Revolutionary 3D Printed Dental Prosthesis


The Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, made it possible for patients with a toothless mouth or with worn jaws to get a 3d printed denture that fits perfectly thanks to 3d prepping. The first results of patients getting a fully 3d printed prosthesis are spectacular. The technology enables patients to receive their personal prosthesis six months earlier than they would using the old techniques. The Radboudumc is using this 3d method since November 2014. The initial stage of the … [Read more...]

3D Printed Ashtray Preserves Cigars Automatically


J-CAD Inc. has created a 3D printed Ashtray which automatically extinguishes and preserves unfinished cigars. The product was developed by a cigar enthusiast named Ray, who contacted J-CAD Inc., a company that specializes in 3D CAD design and drafting to create a simple design for the automatic cigar ashtray. With the help of J-CAD, Ray completed the prototype of a unique creation, which activates a set of blades inside to cut off oxygen supply that fuels the burn, and preserve left over … [Read more...]

Boulton 3D Printed Eyewear


Frames today are still mass manufactured and sold in standard sizes. But our faces, noses and ears are not standard at all. They are unique in both shape and size. For that reason Boulton Eyewear tailors all their frames to each individual customer. Tailoring From a series of photos Boulton Eyewear extracts hundreds of data points to create a digital replica of the customer’s face. These photos can be made using the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 (or similar smartphone cameras) and sent to Boulton. … [Read more...]

How to Build your own 3D Printed Quadcopter Drone

hframe 3d printed quadcopter

This is an introduction to building your own 3d printed quadcopter drone. You will learn some basic concepts and we'll introduce you to several step-by-step guides. It is a relatively easy endeavor cause the guides are so detailed. Besides a 3D printer you will need some non-printed parts like the motors to power it, the batteries, some electronics, the sensors, the remote control unit and some basic skills to put everything together. To put it more simply you can 3D print the frame, all … [Read more...]

The Palette Filament Feeding System

the palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing just launched The Palette filament feeding system. It can be attached to almost any FDM 3D printer and with it you can print objects in multiple colors or multiple material properties. There have been many systems that promised fluid color changes and color mixing but most of them were based on new specialised extruders and in-nozzle mixing which made real application complex and heavy. The Palette approaches this problem differently and comes in the form of a separate box … [Read more...]

Metal Filled Filaments to be Used to Create Fully Sintered Metal Objects


A group of engineers in Massachusetts called the Sinterhard led by Bill Kovacs have developed a new series of filaments – The Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments. Upon the completion of the crowdfunding campaign of this project, Sinterhard will begin to manufacture ABS and PLA plastic filaments mixed with 316 stainless steel and aluminum powders that could easily be used by the 3d printers currently in the market. The metal powders aluminum and stainless steel selected by Sinterhard are the … [Read more...]

Gaming Brand Combines VR and 3D Printing

Virtual reality is what people in the technical and film world are focussing on. The Oculus Rift and the HoloLens proved that it's an urgent, innovative technique with lots of possibilities. However, the technique is also this new and relatively expensive that not many people own a VR headset themselves yet. Gaming brand Razer is about to democratize the VR world by putting out a 3D printable VR headset. Meet their OSVR's Hacker Dev Kit. The San Diego-based company introduced their OSVR … [Read more...]

California-based Company 3D Scans Entire Families

Getting a 3D printed figurine of yourself is nice, but what if you could get your whole family 3D printed directly? California-based company Twindom has been one of the pioneers when it comes to 3D printing figurines, and now the company expands its work by offering a service to 3D scan entire families. The company had to create an entirely new 3D scanner for this project. Twindom noticed that most of their customers - 85 percent - were interested in getting 3D printed portraits, while … [Read more...]

3D Printed Meditational Cocoon in Paris by March


When it comes to architecture, professionals are using 3D printing techniques to create lots of different things. All eyes are on WinSun, the Chinese company that 3D prints entire buildings, but there are many more interesting projects to discover. A 3D printed wall? Check. Architectural artworks? Check. A 3D printed cocoon to bring you in a state of meditation? No, we haven't heard that one before. Nevertheless, this is what French company Meïsō has been working on. Their 3D printed … [Read more...]

WinSun 3D Printed Giant Apartment Building and Villa

3D printing houses; many parties are currently trying their luck with this new kind of architecture. In California there is a project called Contour Crafting which aims to one day 3D print an entire house in a single day. Well, last year a Chinese company did the exact thing that Contour Crafting was aiming at: Shanghai-based company WinSun 3D printed as many as ten houses in only a day. We initially doubted this story, but it turned out to be true. And even better: those houses only cost 4800 … [Read more...]