3D Food Printing

3D food printing offers a range of potential benefits. It can be healthy and good for the environment because it can help to convert alternative ingredients such as proteins from algae, beet leaves, or insects into tasty products. It also opens the door to food customization and therefore tune up with individual needs and preferences.

How To Get 3D Printing Into Your Kitchen – Food Printing


Now and then you come across a story about 3D printed food but where are we at now? What can already be printed in the kitchen? How do we get started? Here are five examples that can help you on your way to becoming a master 3D printing chef ;) 1. BotBQ Extruder The BotBQ is the open source 3D printing BBQ (eventually..). Right now you can download and modify the extruder to fit your own requirements to make it compatilbe with your 3D printer extruder if it isn't a Wades already (btw... a … [Read more...]

Edible Growth: Food Printing’s Next Big Thing?

Food printing is highly promising, but the technique is still at its developing phase. If you would like to try a 3D printed meal today, you'll probably end up eating a 3D printed chocolate figurine, a pancake or a pizza. These are all unhealthy products, and in order to become a mainstream way to produce meals, food printing needs to search for a smart way to produce more healthy meals. We've seen some interesting projects with healthy 3D printed meals recently, such as the Foodini and a fruit … [Read more...]

3D Printed Airplane Food: Tomorrow’s Airline Meals?

Airplane food is not considered the tastiest food in the world. Quite obviously, airplanes don't have enough space for a kitchen. Because of that, cooks prepare the meals in their kitchens on the ground, before they are being brought to the plane. The consequence of that is that these meals are never 'really' fresh. A group of design students at the Indian Institute of technology, Guwahati, wants to change that with the use of 3D food printing technology. This group, which goes under the … [Read more...]

How to Create a Watermelon Keg Using 3D Printing

The summer ends - and unfortunately no-one can deny this. However, when summer ends, we often find ourselves celebrating an indian summer, isn't it? So let's hope for good things to happen in September, we would say. In case your local weather still allows to throw a barbecue party in your garden, the people at Household Hacker could have an original invention for you to spice up your BBQ; a 3D printable watermelon keg. They collaborated with 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D to create a … [Read more...]

A New Candy Printer to Enter the Market

Earlier this year, we announced the release of 3D Systems's ChefJet and ChefJet Pro, two 3D printers able to print actual sweets to be released in late 2014. They were introduced during CES 2014 in January and what was most striking about their candy was the fact it was shaped in a very futuristic way. As we learned this week, the printers of the American brand will be competed by ones from a different - British - company: 3D Ventures from London. Their Candy Printer, to be launched this … [Read more...]

Scientists Managed to Improve Ice Printing Technique

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a piece about three students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who managed to 3D print an actual ice cream printer. Their printer, however, was just a first version and needed improvement. Luis E. Fraguada from Barcelona-based research group Robots in Gastronomy (yes, that group really exists) thinks his 3D printer is able to bring the ice cream technique to a whole other level. They've created a printer called FoodForm, which is not … [Read more...]

US Army Might Use Food Printers in the Future

Food printers could be used on several occasions. They could for instance improve your kitchen, help astronauts to provide for better meals, and they might as well be useful for soldiers. So thinks the US Army. Their department Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) is currently investigating how food printing could help the military world. Researchers think the technique could help to eliminate food waste and reduce costs, to make it easier to create personalized … [Read more...]

Students Develop an Ice Cream Printer

3d printing

A lot of food printers have passed the radar recently; pancake printers, chocolate printers, candy printers and even an apple printer. However, there wasn't anything such as an ice cream printer, but you can imagine that it couldn't take long before for this kind of printer to see the light. Now three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) come up with the scoop: a working ice cream printer. Kyle Hounsell, Kristine Bunker, and David Donghyun Kim are the students who … [Read more...]

Star Trek Inspires Nestle to Work on Personalized Nutrition Project

Nestle uses a Star Trek concept in order to produce healthy meals. Well, that is not the first thing you expected to read this day, but yes - it's true. Nestle, a brand we all know from their candy bars, Nespresso and hot chocolate now wants to take a stroll down health lane. The company got influenced by the Replicator, which was a machine featured in Star Trek, able to synthesize meals on demand. Nestle now wants to create something similar: a Nespresso-ish machine that can create meals with … [Read more...]

This 3D Printing Extruder Can Print You a Nutella

One of the most interesting developments in 3D printing today is the art of food printing; printing out your own food. As for today, a lot of food printing developments have passed the radar with food printers able to print, inter alia, chocolate, bread and pasta. Right now, Canadian company Structur3D Printing comes with something new: an extruder, which enables you to print your own soft materials, such as nutella patterns. You can use the extruder on your own 3D printer to make your own … [Read more...]