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Luxexcel’s Innovative Application Student Award 2015

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-13 om 17.22.51

Students of Delft University of Technology created a series of unique showcases to compete  with in the Luxexcel Innovative Application Student Award 2015. They got the opportunity to create concepts using the Printoptical Technology by Luxexcel. Students created unique showcases for different markets, from the fashion industry to solutions for medical issues like apnea and malaria detection. All the developed devices make use of Luxexcel’s transparent 3D printing technology. Until July 20th you … [Read more...]

3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg – June 5


On June 5 St. Petersburg will host a conference on advanced 3D printing and scanning technology, The 3D Print Conference St. Petersburg 2015 The conference will be divided into specialized panels based on different industries, each covering ways to integrate 3D printing in current systems and discussing what the opportunities are. Conference panels: 3D printing as business. 3D printing in medicine. 3D printing in mechanical engineering. 3D printing in education. Product … [Read more...]

3D Print Conference Almaty, Kazachstan – April 16


The 3D Print Conference in Almaty is an international conference dedicated to the technology of 3D printing and scanning. This April edition will be the second time the conference is held in Kazachstan. This edition wil have an expanded demo zone and a larger list of speakers than the previous edition. The conference organizer Smile Expo decided to surprise its visitors with a large presentation of new 3D equipment. Another big scoop for the event is that Kazakhstan's laboratory for 3D … [Read more...]

Z-Unlimited Ultimaker rails system will enable you to 3d print very tall objects

3d printed full size mode of an elephant. You can see the modular approach to printing it and final pieces being extruded on the left.

You want to print something REALLY tall? Now you can! Dutch inventor, artist and engineer Joris van Tubergen has developed an extension rail system that enables your Ultimaker to print as high as you can stack the rails. In theory this setup gives you unlimited z-axis height and you can print very tall prints. Since the printing device is Ultimaker turned upside down you are still limited with x and y area, however you can put as many machines as you want side by side and make anything in … [Read more...]

3D Art: Shapeways 3D Printed 500 Coca-Cola Bottles

Did you know that the Coca-Cola bottle turns hundred this year? The well-known bottle was invented in 1915, when Coca-Cola set up a challenge for designers to come up with a highly recognizable bottle. Root Glass made the winning design, and based it on the shape of a cacao bean - which by the way isn't an ingredient of the famous drink. Today an exhibition on the bottle opens in Atlanta's High Museum of Art. The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100 does not just expose a wide variety of … [Read more...]

3D Printing Materials Conference & 3D Bioprinting Conference, 27-28 January Maastricht NL

3D Conference

After many successful 3D printing conferences, Jakajima organizes the 3D Printing Materials Conference on January 27, and the 3D Bioprinting Conference on January 28. Both conferences that take place in MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands, attract a high profile audience consisting of a wide range of industry professionals, industry stakeholders, end-users, governmental bodies, universities and more. Anyone curious in where 3D printing technology will take us, should seize this opportunity to … [Read more...]

ICAM–3D International Conference on AM, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning, Feb 5, 6, 7 Chennai India


ICAM-3D is going to be the biggest 3D printing event ever held in India. To spread the knowledge on the AM (Additive Manufacturing), Vel Tech University, Chennai in collaboration with ESCI, Hyderabad is organizing an international conference on Additive Manufacturing in Feb, 2015. The International Conference on Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning is a conference on emergence of AM prototyping and applications, which will be held in Hilton Hotel on 6th and 7th on Feb, … [Read more...]

CES 2015: These Are Tomorrow’s 3D Printers

During events such as CES, the world is being exposed to lots of new technological initiatives. Important for technology today is 3D printing, and obviously many 3D printing ideas have been passing the radar during this year's event. A couple of days ago, we reported about a new line of filaments by MakerBot, which the company announced and demonstrated during CES 2015. But what is filament without a 3D printer? In this piece, we therefore guide you through the world of brand new 3D printers. In … [Read more...]

3D Printing Electronics Conference 20-01-2015 – Eindhoven

3D Conference

After many successful 3D printing conferences, Jakajima organizes the second edition of the international 3D Printing Electronics Conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. On January 20, a high profile audience consisting of a wide range of industry professionals, industry stakeholders, end-users, governmental bodies, universities and more will attend the full day seminar. The program of the 3D Printing Electronics Conference contains many impressive speakers, including Janos Veres, Ph.D. … [Read more...]

3D Printed Noah’s Arc Consists of 100,000 Pieces

The world is facing problems with climate change on the one hand, and machines taking over jobs from humans on the other hand. Taiwanese artist Hung-Chih Peng uses his art to express his feelings towards these issues. As part of his project The Deluge – Noah’s Ark, he 3D printed a 2 meter large twisted version of Noah's Arc (image below) in order to depict our inability to successfully stop climate change; art with a message. However, what he is currently working on is even more spectacular in … [Read more...]