US Military Wants to Scan Soldiers Before They Go to War

Being a soldier is full of risks. In a fight, one unfortunate move could lead to serious injury. The US military knows all about it, and is searching for ways to make current technology help to improve their health care. 3D printing might be used here, as the US military is currently talking with military doctors and surgeons from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas about it. The idea? To use CT scans to get a so-called 'virtual twin' of a soldier before he or she goes to war. The … [Read more...]

Thanks to 3D Printing This Woman Can Still See

Despite it is not a mainstream technique yet, 3D printing has already saved tons of lives. A great story came in today: psychotherapist Pamela Shavaun Scott can still see thanks to 3D printing. The woman was suffering from a benign meningioma behind her eye, but the doctors weren't too concerned when they found out. She was told to go on with her life and have a follow up MRI scan after a year. Scott and her husband weren't pleased about it, also because she was suffering from headaches and she … [Read more...]

Weak Ankles? Try 3D Printed Ankle Braces!

There is a good chance that many of your friends want to sport a bit more in the upcoming year. And if you want to sport but you're not very keen on monotonously running blocks around your neighborhood, then team sports seem to be the perfect solution, isn't it? Soccer, tennis and volleyball have therefore been popular for ages, because give people the opportunity to move in a way that is fun for most of us. However, how are you going to participate in group sports when you have weak ankles? … [Read more...]

Disabled Dog Runs For The First Time With 3D Printed Legs

It can be seen as 3D System's heart-warming Christmas stunt: a dog called Derby was born without his front limbs, but thanks to American 3D printing giant 3D Systems he is now able to run faster than humans. When he was born, this dog only had small forearms, which made it incredibly difficult for him to move like the other dogs. 3D Systems employee Tara Anderson one day decided to adopt him from a foster home, and she wanted to help him. Technically minded as she is, she first tried to … [Read more...]

Scientists 3D Print Life-Size Models of Patient’s Heads

You probably already know that 3D printing technology is being used to reconstruct faces of patients who have suffered from accidents or rare diseases. But according to a presented study at a Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting yesterday, 3D printing as well as computed tomography (CT) is also being used to create life-size models of patient's heads. Scientist print out these face models in order to guide their personnel during face transplantation surgeries. The patients … [Read more...]

Adrian Gögl Steps Into the World of 3D Printed Eyewear

3D printing has definitely entered the eyewear market; we've seen the technique hitting the spectacles market before when it was used by companies such as CAS Design and Soda Concept to create better sunglasses. The benefits of this way of producing spectacles is that it enables users to buy personalized glasses. New in the game is Adrian Gögl, a Swiss industrial designer who recently started his Oak and Dust 3D printed eyewear. He noticed some problems in the way most glasses are … [Read more...]

Israeli Company 3D Printed a Marijuana Inhaler

Earlier this year, professor Lee Cronin at Glasgow University explained what the benefits of 3D printed drugs could be, but then for a long time we didn't hear anything about the - highly interesting - field of 3D drugs. Until today. Well, although today's subject is still not technically  a 3D printed drugs topic, it is in fact an interesting development in the world where drugs and 3D printing meet. An Israeli company is using 3D printing technology to design marijuana inhalers. Their inhalers … [Read more...]

This 3D Printed Cast Uses Social Media Messages

Having to wear a cast is not the best possible scenario you could think of for your arm. Nevertheless, what 'kind of' makes this still a funny experience is casts's ability to not just be a cast, but a scrapbook as well. We mean: whenever someone needs to wear a cast, friends can write their own supportive messages on it. 3D printing has proven its ability to be a proper way to create personalized casts, but the problem with those plastic ones is that you can't write on them. Well, meet #CAST … [Read more...]

This Ring Enables Visually Impaired to Read

If you're visually impaired, then reading a text in a book full of small letters won't be easy. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SIT) therefore decided to do something about it and came up with FingerReader. This is a 3D printed device that makes it easy for anyone to read a text. The only thing you need is your own index finger and a FingerReader device. Any user can wear the device like a ring, and it is equipped with a camera. This camera reads the words of all … [Read more...]

Scientists Can Now 3D Print Vascular Networks

3D printed jewelry, furniture or even houses: all of it amazed us massively during last months. However, the technique really becomes interesting when we're talking about printing actual organs. Will we even be able to copy hearts, or even entire people, using a 3D printer? Well, despite we really don't believe it will ever be a possibility to 3D print an entire human, recent developments do contribute to the success of so-called bioprinting. You might have heard about bioprinting … [Read more...]