Scientists 3D Printed Two Jet Engines


It the beginning of the 3D printing 'hype' it was all about printing funny looking phone cases and jewelry, but as time passes, the technique - which, by the way, exists since the 1980's - evolves. We've seen houses being 3D printed earlier this year, and now researchers from Australia have managed to 3D print two jet engines. The benefits of this approach? It could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel efficient engines. This work was done by engineers and researchers at Amaero … [Read more...]

Students Create Chewing Gum 3D Printer

Food printing is one of the segments of 3D printing technology to amaze time after time. On a global scale, people are working on chocolate printers, candy printers and even pancake printers. There are also more healthy experiments with food printing, by companies such as Natural Machines. A new kind of food printing to be added to the ever growing list of 3D printed foods is 3D printed chewing gum. Yes, that's right: chewing gum which comes from a 3D printer. Meet the GumJet: a 3D … [Read more...]

3D Printed Meditational Cocoon in Paris by March


When it comes to architecture, professionals are using 3D printing techniques to create lots of different things. All eyes are on WinSun, the Chinese company that 3D prints entire buildings, but there are many more interesting projects to discover. A 3D printed wall? Check. Architectural artworks? Check. A 3D printed cocoon to bring you in a state of meditation? No, we haven't heard that one before. Nevertheless, this is what French company Meïsō has been working on. Their 3D printed … [Read more...]

US Military Wants to Scan Soldiers Before They Go to War

Being a soldier is full of risks. In a fight, one unfortunate move could lead to serious injury. The US military knows all about it, and is searching for ways to make current technology help to improve their health care. 3D printing might be used here, as the US military is currently talking with military doctors and surgeons from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas about it. The idea? To use CT scans to get a so-called 'virtual twin' of a soldier before he or she goes to war. The … [Read more...]

Katy Perry’s Dancers Wear 3D Printed Helmets

The list of pop artists that have been flirting with 3D printing is growing and growing; Kele released a 3D printed record, Klaxons went of a 3D printed tour and on top of that 3D Systems made its Chief Creative Officer. So who's the next big star to embrace additive manufacturing? Right, Katy Perry! Special effects company Legacy Effects received an order to print props for the singer's backup dancers. Using Statuses 3D technology, they were able to print mohawk-like … [Read more...]

Company Creates 3D Printed ‘Fetuses’ From Gypsum

Is it weird to 3D print a replica of your unborn child? Yes, that's weird, is what we concluded last year's January after finding out about the work of a company called 3D Babies, which specializes in 3D printed fetuses. Even though their idea might sound completely odd to you, it turned out to become successful, as only a couple of months later a New Korean company followed their example by adding a new 3D fetuses service to the market. Now, a year after the launch of 3D Babies, a new company … [Read more...]

WinSun 3D Printed Giant Apartment Building and Villa

3D printing houses; many parties are currently trying their luck with this new kind of architecture. In California there is a project called Contour Crafting which aims to one day 3D print an entire house in a single day. Well, last year a Chinese company did the exact thing that Contour Crafting was aiming at: Shanghai-based company WinSun 3D printed as many as ten houses in only a day. We initially doubted this story, but it turned out to be true. And even better: those houses only cost 4800 … [Read more...]

How 3D Printing Helped a Sculptor

3D printing techniques can help to create sculptures in a much easier and faster way. While sculptors had to do everything by hand in the past, 3D printing techniques are now helping them out. Richard Loffler is an artist who makes wildlife sculptures which are often made in large-scale sizes. He created a series of buffalo sculptures, and it took him as long as five years to finish them, because he crafted all details with his own hands. That, however, was before he found out about 3D printing … [Read more...]

Thanks to 3D Printing This Woman Can Still See

Despite it is not a mainstream technique yet, 3D printing has already saved tons of lives. A great story came in today: psychotherapist Pamela Shavaun Scott can still see thanks to 3D printing. The woman was suffering from a benign meningioma behind her eye, but the doctors weren't too concerned when they found out. She was told to go on with her life and have a follow up MRI scan after a year. Scott and her husband weren't pleased about it, also because she was suffering from headaches and she … [Read more...]

Weak Ankles? Try 3D Printed Ankle Braces!

There is a good chance that many of your friends want to sport a bit more in the upcoming year. And if you want to sport but you're not very keen on monotonously running blocks around your neighborhood, then team sports seem to be the perfect solution, isn't it? Soccer, tennis and volleyball have therefore been popular for ages, because give people the opportunity to move in a way that is fun for most of us. However, how are you going to participate in group sports when you have weak ankles? … [Read more...]