placed on Kickstarter. This 3D printer was striking, because of its very low price of less than 300 dollars. The Kickstarter campaign ended this week with a total in fundings of 3,4 million dollars funded by as many as 11,800 backers. And the first party to follow its example is California-based start-up New … [Read more...]

New 3D Printer to Print Faster Than a Desktop Printer

A new printer is presented as the next step for the world of 3D printing. We're talking about KAST, a 3D printer able to print faster than a desktop printer. The machine will soon be launched on Kickstarter. Whether the printer is going to live up to its expectations is still unknown. What we do know, is that KAST definitely is an interesting project worth mentioning. The KAST team was at the HAXLR8R conference in San Fransisco, where they appeared to have made a huge impression with the … [Read more...]