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Olaf Diegel Now 3D Prints a Saxophone

He did it before and he will do it again: Olaf Diegel. The engineer from New Zealand has already 3D printed an entire band, and well: what’s a rock-’n-roll band without a saxophonist? Avi Reichental, CEO from 3D Systems therefore challenged him to 3D print a saxophone and in a new video he shows the first version of his instrument and plays a little bit on it.

Last year, Diegel managed to 3D print instruments for an entire band and let a band play on them. It was during Euromold 2013 and 3D Systems collaborated with him on the project. Reichental thought about adding a saxophone to the orchestra and Diegel took the challenge.

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Tailored, 3D Printed Bras Could be the Future

Did you know 80 to 85 percent of all women are currently using the wrong size bra? We certainly didn’t, but as you can imagine this is not too good for the wearer’s health. Wearing a bra with a wrong size could lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. The problem, however, is that there are not a lot of possible sizes to be chosen from. Well, you feel it coming: 3D printing could change this problem for once and for all by enabling women to go for personalized, tailored bras.

A starting company, called Joyfit, wants to try its luck with 3D printing and offers a service where women can buy their own, personalized bras using a mobile app. The company is currently seeking for seed capital via iStart to make it all happen. Their bras, however, will be a little pricey, costing 99,99 dollars.

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UK Designer Creates a 3D Printed iWatch Replica

Apple iWatch is expected to become the company’s next big step and many are waiting for the company to release their watches. However, it’s not yet certain when the world will be able to buy the watch. Stewart Davies, a product design graduate from University of Edinburgh, could therefore help Apple fans out with a 3D printed version of what he thinks the watch will look like.

He posted the files on My Mini Factory, where anyone could download them for free and 3D print the watch themselves. Users could use their own 3D printer to print out the design, but in case they don’t have a 3D printer, it’s also possible to purchase the watch for $9.99. In other words: for less than 10 dollars, Apple fans can pretend they have an actual iWatch.

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New Korean Company 3D Prints Replicas of Fetuses

Remember 3D Babies? No? Well, they got our attention earlier this year, as they started offering a service where people could buy a 3D printed version of their yet unborn fetus. Yet, that’s completely weird, but apparently their service is successful. A new company from Korea, called 3D Story Corp. has started to imitate their concept and improve the system behind it. Is there a war going on in the 3D printed fetus world?

Their patent-pending software program enables young parents to get a 3D printed version of their fetus. The company uses ultrasound scan data to provide for a real 3D model, which can be printed out. They say their 3D graphic program is unique and their 3D fetus models looks completely like the real fetus. A company called hyVision System will help 3D Story Corp. to print out the objects.

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The Entire Country of Bahrain Got 3D Printed

A regular map is nothing more than a flat micro reproduction of a region or a country. Very useful, but if we look at it from an artistic angle, then some improvements could be made. Micro CADD Services (MCS) probably thought the same and therefore designed a 3D version of a landscape of the entire country of Bahrain, using a Matrix 300+ paper 3D printer by Mcor Technologies. In other words: they managed to 3D print a landscape of an entire country solely using paper.

They 3D printed a 1:10,000-scale model of the island Bahrain. It, however, is not a regular map you could easily take with you while visiting the island, as it measures 5.4 meters long by 2.2 meters wide. Nevertheless, the country’s national and local leaders are interested in the map and it might as well take the place of traditional counterparts while planning future events.

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Students Develop an Ice Cream Printer

A lot of food printers have passed the radar recently; pancake printers, chocolate printers, candy printers and even an apple printer. However, there wasn’t anything such as an ice cream printer, but you can imagine that it couldn’t take long before for this kind of printer to see the light. Now three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) come up with the scoop: a working ice cream printer.

3d printing

Kyle Hounsell, Kristine Bunker, and David Donghyun Kim are the students who have been working on an ice cream printer and their printer extrudes melted ice, after which it immediately freezes the material in order to use a layer-to-layer technique to print the ice cream in the shape of a star on a cooled plate.

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New: 3D Printed Skull-Shaped Earphones

Last week we’ve been covering a story about Normal, a Manhattan-based company producing personalized earphones. It seems like they have a serious competitor now, as OwnPhones started a new Kickstarter campaign.  Not only does this company enable you to design your own earphones, but their phones are also wireless and you can entirely choose your favorite design yourself.

Just like Normal, this company seems to be focussing on joggers, as the wireless element makes their earphones useful in sport situations, because they won’t fall out easily. And then there’s the customizing part: users can choose from as many as 10,000 different colors and designs, meaning you can go for wings or for a skull. We have to admit: the result looks a bit silly sometimes, and it’s not very likely we would go for skull earphones ourselves, but Internet does prove us wrong: more than 50,000 people have funded the project on Kickstarter already, which is 20 percent of their final goal of 250,000 dollars and the campaign still runs until August 25.

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This 3D Printed Construction Set Connects Lego, K’Nex and Tinkertoys

For ages kids have been playing with construction toys, but one point of irritation has been that there are several kinds of construction sets on the market and they can’t fit connect with each other. Until today, Kids weren’t able to connect Lego bricks with Tinkertoys or K’Nex, which might have limited their construction fantasies. Two companies, Sy-Lab and F.A.T. Lab therefore came up with a universal construction kit, which is a set that connects with any kind of construction toy.

Their universal construction kit has as many as 80 different adapter bricks, which you can download via Thingiverse. The bricks are all 3D printable and they can be used to connect ten different types of construction toys. They can help children to connect Lego, K’Nex, Tinkertoys, Zome, Gears! Gears! Gears!, Loncoln Logs, Fischertechnik, Zoob, Krinkles and Duplo.

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‘One Size Fits None’: 3D Printed Earphones Could Be The Future

Thanks to 3D printing it has become relatively easy to manufacture personalized objects, such as personalized meals, personalized jewelry and even personalized mouthpieces to fight something like sleep apnoea. A new company called Normal used this “personalizing” principle to create something totally not normal: 3D printed, personalized earphones. We would certainly give them bonus points for their hilarious advertising video, but hey – there’s more to it than just a good video.

After reading something about it, we have to admit that Normal could really fit a hole in the market. Imagine a random advertisement of – let’s say – Apple to promote their earphones. Imagine a person jogging while listening to songs on his or her iPhone through Apple earphones. If you’re a frequent jogger just like me, you know this image we just pictured ourselves is not at all realistic, because these earphones simply are unable to stay where they need to be: in your ears.

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This Ring Enables Visually Impaired to Read

If you’re visually impaired, then reading a text in a book full of small letters won’t be easy. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SIT) therefore decided to do something about it and came up with FingerReader. This is a 3D printed device that makes it easy for anyone to read a text. The only thing you need is your own index finger and a FingerReader device.

3d printing

Any user can wear the device like a ring, and it is equipped with a camera. This camera reads the words of all kinds of online or offline texts after the user points his forefinger at the words of choice. These words are then processed, after which a synthesized voice reads the text aloud. The 3D printed device could be used to read menu cards, flyers, online articles and whatever kind of text a user would want to read.

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