Watch a Short Movie With 3D Printed Objects

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Animator Ray McCarthey Bergeron has used 3D printing technology to create figurines for a short movie, and the trailer is very promising. He used the technique to create enchanting scenes with zoetropic 3D printed objects for a short movie, which he called re÷belief. He made this movie for his MFA Thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the question he wants to ask with this video is "if recalling memories can break a cycle". This video could likely make you feeling a little … [Read more...]

Robotics Expo 2014 in Moscow

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Robotics Expo 2014 is the second exhibition of robotics and advanced technology to be held on 27-29 November in ECC "Sokolniki", Moscow. The event has a unique format and is targeted both at business audience, people directly involved in the robotics market, as well as at end consumers, enthusiastic about modern technology, robotics and open-minded for everything new. First Robotics Expo was held in the autumn of 2013, becoming a fundamental part of the development of global robotomania … [Read more...]

3D Printing Politics to Debut in Washington, D.C., on September 17 – Get 10% OFF

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3D Printing Politics will be launching in Washington, D.C. on September 17, 2014 from the creators of Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, and is proud to be offering you an exclusive discount! The event, which will take place at the JW Marriot in Washington D.C., will bring together policy makers, legal professionals, patent creators, regulatory officials, and 3D printing advocates to explore questions about the relationship between creativity, law, and 3D printing. … [Read more...]

Coney Island Features World’s Largest 3D Printed Installation

Next week, New York's Coney Island will feature the largest 3D printed installation ever made. A year ago, 49-year-old Brooklyn-based artist Fred Kahl, who calls himself the Great Fredini, started a successful Kickstarter campaign to scan and 3D print people taking a stroll though Coney Island. He worked a year on his funky-named Coney Island Scan-A-Rama project, with his 1:13 scale replica of Coney Island's famous Luna Park. The Coney Island Museum now exhibits his installation, which will be … [Read more...]

3D Printing Technologies at the 2nd Moscow International Engineering Forum 2014


The 2nd Moscow International Engineering Forum 2014 organizing under the auspices of the Government of Moscow will take place at IEC “Crocus Expo”, Moscow, on November 25-27. The show focusses on development and modernization of engineering and scientific industrial complexities, including the improvement of the structure of engineering education in the most demanded spheres for functioning industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation. … [Read more...]

We Visited the 3D Printed Canal House

It has been two years since an editor from last visited the latest project by DUS Architects: the 3D Print Canal House. In the mean time this Amsterdam-based project gained a lot of attention from international giant media companies, such as Time magazine and The Guardian. In other words, it was high time for us to visit this 3D printing project again. In case you've never heard about this tech project: in Amsterdam a team led by Hedwig Heinsman from DUS Architects is 3D … [Read more...]

Additive Disruption Summit Brings Investors and Brightest Minds in 3D Printing Together in San Francisco

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The Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco played host this past week to investors, lawyers and some of the biggest names in the world of 3d Printing. The inaugural Additive Disruption Summit featured new technologies, panel discussions and highlighted the message that 3d printing is ready right now to be a disruptive technology. Companies such as Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin outlined how they are moving already from simply producing prototypes and models through 3d Printing to … [Read more...]

3D Print Expo Moscow October 2014


After the success of the 3D Print Expo last month, the decission has been made to do another 3D Print Expo! The Exhibition of Advanced 3D Printing and Scanning Technology will be held on 23-25 October 2014 in "Sokolniki", Moscow. The last show created furor in the Russian market and for two days brought together more than five thousand people. Huge demand for 3D equipment and services opens a lot of prospects for industry development. Participants and visitors are sure that in six months the … [Read more...]

Why Dutch 3D Printed Canal House is More Than Just an Art Project

last month, we told you about Dutch company DUS Architects, that is working on a fully 3D printed house. Quite a task, as it takes ages for a 3D printer to turn filament into actual shaped objects. Nevertheless, the construction site is open to the public as an exhibition and the team behind the project has set pretty serious goals for this project. It's a great month for the team behind 3D Print Canal House in Amsterdam, as they made it to Time Magazine as well as Daily Mail. One might … [Read more...]