Revolutionary 3D Printed Dental Prosthesis


The Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, made it possible for patients with a toothless mouth or with worn jaws to get a 3d printed denture that fits perfectly thanks to 3d prepping. The first results of patients getting a fully 3d printed prosthesis are spectacular. The technology enables patients to receive their personal prosthesis six months earlier than they would using the old techniques. The Radboudumc is using this 3d method since November 2014. The initial stage of the … [Read more...]

Personalized 3D Printed Mouthpiece to Fight Sleep Apnoea

There is a 5 percent chance that you suffer from apnoea, as 5 percent of the world population has this disease. When one is suffering from this disease, the person can't breathe properly during night time. Their breathing blocks and this can happen several times per night. This is due to the fact the throat blocks the air passage. The implications can be huge, as people suffering from the disease can feel tired all the time and sometimes even get heart attacks, diabetes or a stroke. The good … [Read more...]

Orthodontist from São Paulo uses a 3d printer in his Clinic


We just came across this great post on the Ultimaker blog. It's about Rafael Vidal, a 32 year old orthodontist from Brazil who uses an Ultimaker to reduce his lab time and clinical time. Vidal explains: “I scan my patient’s mouth and create an as-is 3D model in software and an ‘ideal model’ of their teeth. Then we create several 3D models of in-between steps towards the ideal model. The patient gets a new slim plastic coating, created from the 3D model, that will put their teeth in a better … [Read more...]

3d printing techniques for Dental products

3d printing Selective Laser Sintering

The dental industry requires custom-part, single-unit production, with excellent accuracy. Therefore, dentistry is getting more and more attention in the 3D printing industrie . Additive manufacturing equipment makers and material suppliers for these printers are already taking notice. Currently, 3D printing technology is used to provide a number of products in the dental industry. Most common are wax patterns for fixed prosthodontics and models fabricated from intraoral or impression scans. … [Read more...]

Artificial Jaw with 3d Printing


A 83-year-old woman chews, talks and swallows using an artificial jaw from a laser printer is rolled. She gets the credits for being the first human, talking with a 3d printing generated jaw. The technique was developed in Hasselt and Leuven. She suffered from a long lasting and rapidly progressive infection of almost the entire mandible with a large wound in her face. In order to retain an open airway, function of swallowing and chewing, surgical removal of the entire mandible was necessary to … [Read more...]

Dental 3d printing products

3D printing in the Dental sector is on the move. The research analysts of iData predict the dental prosthetics markets will surpass $11.2 billion 2011. As practitioners invest in new technology, that growth is expected to continue, reaching $16.3 billion by 2017. "Rapid prototyping/3D printing utilizes an additive manufacturing process which is more efficient with material usage compared to CAD/CAM manufacturing," said Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. "As dental printers gain the ability to print … [Read more...]