The Palette Filament Feeding System

the palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing just launched The Palette filament feeding system. It can be attached to almost any FDM 3D printer and with it you can print objects in multiple colors or multiple material properties. There have been many systems that promised fluid color changes and color mixing but most of them were based on new specialised extruders and in-nozzle mixing which made real application complex and heavy. The Palette approaches this problem differently and comes in the form of a separate box … [Read more...]

The World’s First 3D Printed Copper Rocket Engine Parts developed by NASA

grcop_p1_03 (1)

NASA has started to 3D Print a combustion chamber liner using selective laser melting 3D printers which is expected to operate at extreme temperatures. A material called GRCo-84, a copper alloy manufactured at Glenn Research Center in Ohio is utilized whilst 3D printing the combustion chamber liner. The liner is the result of 8,255 3D printed layers of the alloy, which is carefully sintered layer by layer to create the functioning liner. According to a press release by NASA, the whole 3D … [Read more...]

A 74 year Old Man Receives a 3D Printed Silicon Mask to Recover His Face


Since 1990, Keith Londsdale, a 74 year old man had received over 45 different surgical procedures to survive through basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common skin cancer in the United States. The man did manage to fight through the devastating medical condition but was left with an incurable scar. Due to the continuous surgical procedures, the man’s face was left without a nose, an upper jaw bone and cheekbones. Instead, a huge hole covered a substantially big section of his … [Read more...]

The World’s First 3D Printed Beating Artificial Heart Cells


Researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine have created 3D Printed beating artificial heart cells called Organoids. The heart cells are created by first genetically modifying adult human skin cells into induced pluripotent stem cells. Then, the induced stem cells are redesigned to create the Organoids. After the Organoids are formed, the spheroids of the Organoids are 3D Printed with a specialized 3D Printer at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Institute for Regenerative … [Read more...]

China Eastern Airlines 3D Prints Aircraft Parts


Since the application of a unique patent from Boeing to 3D Print aircraft parts, a number of airlines have been trying to employ 3d printing technology to replace the old-fashioned manufacturing process. This week, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. has completed in creating 3D Printed aircraft parts in a Boeing 777-300ER, such as the seats, parts of a cabin and even the handles of the aircraft. As stated by Boeing a month ago, shipping of manufactured aircraft parts normally takes a lot … [Read more...]

Metal Filled Filaments to be Used to Create Fully Sintered Metal Objects


A group of engineers in Massachusetts called the Sinterhard led by Bill Kovacs have developed a new series of filaments – The Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments. Upon the completion of the crowdfunding campaign of this project, Sinterhard will begin to manufacture ABS and PLA plastic filaments mixed with 316 stainless steel and aluminum powders that could easily be used by the 3d printers currently in the market. The metal powders aluminum and stainless steel selected by Sinterhard are the … [Read more...]

Fast Bioprinting of Human Cartilage Implants

Nose cartilage implant 3d printed on a bioprinter tray from human cells and hydrogel (Picture credits: Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration Group)

At ETH Zürich's Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration laboratory they have made some notable speed advancements in 3D printing of human cartilage which should lead to implantable replacements for trauma victims. Team of researchers led by Professor Marcy Zenobi-Wong's and Matti Kesti developed a process that would enable hospitals to make a full size nose implant under 20 minutes. Any cartilage implant could be produced with nose, ear and knee implants being the ones most used in surgeries … [Read more...]

Italian Researchers Develop a Technology to 3D Print Eyeballs by 2027


An Italian research studio MHOX recently published a study which suggests that the human eyes could be replaced with 3d printed artificial eyeballs by 2027. According to their team of researchers, the artificial eyeballs could surpass the potential of the organs of sight, surpassing the human needs. The “technology” proposed by the research studio is expected to enhance, heal and correct the vision of those in need, and 3d print fully personalized eyeballs to process and record real time … [Read more...]

Is the Wakati One Going to Solve Food Problems in Africa?

When we - people in Western countries - throw vegetables or fruits in the trash can, most of us undergo feelings of guilt. Even though your banana turned black and therefore became uneatable, you can't help but feel like you shouldn't throw it away. Well, let's hold on to that feeling and try to eat products while they're fresh, I would say. However, to put things in perspective, we should also take a look at what is currently happening in Africa. According to an investigation by the UN, 45 … [Read more...]

Boeing wants to patent 3d printing of aircraft parts!

boeing Patent 1

Boeing applied for a patent and the documentation was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) showing it is patent application for 3d printing of aircraft parts and that they are already massively using this technology in active aircraft! Besides Boeing trying to patent the 3d printing of aircraft parts it is also trying to patent the entire system around it including: “a parts library, a database, a parts management system, and a three dimensional printing … [Read more...]