WinSun 3D Printed Giant Apartment Building and Villa

3D printing houses; many parties are currently trying their luck with this new kind of architecture. In California there is a project called Contour Crafting which aims to one day 3D print an entire house in a single day. Well, last year a Chinese company did the exact thing that Contour Crafting was aiming at: Shanghai-based company WinSun 3D printed as many as ten houses in only a day. We initially doubted this story, but it turned out to be true. And even better: those houses only cost 4800 … [Read more...]

How 3D Printing Helped a Sculptor

3D printing techniques can help to create sculptures in a much easier and faster way. While sculptors had to do everything by hand in the past, 3D printing techniques are now helping them out. Richard Loffler is an artist who makes wildlife sculptures which are often made in large-scale sizes. He created a series of buffalo sculptures, and it took him as long as five years to finish them, because he crafted all details with his own hands. That, however, was before he found out about 3D printing … [Read more...]

Thanks to 3D Printing This Woman Can Still See

Despite it is not a mainstream technique yet, 3D printing has already saved tons of lives. A great story came in today: psychotherapist Pamela Shavaun Scott can still see thanks to 3D printing. The woman was suffering from a benign meningioma behind her eye, but the doctors weren't too concerned when they found out. She was told to go on with her life and have a follow up MRI scan after a year. Scott and her husband weren't pleased about it, also because she was suffering from headaches and she … [Read more...]

Weak Ankles? Try 3D Printed Ankle Braces!

There is a good chance that many of your friends want to sport a bit more in the upcoming year. And if you want to sport but you're not very keen on monotonously running blocks around your neighborhood, then team sports seem to be the perfect solution, isn't it? Soccer, tennis and volleyball have therefore been popular for ages, because give people the opportunity to move in a way that is fun for most of us. However, how are you going to participate in group sports when you have weak ankles? … [Read more...]

Artist Used 3Doodler Pen to Create a High Heel Shoe

The 3Doodler pen is a 3D printing pen with which you can draw your own objects and make them come to life. It creates plastic wires by burning the plastics and its results have been sensational so far. One artist have been using the pen to create a special artwork for the Tour de France and another artist created a headdress that reflects the states of one's brain. But did you know you can also create clothes with this pen? Origami artist Kade Chan can tell you everything about it, as he created … [Read more...]

This Company Turns Children’s Drawings Into Car Models

3D printers are capable of creating highly accurate drawings. They simply use their algorithms to provide us with extremely detailed drawings. However, the impressing thing about good drawings is that they're made by humans. And within the field of the work of humans, what is more unique than children's drawings? Some start-ups such as Crayon Creatures and DoodleSculpt are working on projects to turn children's drawings into 3D printed figurines. Right now, we can add a new name to this list: … [Read more...]

This is How I Got 3D Printed


3D printing technology can be used for many interesting causes, such as saving animals, ending houselessness or advancing lighting. However, sometimes the technique can do good in a less world-improving way. Many companies over the world are setting up businesses that 3D print figurines of people. As a customer, you get 3D scanned after which the scans are being transferred into a 3D model. The file of this model has all the information a 3D printer needs in order to print out the object. I've … [Read more...]

Disabled Dog Runs For The First Time With 3D Printed Legs

It can be seen as 3D System's heart-warming Christmas stunt: a dog called Derby was born without his front limbs, but thanks to American 3D printing giant 3D Systems he is now able to run faster than humans. When he was born, this dog only had small forearms, which made it incredibly difficult for him to move like the other dogs. 3D Systems employee Tara Anderson one day decided to adopt him from a foster home, and she wanted to help him. Technically minded as she is, she first tried to … [Read more...]

This Company 3D Prints Wooden Watches

One thing that amazed us earlier this year when we were visiting the 3D Print Canal House project, was the project's section of 3D printed wood. More and more companies are experimenting with the technique, which combines PLA and wood. Despite its not purely natural wood, it looks and smells a lot like wood - we can tell. Right now, a new company is going for 3D printed wood, and prints not just wood, but wooden watches. Polish 3D printing company Jelwek is currently working on these … [Read more...]

3D Printed Art: 500 3D Prints of Coco Rocha

We have been writing lots of times about 3D printed figurines: the ability to 3D scan a person and turn the scan into a 3D print. Companies such as Hema have been experimenting with the system and even thinks 3D scanning artists during concerts and selling 3D printed figurines for merchandise could one day become a facet of pop music's future. The technique could also be used for art projects and New York-based photographer Steven Sebring knows it. For his new project Study of Pose: … [Read more...]