Israeli Company 3D Printed a Marijuana Inhaler

Earlier this year, professor Lee Cronin at Glasgow University explained what the benefits of 3D printed drugs could be, but then for a long time we didn't hear anything about the - highly interesting - field of 3D drugs. Until today. Well, although today's subject is still not technically  a 3D printed drugs topic, it is in fact an interesting development in the world where drugs and 3D printing meet. An Israeli company is using 3D printing technology to design marijuana inhalers. Their inhalers … [Read more...]

3D Printing Pioneers Strike Back With SmartRing

It was supposed to become the cheapest 3D printer in history: the MOTA 3D desktop printer. This year's July, it entered Kickstarter where the company offered their 3D printers for only 99 dollars - for the first 50 backers. The Micro by M3D, which had been the cheapest 3D printer until then, was offered to the first group of backers for still double as much; 199 dollars. However, just as spectacular as their pricing, the company decided to leave Kickstarter after a single day. After some months … [Read more...]

3D Printed Headdress Reflects the States of Your Brain

In what state is your brain currently? Probably you don't know the answer to that one, but that could change while wearing a certain headdress called NEUROTiQ. Fashion designer Kristin Neidlinger came up with this dress that lights up when a certain area of your brain is functioning. It doesn't just look arty, it's also an interesting social experiment. Neidlinger got offered help from company MACHINIQ and colleagues Grant Patterson and Nathan Tucker. They created a headdress with 14 … [Read more...]

American Company 3D Printed an Entire Car in 44 Hours

3D printers really seem to be able to do anything. Earlier on this year, a Chinese company managed to 3D print an entire house in just 24 hours. Now, during the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 in Chicago, an Arizona-based company called Local Motors managed to top up the wow effect, by creating a working car in 44 hours. The car, Strati, costed 18,000 dollars to produce and it's an ecologically approached vehicle as well: the vehicle uses battery-power to speed up. It has … [Read more...]

This Designer Created Wearable 3D Printed Clothes

Fashion often embraces new techniques, and 3D printing definitely is one of them. Designer Bradley Rothenberg has debuted a series of 3D printed textiles at the New York Fashion Week. The series was a collaboration between Rothenberg and Katie Gallagher and Katya Leonovich. They officially debuted it on September 9. The striking thing about this ‘3D printing meets fashion’ project is that the clothes actually seem to be wearable. Most often, 3D printed fashion projects end up being interesting … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Cast Uses Social Media Messages

Having to wear a cast is not the best possible scenario you could think of for your arm. Nevertheless, what 'kind of' makes this still a funny experience is casts's ability to not just be a cast, but a scrapbook as well. We mean: whenever someone needs to wear a cast, friends can write their own supportive messages on it. 3D printing has proven its ability to be a proper way to create personalized casts, but the problem with those plastic ones is that you can't write on them. Well, meet #CAST … [Read more...]

This Dress Was Made Using a 3Doodler Pen

The 3Doodler has proven its ability to create beautiful art. Only just a couple of months ago, an English artist used the pen to create beautiful 'Tour de France' art. What you probably didn't expect is that the 3D pen could also be used in order to create clothes. Yes, clothes. A Chinese art house from Hong Kong, which goes by the name SHIGO, has created an actual dress using the 3Doodler. The result is what you call a stunning dress. As you could expect by seeing the detailed structure … [Read more...]

3D Print Show 2014: Artist of the Year – Our Staff Picks

For many 3D printing designers, this weekend will be an exciting one, as today until Sunday the official 3D Print Show 2014 will take place in London. Part of this world-famous 3D printing exhibition will be the election of the 3D printing Artist of the Year. There are 14 great contenders who all made lovely designs using 3D technology. provides you with a summary of this year's work: our staff picks. The first interesting 3D printing design comes from Tobias Klein and is … [Read more...]

3D Printed Underwear in Russia After Lace Ban

In Russia, a lot of things seem to get banned momentarily. First there was a ban on homosexual 'propaganda' and since last month it's also illegal to manufacture or sell underwear made from synthetic lace. It seems like the Kremlin worries that the material is bad for the health of the Russians. However, 3D printing has proven to be a perfect technique in order to circumvent laws and the technique used its powers again. In other words: if you can't buy it, you can just print it out … [Read more...]

How to Create a Watermelon Keg Using 3D Printing

The summer ends - and unfortunately no-one can deny this. However, when summer ends, we often find ourselves celebrating an indian summer, isn't it? So let's hope for good things to happen in September, we would say. In case your local weather still allows to throw a barbecue party in your garden, the people at Household Hacker could have an original invention for you to spice up your BBQ; a 3D printable watermelon keg. They collaborated with 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D to create a … [Read more...]