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The Micro: 3D Printing’s New Beatles?

3D printers can be good fun, but not to many. The overall problem with the machines is their high price. A new printer however is called The Micro 3D (M3D), which aims to become the first consumer 3D printer. Initially, early birds were even able to buy one for as few as 199 dollars. The Micro has had a very successful Kickstarter champaign, which is still running, and they funded 50,000 dollars in only 11 minutes. Will The Micro become The Beatles of the 3D printers?

That could very well be the case, as this machine offers handy solutions, being an energy efficient, compact machine, which 3D prints several materials. From little objects to jewelry and even food: the makers of this printer now claim that their machine can print it all out. In addition, the machine has already printed out a vase and chocolate figurines.

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Scientists 3D Print Ear Implants with Memory Function

3D printing might break some hearts of the old-fashioned, but it also saves hearts. In the biomedical world, the technique is being used for a variety of life-saving and life-improving purposes. New in the game is a project led by scientists at Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH). The have succeeded to produce very small ear implants with a memory function (wow, that’s handy!) or complex shapes, just like the ear’s cochlea.

The magic trick in this case is called Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM). This is a kind of 3D printing technique where a scientist uses laser to achieve its goals, and it’s a useful technique to print out metallic objects. However, 3D printing a car is one thing, but using additive manufacturing to improve someone’s body is surely the next level. Scientists are now using LAM to better help the hearing-impaired. Right now, when an implant is inserted into the minuscule cochlea there is still a risk of destroying important sensory cells. As you can imagine, a tiny mistake by a surgeon could lead to the reduction of a person’s hearing ability.

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This is the World’s Healthiest Food Printer

Last year’s December, we asked ourselves the question whether our future food will be 3D printed. Well, at the start of 2014 we were able to make some predictions about food printing trends for 2014. One of the companies mentioned in the article was Barcelona-based film Natural Machines, a company which distinguishes itself from the masses by the aim to produce a printer to prepare healthy food. Right now, they’ve created a prototype of their machine ‘Foodini’. Using this device, you can use your personal products to prepare your own cookies, breads, pizzas and decorations.

It works as follows: a food printers needs capsules to print out the actual food, and for all contemporary printers these capsules are pre-filled. The Foodini however does not use pre-filled capsules, but open capsules that users can fill with products of their choice. This shows the strength as well as the weakness of this new device, because all products need to be blended in order to become printing material. This means the printer will not be able to do all kitchen work for you, as you still have to blend the food yourself. And did you ever put a chicken in a blender?

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Perpetual Plastic Project Announces Collaboration With Plastic Whale

The Perpetual Plastic Project out of the Netherlands has done some pretty incredible things over the past few years. Their live installations/mini-factories show the full cycle of recycling and reusing plastic waste to create 3d printer filament that can than be used to print something completely new. Their latest project has them collaborating with Plastic Whale, the world’s first company fishing for plastic waste in the canals of Amsterdam, to turn this discarded rubbish into something new and awesome.

“We aim to create value out of something that was worth nothing before,” said Jonas Martens, one of the minds behind the Perpetual Plastic Project.


Plastic Whale will be gathering plastic discarded in the canals of Amsterdam and providing it to the Perpetual Plastic Project who will than be cleaning and breaking down the trash before recycling it back into 3d printer filament. The goal is eventually a beautiful and functional end product.

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Introducing The Objet500 Connex3 – Owh Yes, The Future is Here

Stratasys just announced the launch of the Objet500 Connex3 at the SolidWorks World 2014, which started yesterday in San Diego and is open until Wednesday the 29th. This groundbreaking machine is the first in the Objet line to let you incorporate color  (as many as 46 per print) into your prototype. The fact that the Objet 500 Connex3 is also a multi-material printer makes this a worlds first!


The 3D printer lets you build rigid, rubber-like and clear parts into one model and offers hundreds of composite materials, blended right in the 3D printer. Like a regular inkjet printer, this 3D Printer features 3 different colors, VeroMagenta, VeroCyan, and VeroYellow, which can be combined to produce, literally hundreds of colors.

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Student Creates 3D Printer For Less Than 500 Dollars

While many think it takes a lot of experience to create a 3D printer, reality shows a student can do the work. A college student from the US, called Shai Schechterhas, has developed an easy to use, affordable 3D printer. His device only costs a third of the price of a conventional 3D printer. Schechterhas is a student at Purchase College, State University of New York and his 3D printer is called Deltaprintr.

The groundbreaking thing about this is that the 3D printer costs less than 500 dollars. Unassembled it only costs 475 dollars and if you want the assembled large version of 2 feet high, it costs 685 dollars. Extra large (2,5 feet) will cost 705 dollars, according to Mashable. These prices are equal to the costs of a new smartphone, while the new MakerBot 3D Printer still costs as much as 2000 dollars.

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How to Bake Christmas Cookies On a 3D Printer

The last couple of days we explained you how to create your own Christmas Ornaments on a 3D printer. Because Christmas is a feast with a lot of food, it’s cool to also learn how to bake your own Christmas cookies on such a 3D Printer. In fact it’s very easy, because everything you need is online on sites such as Thingiverse and YouTube.

Credits: Ralf Holleis.

Thingiverse is a website on which do-it-yourselfers can upload their own 3D printing files in order to make it possible for everyone to create the same objects with a 3D printer. You can find lots of objects on these websites, but also Christmas cookies. Let’s take a look at what the do-it-yourselfers at Thingiverse have to offer us.

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3D Print Services Added to MakerBot Stores

A new step for MakerBot: the company launches a 3D print service in each of its 3D printing stores, located in New York, Boston and Greenwich, Connecticut. All you need to have with you is a USB drive with a .STL, .OBJ or Thing file. Handle it over to the staff and you can now get your file 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2.

Image: MakerBot.

If you have a digital file then it will be printed with a MakerBot PLA Filament, which is available in white, black, translucent red, warm gray and natural. If you pay an additional fee, you could even get it printed in another color. Before the printing process starts the staff will be able to tell the customers how long it will take to print out their objects, after which they will make arrangements about the pick-up of the items.

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