Fast Bioprinting of Human Cartilage Implants

Nose cartilage implant 3d printed on a bioprinter tray from human cells and hydrogel (Picture credits: Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration Group)

At ETH Zürich's Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration laboratory they have made some notable speed advancements in 3D printing of human cartilage which should lead to implantable replacements for trauma victims. Team of researchers led by Professor Marcy Zenobi-Wong's and Matti Kesti developed a process that would enable hospitals to make a full size nose implant under 20 minutes. Any cartilage implant could be produced with nose, ear and knee implants being the ones most used in surgeries … [Read more...]

Italian Researchers Develop a Technology to 3D Print Eyeballs by 2027


An Italian research studio MHOX recently published a study which suggests that the human eyes could be replaced with 3d printed artificial eyeballs by 2027. According to their team of researchers, the artificial eyeballs could surpass the potential of the organs of sight, surpassing the human needs. The “technology” proposed by the research studio is expected to enhance, heal and correct the vision of those in need, and 3d print fully personalized eyeballs to process and record real time … [Read more...]

Is the Wakati One Going to Solve Food Problems in Africa?

When we - people in Western countries - throw vegetables or fruits in the trash can, most of us undergo feelings of guilt. Even though your banana turned black and therefore became uneatable, you can't help but feel like you shouldn't throw it away. Well, let's hold on to that feeling and try to eat products while they're fresh, I would say. However, to put things in perspective, we should also take a look at what is currently happening in Africa. According to an investigation by the UN, 45 … [Read more...]

Boeing wants to patent 3d printing of aircraft parts!

boeing Patent 1

Boeing applied for a patent and the documentation was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) showing it is patent application for 3d printing of aircraft parts and that they are already massively using this technology in active aircraft! Besides Boeing trying to patent the 3d printing of aircraft parts it is also trying to patent the entire system around it including: “a parts library, a database, a parts management system, and a three dimensional printing … [Read more...]

3D Printer That Could Print Billions of Organic Compounds


Martin D Burke and his team from the University of Illinois have studied and synthesized small molecules with protein-like structures for quite some time. These molecules are in fact the basis of the human body’s regulation of biological processes and even make up for the majority of drugs taken by us. This week, reported that Dr Burke and his team developed a 3d printer for chemicals which could simplify the very complex process of chemical synthesis and the creation … [Read more...]

Iron Man Delivers a Real Bionic Arm to 7-Year-Old

Robert Downey Bionic arm

This is a project that deserves all the attention it can get. Limbitless Solutions, founded by Albert Manero is a growing engineering community devoted to changing lives through the innovation of new bionic arm designs and development of a worldwide network of makers and thinkers. They allow free access to their designs. One of their latest projects is about the seven year old Alex Pring, born in Groveland, Florida without most of his right arm. With support of the Collective Project, Albert … [Read more...]

Artist Got Inspired by Waves and Created This 3D Printed Swimsuit

3D printing technology is slowly entering the world of fashion. Big brands such as Nike and Adidas are experimenting with the technique, and artists like Michael Smith, Francis Bitonti and Iris van Herpen use it to try to take garments to the next level. The technique also attracts the youngest among fashion designers. A Panamanian Fashion and Textile Design student called Nadir Gordon did a project in which she was asked what she thought the future of fashion could be. Well, 3D printing is what … [Read more...]

High-tech commercial scale 3d printing factory line by Dutch TNO

tno fast 3d printing production line 1

Production lines based on 3d printing are a technological dream, just imagine the possibilities of having complex products being made on a line that is fast and infinitely reconfigurable. The line would combine economics of scale seen on standard manufacturing line with 3d printing features. In theory you could have thousands of highly complex products, each customized in some way but in the price range of mass produced items. The last major attempt in this field was 3D Systems partnership … [Read more...]

Gaming Brand Combines VR and 3D Printing

Virtual reality is what people in the technical and film world are focussing on. The Oculus Rift and the HoloLens proved that it's an urgent, innovative technique with lots of possibilities. However, the technique is also this new and relatively expensive that not many people own a VR headset themselves yet. Gaming brand Razer is about to democratize the VR world by putting out a 3D printable VR headset. Meet their OSVR's Hacker Dev Kit. The San Diego-based company introduced their OSVR … [Read more...]

California-based Company 3D Scans Entire Families

Getting a 3D printed figurine of yourself is nice, but what if you could get your whole family 3D printed directly? California-based company Twindom has been one of the pioneers when it comes to 3D printing figurines, and now the company expands its work by offering a service to 3D scan entire families. The company had to create an entirely new 3D scanner for this project. Twindom noticed that most of their customers - 85 percent - were interested in getting 3D printed portraits, while … [Read more...]