The aerospace industry embraces 3d printing technology. NASA for instance prints combustion chamber liners using selective laser melting 3D printers and uses 3d printing for their next move on Mars.

3D Printed Solar UAV that Spots Poachers in Africa

Image from Thingiverse

Toby Lankford, developer of aerial and personal robotics has developed a fully 3D printed solar UAV he calls Icarus 3.0 to detect illegal poachers in Africa. The UAV is set to run on solar power and hydrogen, solely on green energy. Lankford announced, “I work with civilian UAS and ground robotics across several fields from survey to anti-poaching. I like working in open sourced projects and contributing to overcome development and application challenges. We live completely off grid for over … [Read more...]

The World’s First 3D Printed Copper Rocket Engine Parts developed by NASA

grcop_p1_03 (1)

NASA has started to 3D Print a combustion chamber liner using selective laser melting 3D printers which is expected to operate at extreme temperatures. A material called GRCo-84, a copper alloy manufactured at Glenn Research Center in Ohio is utilized whilst 3D printing the combustion chamber liner. The liner is the result of 8,255 3D printed layers of the alloy, which is carefully sintered layer by layer to create the functioning liner. According to a press release by NASA, the whole 3D … [Read more...]

3D printing a spaceship in space!

SpiderFab Concept
Credits; Tethers Unlimited Inc.

Imagine a spacecraft that could build itself by scavenging materials from space junk or asteroids. The “SpiderFab” project from Tethers Unlimited Inc. just received $100,000 from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts project to invest in designing and realizing a self-constrution device that could realize just that using the 3D printing technology. The practical planning and additional funding could lead to the launch of a 3D printing test mission within several years. The aim of this … [Read more...]

NASA uses 3d printing for their next move on Mars


With yesterdays success of NASA’s daring Curiosity landing, we’re one step closer to putting actual humans on this dessert planet. Therefore NASA engineers are testing a next-generation rover designed to support humans when we eventually land on Mars. The most interesting part is that this super rover has seventy end-use parts 3D printed with FDM technology. The rover, about the size of a Hummer and boasting a pressurized cabin to support humans in space, is being put to the test in the … [Read more...]