3D Printed Device Controls Smartphones with Sound Waves


A research published by Gierad Laput, Scott E Hudson and Chris Harrison of Disney Reseach and Carnegie Mellon University’s HCI Institute titled “Acoustruments: Passive, Acoustically Driven, Interactive Controls for Handheld Devices” explicated the control of a smartphone’s actions through diverted sound waves processed by 3D printed pipes. The team led by Hudson and Harrison diverted the ultrasonic waves coming from the speaker of the smartphone using 3dprinted pipes within a device called … [Read more...]

Graphene Ink Developed For 3D Printing with Potential to Print Body Parts and Electronics

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-30 om 18.38.46

Graphene is a 2 dimensional material made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. It has amazing properties, which compelled scientists to give it the title “miracle material”: Graphene is extremely strong and almost entirely transparent, while also being astonishingly conductive and flexible. It is made of carbon, which is abundant, and should eventually become a relatively inexpensive material. Graphene has a seemingly endless potential … [Read more...]

Metal Filled Filaments to be Used to Create Fully Sintered Metal Objects


A group of engineers in Massachusetts called the Sinterhard led by Bill Kovacs have developed a new series of filaments – The Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments. Upon the completion of the crowdfunding campaign of this project, Sinterhard will begin to manufacture ABS and PLA plastic filaments mixed with 316 stainless steel and aluminum powders that could easily be used by the 3d printers currently in the market. The metal powders aluminum and stainless steel selected by Sinterhard are the … [Read more...]

S-Max Industrial Sand Casting 3D Printer by ExOne

S-Max 3D printer fro sand casting. Source: ExOne

S-Max  is a large volume sand casting 3D printer by ExOne used to additively manufacture molds needed for industrial metal casting. This machine does not print directly in metal but makes casts and cores to pour in molten metal by jet binding fine powder. It works similary to your desktop inkjet paper printer but it applies special Furan resin binder to layers of silica sand, cerabeads or zirconia which are "glued" together making a solid 3D cast. Since there is no heat transfer issues, laser … [Read more...]

World’s First Commercial Conductive Graphene Filaments for 3D Printing

GRAPHENE 3D LAB INC. - Commercial Sale of Conductive Graphene Fi

Graphene 3D Lab, American developer and manufacturer of graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing, launched the commercial sale of the world’s first conductive graphene filament for 3D printing. These filaments incorporate highly conductive carbon materials to enhance the properties of PLA thermoplastic, are compatible with most commercially available 3D printers and can be used to print conductive traces within 3D printed parts for electronics. The filaments will be distributed through the … [Read more...]

New Research on Glass Printing in the UK

Most of all current 3D printers print plastic objects, but that might soon change. Recently, more and more companies started to experiment with different kinds of materials. MakerBot amazed the technological world with their CES announcement to release new composite filaments that incorporate, inter alia, iron and limestone. Another interesting development is that of 3D printing glass. All over the world, lots of companies are experimenting with 3D printed eyeglasses and even printed lenses. … [Read more...]

This Is What 3D Printed Space Garments Look Like

It has fascinated mankind for thousands of years: being able to live on other planets. With rapidly developing techniques leading to possible future human settlement on Mars, interplanetary travelers need to be equipped with the right kind of garments to make them survive on other planets. Neri Oxman and a team at MIT Media Lab, a research department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have designed four kinds of 3D printed garments that look more spacey than your worst galaxy … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Column Can Withstand an Earthquake

A California-based company claims it created a column that can withstand an earthquake without being damaged. The company, called Emerging Objects used 3D printing technology to create this pillar, and the structure is the essence of its strength. The pillar was 3D printed in different parts, and each part is hollow, therefore creating a high strength-to-weight ratio. Creating an object that was earthquare-resistant was not the initial plan of the team, but they found out that the column … [Read more...]

Man 3D Prints Sculptures Using Potato Skin

Filament as a material is highly important for 3D printing technology, as it is being used for most 3D prints that are being made today. However, since filament most of the time is solely made from plastics, it really has some negative effects on the environment. Therefore, people are searching for news ways of creating properly working filament without having to use so much plastic. A recent project by Dutch sculptor Jos Hamann is highly interesting: he uses potato skin to create … [Read more...]

15-Year-Old Wants to Start Filament Recycling Program

The biggest disadvantage of 3D printing today is that it produces a lot of plastic waste. Technical progression unfortunately also leads to environmental degradation, and we know it. Many parties creatively tried to do something about this environmental degradation, for instance a team of Taiwanese people who created a bike that turned garbage into art. Or Chinese company WinSun, which created 3D printed houses from garbage. New in the game is Grayson Galisky, a 15-year-old, who wants to go to … [Read more...]