3D Printing Metal

Learn more about 3D printing metal. Here you'll find a broad range of articles about the process of printing metal and metal 3D printers.

Vader Molten Metal 3D Printer

vader molten metal 3d printer 1

You probably know that high-end industrial 3d printers can print metal objects by using laser or electron beams on fine metallic powder but Vader is something completely different. Vader aims at small companies or professional workshop environments by implementing proprietary MagnetoJet Printing (MJP) and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) ceramic printhead technologies to reduce the machine cost. It uses molten metal and jets it in small droplets onto a surface similary to a standard inkjet paper … [Read more...]

BoXZY Brings Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Hybrid to Your Desktop

BoXZY desktop multitool machine

Home 3d printers are incredible machines but they have some limitations. Sometimes you just need some extra tools and capabilities to finish your project. You may want to expand your tool options and experiment with wood carving, making your own milled PCBs for electronics projects or do some metal machining. BoXZY may be the type of machine you will need since it is a multitool with easily replaceable CNC mill, 3D printer and laser engraver / cutter tool heads. Additionally to the tool changing … [Read more...]

New Research on Glass Printing in the UK

Most of all current 3D printers print plastic objects, but that might soon change. Recently, more and more companies started to experiment with different kinds of materials. MakerBot amazed the technological world with their CES announcement to release new composite filaments that incorporate, inter alia, iron and limestone. Another interesting development is that of 3D printing glass. All over the world, lots of companies are experimenting with 3D printed eyeglasses and even printed lenses. … [Read more...]

The Golden Age of 3D Metal Printing: 75.8 % Growth

Metal printing currently seems to be having its golden years, so say brand new figures. A new report by research consultancy Wohlers Associates concludes metallic printing has had a growth of 75.8 percent in 2013 compared to its 2012 figures. As many as 348 3D metal printers were sold last year, while 2012 only saw 198 metal printers sold. Metal printers won't soon enter the average living room, as they are much too expensive for individuals to buy. These printers can easily costs tens of … [Read more...]

UK Fighter Jets Fly With 3D Printed Parts For the First Time

For the first time, UK fighter jets have been flying whilst using 3D printed parts. The reason why 3D printed parts for fighter jets are so useful is that they have the ability to cut costs over £1.2 million over the next four years. Therefore, on Sunday defense company BAE Systems has brought the news that Tornado fighter jets with 3D printed metallic parts have made a successful test flight at the airfield of the defense firm at Warton, England. This test flight took place in December … [Read more...]

3D Printing With Liquid Metal – Breakthrough For Stretchable Electronics

3d printed liquid metal

At the North Carolina State University, Michael Dikey and his team used a mixture of gallium and indium alloy, this is a mixture which remains liquid at room temperature. But when it comes into contact with air, it develops a thin skin that is strong enough to hold the liquid’s shape. When printed, the shapes can be stretched without reverting to blobs. This technology could be used for micro-circuits and wearable electronics. Dr Dikey said: "It's an additive manufacturing technique, so … [Read more...]

Daimler invests in large-scale 3D printer for metal printing


We've told you how Lamborgini is using 3D printing technology in their design process to make the Aventador lighter and faster. Now German automaker Daimler AG has funded a research partnership between the Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology and the German company Concept Laser. The result is the X line 1000R 3D printer with a build volume of 630mm x 400mm x 500mm (23.6 inches x 15.7 inches x 19.7 inches). The new machine was introduced at Euromold 2012. The machine was developed to … [Read more...]

3D printing stainless steel in High Definition


The Belgian 3D printing company has a new and very exciting service to offer. Printing in high detailed stainless steel. They call it HS. I.Materialise has been testing the materials for a few weeks now and the results are pretty amazing. You can situate the material between silver and titanium. The prints are about as strong as titanium but more shiny and less expensive. When compared with silver its less shiny but stronger. Before launching this new material it has even been tested on … [Read more...]

Revolutionary new metal 3D printer, prints your metal 7X faster

M-flex 3D Printer

ExOne, a pioneering company in the evolution of nontraditional manufacturing, released their newest metal 3D printer this week at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. It is called the M-FLEX and it is revolutionary! This printer has been designed to work primarily with metal, but is also capable of buiding objects in glass, ceramics and other materials used for casting. What makes this 3D printer even more special is the Digital Part Materialization process it uses. … [Read more...]

Want to give your 3D printed object a golden look?


That 3D printing golden objects is possible might not be news to everybody. But what's less known is that 3D printing gold doesn’t follow the typical 3D printing process. There is no extruder printing the molten gold into a design. Instead, the 3D design is inversely printed into a wax mold. Then the molten 14 carat gold is poured into this mold and voilá you have your object in gold. This technique brings some restrictions though. For instance you cannot print bearings or ”ball within ball” … [Read more...]