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Coney Island Features World’s Largest 3D Printed Installation

Next week, New York’s Coney Island will feature the largest 3D printed installation ever made. A year ago, 49-year-old Brooklyn-based artist Fred Kahl, who calls himself the Great Fredini, started a successful Kickstarter campaign to scan and 3D print people taking a stroll though Coney Island. He worked a year on his funky-named Coney Island Scan-A-Rama project, with his 1:13 scale replica of Coney Island’s famous Luna Park. The Coney Island Museum now exhibits his installation, which will be opened to the public from Sunday, May 25.

3d printing

The Great Fredini, let’s call him that way, raised more than $16,000 with his Kickstarter project last year’s August, and so he started working on it. The 3D printing enthusiast scanned hundreds of Coney’s citizens and visitors. They will now be viewed in a 3D printed version in this largest installation ever made on a 3D printer, called the Thompson & Dundy’s Luna Park: 3D Printed by the Great Fredini. His printers worked over 10,000 hours to print out the people and the installation, consisting of hundreds to thousands of 3D prints, will be so big that it can fit an entire gallery of the museum.

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3D Printing Technologies at the 2nd Moscow International Engineering Forum 2014

The 2nd Moscow International Engineering Forum 2014 organizing under the auspices of the Government of Moscow will take place at IEC “Crocus Expo”, Moscow, on November 25-27.


The show focusses on development and modernization of engineering and scientific industrial complexities, including the improvement of the structure of engineering education in the most demanded spheres for functioning industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation.

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We Visited the 3D Printed Canal House

It has been two years since an editor from last visited the latest project by DUS Architects: the 3D Print Canal House. In the mean time this Amsterdam-based project gained a lot of attention from international giant media companies, such as Time magazine and The Guardian. In other words, it was high time for us to visit this 3D printing project again.

In case you’ve never heard about this tech project: in Amsterdam a team led by Hedwig Heinsman from DUS Architects is 3D printing an entire house, using a giant 3D printer, called the KamerKamer (‘chamber maker’). If you would like to go there yourself, then you first need to get to the Central Station in Dutch capital Amsterdam, whereafter you can just take a picturesque ferry to the other side of the lake: the Northern part of Amsterdam. The boat will only take a couple of minutes and it will give you a nice view of the city seen from the waterside. After arriving on the other side, it will only take you a couple of minutes to find the ‘worksite’.

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Additive Disruption Summit Brings Investors and Brightest Minds in 3D Printing Together in San Francisco

The Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco played host this past week to investors, lawyers and some of the biggest names in the world of 3d Printing. The inaugural Additive Disruption Summit featured new technologies, panel discussions and highlighted the message that 3d printing is ready right now to be a disruptive technology.

additive disruption summit banner

Companies such as Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin outlined how they are moving already from simply producing prototypes and models through 3d Printing to creating and printing production quality parts. 3D Systems, Stratasys, SLM Solutions, MakerBot, EOS and countless other big name 3d Printing companies were in attendance. The future of 3d Printing software was also discussed, as companies including Secured3d, Authentise and Materialise were present. Bioprinting, 3D printing in architecture and 3D printing in space were just some of the cutting edge topics discussed.

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3D Print Expo Moscow October 2014

After the success of the 3D Print Expo last month, the decission has been made to do another 3D Print Expo! The Exhibition of Advanced 3D Printing and Scanning Technology will be held on 23-25 October 2014 in “Sokolniki”, Moscow.

The last show created furor in the Russian market and for two days brought together more than five thousand people. Huge demand for 3D equipment and services opens a lot of prospects for industry development. Participants and visitors are sure that in six months the market will be quite different – more intense, technologically advanced and attractive for investors, therefore all its operators are interested in conducting the next 3D Print Expo as soon as possible!


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Why Dutch 3D Printed Canal House is More Than Just an Art Project

last month, we told you about Dutch company DUS Architects, that is working on a fully 3D printed house. Quite a task, as it takes ages for a 3D printer to turn filament into actual shaped objects. Nevertheless, the construction site is open to the public as an exhibition and the team behind the project has set pretty serious goals for this project.

3d printing

It’s a great month for the team behind 3D Print Canal House in Amsterdam, as they made it to Time Magazine as well as Daily Mail. One might wonder why are so many international media are suddenly interested in this somehow eccentric art project? Well, it is surely attributed to the fact that professionals expect in the near future 3D printers will take over the role of construction workers. In other words: 3D printers will build our future houses - according to what companies such as Contour Crafting say.

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Inside 3D Printing NYC Set to be Largest 3D Printing Event Yet – Get 10% OFF

After events in Chicago, San Jose, and Singapore last year, Mediabistro is preparing for their largest 3D printing event yet when Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo returns to NYC on April 2-4. Large numbers of B2B professionals and maker enthusiasts are expected to turn out at the Javits Center next month for a day of workshops on April 2, followed by two days of programming and exhibits on April 3 and 4.

ScreenHunter_143 Mar. 07 10.51

Inside 3D Printing has recently added several impressive speakers to their lineup, including Paul Trani, Sr. Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe, and Jesse McGatha, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. See the full speaker list here.

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Talking 3D Printing With John Dogru at the 3D Printshow NY

John Dogru is the former Lead Engineer for Dell and the founder of multiple tech startups. He is currently the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Secured3D, the leading providers of 3D printer security and remote cloud printing. Aaron Roy had the chance to meet with him at the recent 3D Printshow in New York and pick his brain on his introduction to 3D printing; their position in the market and the direction 3DP is heading as a whole.

Aaron Roy: What made you enter the 3D Printing Industry?

For me personally building, breaking, and designing things has been something that has been part of my DNA from a young age.  My parents were PhD engineers and let me hide under their desks while they gave lectures.

When I started working for my first startup Austin Digital, it was amazing to have the ability to work on both the hardware and software.  It was like a Radio Shack that I got paid to work in. Being at Dell and working with Zero-time manufacturing completely opened up my eyes and mind to what was possible with computers and automated factory assembly.

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South Korean 3D Printing Exhibition on Neglected Refugees

South Korea has a lot of unrecognized refugees living in the country today and by the end of 2013 as many as 6,600 people had sought asylum, while only 370 were recognized as official refugees. Even though they are making part of the country, the refugees appear to be neglected due to widespread indifference. The Seoel Museum of Art in South Korea has therefore opened an exhibition on the ‘invisible people’, using 3D printing technologies.

3d printing

The refugees have come from countries such as Pakistan, Myanmar and Syria, but whilst living in South Korea lots of them haven’t been recognized as official refugees, implying that chances are few for the ‘invisible people’. They are part of the country, while little seem to care of them. Cheil Worldwide therefore came up with the idea to set up and exhibition on this necessary subject. The ad agency works together with the UHNCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Seoel Museum of Art.

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